GOG DAMN IT my friend john got me into this website he is truly a master of pranking
Posted by turntechGodhead Jul 26 2013 09:29 GMT in Introductions
- Like?


Reply by hero of time Jul 26 2013 09:36 GMT
he's not even a part of this website he just tells me to look up random websites and join them.
Reply by turntechGodhead Jul 26 2013 09:42 GMT
If I may ask, are you roleplaying? Something seems a bit off here.
Reply by hero of time Jul 26 2013 10:13 GMT

Gog damn everything. Welcome to digi, hope you enjoy your stay and be sure to tell your friend about the magical adventures he is missing out on

Reply by Doopliss Jul 26 2013 13:31 GMT
i am the brony gog, welcum my child
Reply by Fortran Jul 26 2013 14:43 GMT
I'm the guy here who is very clean. I stick around just for the heck of it.
I'll make sprites for you for BetaLands if you so desire. Give my thread about it a check.
Reply by JacobDaGun Jul 27 2013 20:09 GMT
I'm the alcoholic chubby-chaser
Reply by Lord Crump Jul 27 2013 20:37 GMT
fortran is that you?
Reply by lain Jul 27 2013 20:40 GMT
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