Hi, I'm new here. I learned about this website from watching chuggaconroy playing Super Paper Mario on YouTube
Posted by Chris Jackson Apr 29 2013 04:25 GMT in Introductions
- Like?


go away shade
Reply by Fortran Apr 29 2013 05:05 GMT
Reply by hero of time Apr 29 2013 05:10 GMT
Naaaw that isn't me, I would have more fun than that. Also *crag* off kid
Reply by [DEAD] Apr 29 2013 06:21 GMT

Reply by MM Apr 29 2013 06:32 GMT
Well that's a waste of a pizza.
Reply by hero of time Apr 29 2013 06:57 GMT

Oh really now?

You could have, you know.. PLAYED THE GAME LIKE MOST OF US?

Guess what? Dimentio is the real antagonist and Bleck + Tippy are lovers.

Have fun!

Reply by Ignorant Apr 29 2013 08:13 GMT
The gameplay's not that good. You're actually better off just watching it on Youtube if you're so interested in it.
Reply by hero of time Apr 29 2013 18:44 GMT

Reply by MM Apr 29 2013 19:08 GMT

Hello, and welcome to the site. Now some of the memebers may be a little unwelcoming but as long as you act like a civilized, intelligent human being we should have no problems. We all like super paper mario but this forum was created six years ago, so we've grown out of talking about it so much. We are however a nice forum and community if you get to know us and try to fit in with our standards. I hope you have a good time here, and while you're at it check out betalands, our own work-in-progress forum game design by the administrator of this site Francis.

Reply by Super-Claus Apr 29 2013 23:31 GMT
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