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My name is Justin and I used to frequent this forum in 2007 (albeit I never got around to posting very much, but I still lurked quite a bit.) My original username was Whackaweed and you can see my original introduction here: http://digibutter.nerr.biz/viewtopic.php?t=39089 which is blatantly amusing looking at it six years later. Ahh, memories!

I left this site after the old boards were removed because I didn't grok the new layout too much. I still prefer using more "traditional" message boards (e.g. SMF and vBulletin.)

I'm surprised to see this site still exists and that it is still somewhat quite active. The duration and extent of assiduous effort you guys have spent and put into this fascinates me. It's amazing. :-)

So uhh... where was I..? My hobbies are music and computer programming. I know mainly Ruby, Java, and C, although I've experimented with other languages too. I'm going to university in about a year (yes, I was underage when I registered) and I'll be most likely studying computer science.

By the way, have you considered using IRC instead of the chat box? I could rant all day about the superiority of IRC although most of you will probably be appalled by my somewhat subjective reasoning, so I guess I'll leave that to another post.

I hope I'll get to talk to some of you guys sometime.


welcome back! right before I totally change things up again, ha.
IRC is fine for simple chat but I have some bigger ideas. Most people here prefer to chat on Steam anyways.
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Oh look a new nerd to bully. Give me your lunch money.
Reply by Fortran May 08 2013 19:04 GMT
his avatar is literally the background
this is the final evolution of a wallflower guys
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When I saw the name Whackaweed, I was expecting the avatar of a high Whacka. D:

Oh well.

hi I'm Lord Crump, I'm one of the oldest members who still frequent this site and was a moderator on old digi before becoming president of old digi and then going back to being moderator again, then nerr 2.0 came around and i spent the last few years being a forum troll, specifically starting up arguments with nas out of boredom, but now i don't really care enough to troll anymore and hang out in the chat and betalands at night, sometimes posting incredibly drunken things
Reply by Lord Crump May 09 2013 01:08 GMT
Hi there, I'm Gold Prognosticus. You joined roughly a month after I did, but it seems you lurked a touch more than me. Either way, welcome back to the site, it's always good to have another programmer on here :)
(Wasn't there another member on Old Digi called Whacka at one point?)
Reply by Gold Prognosticus May 09 2013 12:22 GMT
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