Posted by MM Jan 31 2013 18:04 GMT in Introductions
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I'll miss you, and I truly mean that

Reply by [DEAD] Jan 31 2013 18:10 GMT
you dont have to leave
Reply by Nastasia Jan 31 2013 18:24 GMT
what? nooooo. the good stuff is just getting started! who else is going break things and win all the contests?
Reply by Francis Jan 31 2013 19:28 GMT

B-but who else am I going to mario party with?

Also digi is broken without you

Reply by Super-Claus Jan 31 2013 19:33 GMT
Wait what?
Did I miss something here?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jan 31 2013 19:50 GMT
Reply by Kerosena Jan 31 2013 20:03 GMT

Reply by Doopliss Jan 31 2013 20:32 GMT
One of the oldest members, too. Well, you were a memorable part of the party! Good luck with your future stuff!
Reply by Alpha_StevO Jan 31 2013 21:19 GMT
*crag* off meow you aren't allowed to leave.
Reply by Popple Jan 31 2013 23:34 GMT
I would leave too to be honest
Reply by [DEAD] Feb 01 2013 01:07 GMT
i totally understand why
Reply by Nastasia Feb 01 2013 01:24 GMT
no meow no
Reply by darkz Feb 01 2013 02:47 GMT
What the hell? What reasoning do you have for this?
Reply by Grievous Feb 01 2013 03:14 GMT
Are they detaining you? If not, get the *crag* back here.
Reply by Linkshot Feb 01 2013 03:16 GMT

Goddamn it, Meow, I'm gonna miss you on here.

Reply by Viddd Feb 01 2013 04:14 GMT
we'll all light a blunt for you tonight mowem
Reply by Fortran Feb 01 2013 06:25 GMT

Farewell friend. Indeed, you will be missed.

Reply by Jr The Dark Knight Feb 02 2013 03:41 GMT

Reply by MM Mar 22 2013 19:14 GMT
so meow was just on a month long journey to get a t-shirt of nas. it's all clear to me now.
Reply by Fortran Mar 22 2013 19:19 GMT
pretty much, I have finally acquired the sacred nas-tee
Reply by MM Mar 22 2013 19:22 GMT
holy shit lol
speaking of I think we scared nas away. she called us all bullies and hasn't posted yet.
Reply by Fortran Mar 22 2013 19:38 GMT

Fun times

Reply by Grievous Mar 22 2013 21:33 GMT
oh hi meow
Reply by [DEAD] Mar 23 2013 00:06 GMT
I need that shirt.
Reply by Viddd Mar 23 2013 03:26 GMT
oh my god make more and then give them to everyone here
everyone meaning me.
Reply by Flar3 Mar 23 2013 03:56 GMT
welcome brak
Reply by Slim Mar 23 2013 04:15 GMT

That's what I *crag*in thought

Reply by Doopliss Mar 23 2013 04:38 GMT
sure, yeah
Reply by MM Mar 23 2013 05:12 GMT
oh lord thats amazing
I'm going to have a kid just to put them in that nas romper
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 23 2013 10:55 GMT
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