Hi guys! I came to these to get tips from the butterfly catching master Francis!
Posted by Maximusace9 Jul 19 2013 23:52 GMT in Digital Butterflies
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francis caught like one butterfly, he didn't even use a certified net he used his *crag*ing tongue. francis is a huge scrub at catching butterflies.
Reply by Fortran Jul 20 2013 00:15 GMT
i'm the real elite nerr around these parts
Reply by Lord Crump Jul 20 2013 02:55 GMT

yeah crump catches the BIGGEST butterflies

You mean, the biggest butts.
Reply by hero of time Jul 20 2013 08:52 GMT
-_(\ Uhm...right.
Reply by JacobDaGun Jul 20 2013 15:34 GMT

Reply by MM Jul 20 2013 15:36 GMT


Reply by herobrine Jul 21 2013 20:13 GMT

Reply by [DEAD] Jul 22 2013 02:52 GMT
Tip: Use Barry. I had him on the lookout for butterflies and he let me know when he found one. Watch out though, he might give your address to strangers looking to rob you.
Reply by Francis Jul 22 2013 03:15 GMT
Duly noted.
Reply by JacobDaGun Jul 22 2013 03:30 GMT
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