This is either gonna be good or absolutely horrible
Posted by Slim Jun 06 2012 22:35 GMT in Slim
- Like?

it's directed by Rich Moore (Futurama, The Simpsons (90's), The Critic) so I can't mark it off as terrible yet


Oh you know this doesn't look completely bad, might watch it.
Reply by Fortran Jun 06 2012 22:40 GMT
bowser? eggman???
okay i don't have a choice but to see how this movie turns out
Reply by Nastasia Jun 06 2012 23:07 GMT

zangief not bad guy >:( sure hopes this turns out to be good. PINGAS

Reply by Tails Doll Jun 06 2012 23:11 GMT
Reply by Super-Claus Jun 06 2012 23:50 GMT

You guys realize this movie is just going to spawn more meta-nerd hipster faggotry even if it is good, right?

Reply by [DEAD] Jun 07 2012 03:23 GMT
I don't know what that means because I haven't left my house in... well, ever actually.
Reply by Fortran Jun 07 2012 05:30 GMT
unless you mean it'll double/triple the output of generic pixelated hipster games then oh yeah I can see that happening.
Reply by Fortran Jun 07 2012 05:31 GMT
Could have used more Maiq.
Reply by DarkBlueAce Jun 07 2012 06:01 GMT
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