How the *crag* do you unblock people?
Posted by MM Dec 31 2011 05:30 GMT in Hi-Technical Support
- Like?

Loaf and Alex appear blocked for me now for some reason and I can't seem to undo it.


Go to their profile and select "unhide user"
Reply by ©na Dec 31 2011 05:34 GMT
Ok, I'm going to have to assume this is some sort of bug because that option isn't there (I tried blocking and unblocking someone else to make sure).
Reply by MM Dec 31 2011 05:51 GMT
This happened right after replying to one of loaf's topics. I had just assumed Alex disappeared for good.
Reply by MM Dec 31 2011 05:52 GMT
alex's posts like never show up, and when they do i can't post in them and when i refresh they're gone
Reply by Nastasia Dec 31 2011 05:56 GMT
now goron's posts aren't showing up ):
Reply by Nastasia Dec 31 2011 06:09 GMT
I haven't seen Alex's posts either. I don't want to miss his quality content.
Reply by Fortran Dec 31 2011 06:11 GMT
apparently he's been (hushed)
Reply by Tails Doll Dec 31 2011 06:15 GMT
Loaf got his posts universally blocked because he spammed too much.
Reply by ©na Dec 31 2011 06:15 GMT

well that sure is alot of gay

Reply by [DEAD] Dec 31 2011 06:16 GMT
a moment of silence fo a brutha lost
Reply by Slim Dec 31 2011 06:20 GMT
Loaf was auto-hushed (his posts didn't appear in the home stream because of flooding), but I just un-hushed him. Alex probably banned you from his board, so you wont see his posts and can't reply to them.
Reply by Francis Dec 31 2011 16:09 GMT
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