i found things in my attic wow
Posted by Slim Jul 22 2012 22:20 GMT in Slim
- Like?


man you have the coolest stuff
Reply by Viddd Jul 22 2012 22:32 GMT
whaa... are your parents collectors or something? a sealed Day of the Tentacle?
Reply by Francis Jul 22 2012 22:40 GMT
it's not sealed, the glass table is just reflecting off of the box
Reply by Slim Jul 22 2012 23:02 GMT
his parents stole all the money in the world francis
Reply by Nastasia Jul 23 2012 14:45 GMT
holy shit a cd-i zelda and day of the tentacle? better watch out, i might jack your shit
Reply by Tails Doll Jul 23 2012 16:53 GMT
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