Hello everyone! Learned of this site from Mario Wiki, while trying to make preparations to complete the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials. (I didn't succeed in the Pit - died on Floor 69, I kid you not.)
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- Like?


Well we don't really talk about super paper mario anymore since the site was founded about five years ago. I do wish you luck on your attempts at the pit of trials, haven't played the game in several years myself so I can't offer you more advice other than grind until your level is high enough. Also everyone here hates banjo, except francis who doesn't like anyone here and is more like an umpire.
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at least this one seems sane
right now
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use the marios
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No talk at all about Super Paper Mario? A shame, considering I recently heard something - Remember The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters? Yeah, the director of that movie once showed interest in creating a Super Paper Mario film - something that I actually support. Come on, the game's story was excellently written by ANY standards! (I even went as far as beginning a petition to get Nintendo's and/or the director's attention!)
Reply by ultragamer42 Jul 14 2012 02:17 GMT

Yep, we discussed the SPM movie a while ago.

Reply by Francis Jul 14 2012 20:37 GMT
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