Diginet Dedicated Minecraft Server
Posted by Slim Mar 06 2013 22:20 GMT in Slim
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So I decided to go out and buy a 10-slot dedicated minecraft server for you niggers




DYNMAP (Thanks go to Gold Prognosticus):


  • Don't break shit
  • Don't steal shit
  • Don't burn shit
  • Love your parents
  • Eat your vegetables



  • Weapons and armor level up with use
  • Mobs don't spawn near man-made blocks
  • There's a 25% chance that everyone in the server gets a prize every time someone finds diamonds
  • Diamond axes chop down entire trees instantly
  • Chests absorb whatever gets thrown on top of them



  • slim
  • cheerios
  • brem
  • popple
  • loafseph
  • ripboreal
  • ditherliss
  • dimfish
  • hunter_x
  • vidinferno
  • darkzero

Server automatically restarts every 4 hours and saves backups periodically


Mine's Ditherliss if I'm allowed in
Reply by Fortran Mar 06 2013 22:38 GMT
Reply by Slim Mar 06 2013 23:01 GMT
also what version is it? that's a good thing to put down.
Reply by Fortran Mar 06 2013 23:16 GMT
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 06 2013 23:24 GMT

done and done

Reply by Slim Mar 06 2013 23:25 GMT
Hunter_X here.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 06 2013 23:53 GMT


Reply by Slim Mar 06 2013 23:59 GMT
VidInferno. Woo.
Reply by Viddd Mar 07 2013 15:17 GMT
Are you able to run something along the lines of Dynmap on this host?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 07 2013 20:47 GMT

Probably, I really have no idea how to

Talk to me on Steam if you wanna help me out with that

Reply by Slim Mar 07 2013 21:17 GMT

I suggest you use offline mode as I do not own a Notchcraft account nor do I intend on purchasing one any time in the near future.

Reply by Penguin PornAce Mar 07 2013 22:40 GMT

Dynmap is now avaliable thanks to Gold

Reply by Slim Mar 07 2013 23:04 GMT
The issue with running offline mode is that absolutely anybody could then bypass the whitelist and/or impersonate a user with admin privileges. It's a pretty big security risk.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 08 2013 02:06 GMT
slim x zombie
Reply by Fortran Mar 08 2013 02:49 GMT
whyd ont you just buy the game man
its not even like 60 dollars
Reply by Nastasia Mar 08 2013 06:29 GMT
Why would anyone pay 30 bucks for an incomplete sandbox game with half ass effort under the excuse of retro art?
Reply by [DEAD] Mar 08 2013 06:58 GMT
Sure glad I only paid ten bucks for this while it was alpha.
Reply by Viddd Mar 08 2013 09:54 GMT
well, i didnt have to pay for it, but what else are you going to do if you want to play online
i sure as hell dont want random assholes joining the server
its their fault for not picking it up before and wanting to play minecraft anyway
Reply by Nastasia Mar 08 2013 10:02 GMT
Reply by darkz Mar 08 2013 12:46 GMT
glad I only payed $10 when it was still indev. considering the countless hours I got out of it I'd say it's worth $30. it's sort of like a shitty all-you-can-eat buffet, maybe the food isn't so good but it's unlimited so whatever. besides is that even something to worry about unless you have to ask your mom for it.
Reply by Fortran Mar 08 2013 17:43 GMT
for once i actually agree with you
you worded it better than i could
Reply by Nastasia Mar 08 2013 18:40 GMT
I'm a monk so analogies are sort of my thing
Reply by Fortran Mar 08 2013 19:19 GMT

Mine's aksunglasses24

Reply by sunglasses Mar 08 2013 21:56 GMT

if you aren't using a texture pack go ahead and use this one, it only changes one thing: the glass so now it doesn't have those marks on it anymore it makes everything 10x better


Reply by Super-Claus Mar 09 2013 03:50 GMT
the server is now under the watchful eye of the digibutter police department with chief officer fortran reporting for duty.
to report a crime just write it in a book and burn it. the ashes will find their way to me and magically rematerialize.
Reply by Fortran Mar 09 2013 05:28 GMT
My laptop kinda sucks running Minecraft (having only 1GB free space on the hard disk probably doesn't help) so I'm not gonna be on much until Monday when I get back to uni and my PC (assuming the graphics card still works after we pulled it apart to clean it).
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 09 2013 20:09 GMT
Mine is still DarkBlueAce.
Reply by DarkBlueAce Mar 09 2013 21:42 GMT
I finished the skeleton XP farm. If you're in front of the police station in spawn town just go right until you see a door at the foot of the hill near the lake.
Reply by Fortran Mar 09 2013 21:52 GMT
neat ill try it out sometime
Reply by Nastasia Mar 09 2013 22:01 GMT
how do you use it? dont see any way in, all it seems you can do is look at it from behind glass and thats no way to collect exp
Reply by Nastasia Mar 10 2013 17:42 GMT
Nas its in the room before that room, the skeletons have to find there way into the hole and then you just punch them once
Reply by [DEAD] Mar 10 2013 19:16 GMT
I found the stronghold. It's somewhere around 949 343, you'll see a stone piller in the ocean with a torch, just dive down next to it. No ladder, and I didn't go too far into the stronghold. If you drown get some respiration faggot.
Reply by Fortran Mar 11 2013 06:37 GMT
theres one you dont have to drown to get to, dont have coordinates but its beyond the two deserts northwest of the jungle and past the swamp over there, its not really marked well though so youll have to figure it out. youll prolly find some cobble and a torch that seems out of place though
Reply by Nastasia Mar 11 2013 17:19 GMT
Note to myself and anyone who has, or will have, access to the admin control panel: Don't set the Dynmap render mode to highres. I believe today's downtime may have been due to the server (or at least the portion of the machine allocated to this particular server) not having enough filespace to render the entire map at that quality.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 11 2013 18:26 GMT
On the other hand, moving from vlowres to lowres (4 pixels per block face instead of two) does appear to work.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 11 2013 18:53 GMT

lava doesnt set shit on fire and fire doesnt spread anymore

Reply by Slim Mar 12 2013 00:47 GMT
I can still set claus on fire right?
Reply by Fortran Mar 12 2013 01:39 GMT


Reply by Slim Mar 12 2013 02:50 GMT
good, lets all set dim on fire
Reply by Nastasia Mar 12 2013 02:59 GMT
some men just want to watch dim burn
Reply by Fortran Mar 12 2013 03:23 GMT

y u do dis

Reply by Super-Claus Mar 12 2013 14:05 GMT
So what was going on last night around 1am GMT that caused the CPU load to spike to 244%?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 12 2013 16:11 GMT
i really doubt it means anything computers are dumb sometimes
Reply by Nastasia Mar 12 2013 19:23 GMT
that around the time when we reset the server so it was plugin testing and mass reconstruction
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 12 2013 22:58 GMT
*crag* off stop burning my *crag*ing house
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 12 2013 23:50 GMT
So apparently Minecraft has updated to v1.5 today. This presents us with two options regarding the server: First, we update to the new version immediately, but lose access to Bukkit and most, if not all, of the plugins until 1.5 versions are released. Alternatively, we leave the server running 1.4.7 until the key plugins are updated, then move forward (you would either need to not update or use a program such as the Multi Bin Minecraft Launcher with the old jar file to connect to the server).
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 13 2013 15:05 GMT
I say don't bother updating until the plugins work
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 13 2013 16:19 GMT
In other news, we now have WorldGuard installed on the server, which allows admins to define areas that can only be built in by specified users. If you want to get your building protected from griefing, let me know.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 13 2013 17:22 GMT
that sounds like it would come in useful in the undersea
Reply by Super-Claus Mar 13 2013 18:42 GMT
I have made the WorldEdit selection commands (but not the modification commands) and the WorldGuard region commands accessible by regular members. The instructions on how to use each are available at http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit and http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldGuard respectively. Owners of regions are capable of redefining the region, adding new members and owners, and deleting the region. Members cannot administrate the region, but get building privileges within it.
Fair warning, if people abuse these commands I can remove the offending regions, and if necessary I can restrict access to the commands to one or all members.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 13 2013 19:51 GMT
Members can now use /spawn, /home and /sethome, and can use /warp for pre-existing warp-points but not set new ones.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 14 2013 21:56 GMT
why cant we use setwarp
Reply by Nastasia Mar 14 2013 23:16 GMT
minecaft was mad eby a wlrus who decided he ate too many oysters. shut up slim
Reply by Lord Crump Mar 15 2013 03:16 GMT
you shut up. banned for LIFE
Reply by Slim Mar 15 2013 03:39 GMT

all of the Dimopolis citizens keep jumping out the doors and drowning

this is a sad day for the dimopolis city state

Reply by Super-Claus Mar 15 2013 19:58 GMT
A few people have asked about creative mode on the server. If I were to find a plugin or group of plugins that would enable a second, creative-enabled world on the server, would that help to bring some more of you on?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 19 2013 14:22 GMT
id do it
would stop me from littering the survival map with gigantic things
Reply by Nastasia Mar 19 2013 19:32 GMT
could be cool
Reply by Slim Mar 19 2013 22:48 GMT
There is now a gold portal next to the Nether portal in Spawnville, enter that to get to the creative world! Notes: The creative world has its own unique inventory to prevent people losing or gaining stuff with regards to the survival worlds. I have also WorldGuarded the spawn, nether and creative portals to prevent the configuration from getting messed up.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 19 2013 23:50 GMT
Additional note for anyone who happens to get op access before I update my MobVariants plugin: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T SPAWN A BOSS UNDERGROUND. The cave or building you hope will contain it won't do a thing.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 22 2013 00:10 GMT
Apologies if anyone was trying to get in for the past couple of hours, the server ran out of file space and crashed. I've freed up some room by disabling the cave view on the Dynmap, so everything should be running again now.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 23 2013 21:05 GMT
It'll probably be fixed by the time any of you read this, but in case it isn't I've temporarily closed the creative world while I do some map file editing. Survival will still work fine though, and the changes shouldn't take too long.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 31 2013 13:43 GMT
Maintenance didn't go as planned, I have restored everything to the previous state and will try again at a later date.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Mar 31 2013 15:59 GMT
Can I join? Name is 3dsfan5,same as username here.
Reply by 3dsfan5 May 17 2013 01:11 GMT
Server hasn't been up for months
Reply by Super-Claus May 17 2013 10:54 GMT
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