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OKAY so this is Chomperando Jr. Esq. III. He is a 1,337 year old god that transformed into a chain chomp because the other gods were jealous of his swag.

He likes dubstep because he is baller as *crag* and snoop dogg because he smokes weed every day. He lives by yolo because it is true you only live once.

Because he is a god and a chain comp he has 20 defense so he's not that powerful but yeah

He uses his sharp teeth to dizzy, set fire, poison, shrink, freeze, and put to sleep all without using FP. He does 10 damage (not a lot I know) but you can use his SUPER HARD TO PREFORM ACTION COMMAND to do 100 damage! wow! To preform the command just press every button on the controller within 1 minute

his weakness is nothing because he is a god and cannot die easily

this is his moveset

Default - Chomp Storm - attacks all foes for 20 damage. costs 3 FP. that's quite a bit but it's worth it

Super - Snoop Shield - Applies a snapback to Mario, making him invincible for 10 turns. costs 1 FP because it's useless because it doesnt do damage

Ultra - Godly Powers - Gives toons of boosts to Mario and chomp and gives them 20HP regen per turn. costs 2 fp. not as faggoty as the last one because you can do more damage but it's still shit

He also get's the majority of the dialogue in the game because you can press [R] at any time while playing to switch to play as him, none of the other partners can do this.

i hoped you liked my oc because he's really good i put lots of thought into him i hope nintendo sees this PLEASE


Exactly what we needed
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10/10???!!??! 11!?!??
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DUDE my Uncle who worked at nineteno looked at it nd sayd their gona put it in pepper mario 5 CONGRATZ MAN #schwag #yoko
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never forget

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