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continuing to ruin cartoons


i banned you forever by the way
for justice
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One of the storyboard artists from Ed, Edd & Eddy drew a metric ton of gay porn involving Eddy and Edd and it's all disturbingly on model. Search around and you may find it though be forewarned: Edd is a bottom and tends to cry.
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On the subject of creators drawing porn in their spare time, the staff behind the Archie (ie, the more intended-for-kids version, not the more adult-oriented Mirage stuff) TMNT comics actually made a several-page porno issue as a gag present for people around the office. It involves gay turtle incest and April / Splinter telling Leonardo to stop being a square and join in already). Weird stuff.


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If you missed it in the cbox,

"A Storyboard Jam isn't common on shows that allow people to get out frustrations in the actual work, but on cutie kid shows, everyone draws naked women going bonkers on giant cocks in their spare time. Inevitably, through loathing of the project, they start a storyboard jam where a continuous story evolves from artist to artist as they hand around the papers. Everyone gets a turn to do their worst with the characters.

At Klasky, on Rugrats, they started this Jam in 1998 I think. The first page had Angelica being a bitch to Tommy, so Tommy gets her a drink in the kitchen and puts in dog food and draino, then toddles back to Angelica. This is where the story should have heated up, but I saw someone was intervening. I found this lone page yesterday and can't find the rest. When the Jam was handed to me I disgustedly pushed it away, and after seeing it unattended on another artist's desk for 2 days I had the idea to step up the lameness a notch by having Stu come in and be utterly abusive to everyone. The artists who saw my treatment of the characters after their refined, cultured story were getting pissed...

I began the next page (I was on a roll, most people did 3 or 4 panels and I was doing 12 or so in a fervor of home filth) with a close up of Stu's crotch (on model) and then a cut away showing his entire pelvis is in fact two tight and well rounded testicles with a tiny cock dangling from above. Lightening was bouncing around and words appeared saying 'BALLS OF THUNDER!', or something to that effect. After that, the next artists really took it to it's low as Angelica's hands came in to stroke Stu's balls and then incest sex scenes flew all over the pages. I was disgusted, even, when I saw what had become of the comic.

Someone was taking the things between buildings, to dump it on the Thornberry crew when an executive snooty-draws producer saw it, was disturbed, and confiscated the jam... and thus it ended."

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An old Mickey Mouse Annual from 1932, featuring a story called "A Black Outlook." It depicts Mickey and Minnie in Africa, being captured by "fierce niggers."

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Additionally two other scenes were edited out of two other episodes first in "The Good, The Bad, And The Wallaby" a scene where, while being confused for a cow rather than a steer, Heffer is milked and being first shocked then enjoying it, hinting that was he wasn't being "milked" after all, the second is from "Hut Sut Raw" in which after the gang looses their food they decide to split up and find some Rocko starts gathering some berries then he grabs a hold of one and you hear a loud roar and a bear clutching his testicles leaps out of the bush.

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use a proxy to post in cbox instead of making me scroll down the whole page just to read your damned posts
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why would I post this all in the cbox are you crazy or something

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"Dexter's Rude Removal"

Dexter wants to make himself more perfect by removing all of his rude qualities using a "Rude Extractor". Dee Dee naturally shows up to unintentionally mess up Dexter's plan, causing both of them to be hit with an unstable beam from Dexter's invention. The beam separates them into good and evil halves, and the evil halves promptly knock their good sides unconscious. Immediately the bad halves start cursing at each other and wrecking up Dexter's lab before going to eat lunch. They continue to curse and act rudely until their good sides wake up. The good sides trap their rude counterparts in the lab, and they head downstairs to find their mother with a bar of soap, presumably to wash out her kids' mouths with.

Note: This episode was only shown during select animation conventions and was never aired on Cartoon Network due to excessive profane content and language.

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Two works by Igor Kovalyov, who was a leading animator and director for Klasky Csupo

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