Hey paisanos.
Posted by Rockymoo Jul 28 2013 21:36 GMT in Introductions
- Like?

Somebody posted a link to this on twitter and I have nothing better to do so hooray.


Welcome. Glad to know this is slightly better than some other things to do.
Reply by Francis Jul 28 2013 21:46 GMT
Thank you good sir. Also don't be surprised if my friend shows up sooner or later. I may or may not have shared the link with her. Just a heads-up.
Reply by Rockymoo Jul 28 2013 21:51 GMT
I think I'm okay with this guy. Just know the users here are all bark and no bite. well some bite. but a boatload of bark for the most part.
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 28 2013 22:19 GMT
woof waf
I don't bite but I give fellatio if it counts
Reply by Fortran Jul 29 2013 01:03 GMT
Fellatio will suffice, thank you.
Reply by Rockymoo Jul 29 2013 02:52 GMT
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