Tree Decorating Contest 2011 Winners!
Posted by Francis Dec 25 2011 14:28 GMT in Digibutter News
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Great trees everyone. Congrats to our winners!  #1 MeowMixer, #2 Viddd, and #3 our newest member Pavonis!

Claus and Nathan Karr were close behind in 4th and 5th, and darkz was dead last. Better luck next year!


I laughed when i saw who's tree was on the top of the page today
Reply by Nastasia Dec 25 2011 16:49 GMT
*crag* yeah.
Reply by MM Dec 25 2011 21:26 GMT
Dead last? that's better than I've done in the past!
Reply by darkz Dec 26 2011 00:01 GMT
...well your tip did look like a computer mouse
Reply by Fallen Shade Dec 26 2011 02:40 GMT
i was actually going to draw an actual tree i just got lazy and left that as a placeholder
Reply by darkz Dec 26 2011 02:55 GMT
but i can't say what i was going to draw was gonna be any better lol
Reply by darkz Dec 26 2011 02:57 GMT
4th is pretty cool
Reply by Super-Claus Dec 26 2011 03:38 GMT

Woe is the faggotree.

Reply by Doopliss Dec 26 2011 03:50 GMT
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