Why have I been unable to access Digi.vg over the past couple of days?
Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jun 15 2013 16:22 GMT in Hi-Technical Support
- Like?

Downforeveryoneorjustme.com reports it as being offline, so I think it's a serverside issue rather than a clientside one. Makes it a bit awkwared when I see a news post on the Digibutter index and then can't reach it by clicking the link.


nerr 3.0 takes its first life. It's like the Ottoman's crawling in on the Byzantines.
Reply by Super-Claus Jun 15 2013 16:33 GMT
The domain name may be in some sort of limbo. It was set to renew, but the people who manage .vg are apparently part of some dispute. It wasn't loading for me earlier but now it is, so I'm not sure what's going on.
Reply by Francis Jun 15 2013 17:46 GMT
Hmm, DFEOJM says it is up now but I still can't get to it on my end. Maybe it's a regional/ISP/etc issue?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jun 15 2013 18:54 GMT
Digi.vg is working now, but www.digi.vg is redirecting to Digibutter for some obscure reason.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jun 15 2013 20:10 GMT
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