Mega Man 2.5D fan-made demo out now
Posted by Joystiq Nov 04 2013 23:30 GMT in PC Gaming News
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Indie developer Peter Sjöstrand has released a beta PC version of Mega Man 2.5D, a fan-made Mega Man series tribute that incorporates elements from the 8-bit games Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3.

The demo version presents a remade version of Shadow Man's stage from Mega Man 3, expanded with new challenges and designed with co-op play in mind. A single-player mode is not included -- as a two-player team, Mega Man and Proto Man must solve a number of co-op puzzles on their way to a climactic end-of-level battle.

The beta release marks the first playable version of Mega Man 2.5D, which was initially teased as a proof-of-concept video in 2009. Sjöstrand is currently polling fans to determine which classic level should be featured in the next update, with available options including Quick Man, Metal Man, Snake Man, Wood Man, Air Man, Gemini Man, Magnet Man, Wave Man, and Cut Man.

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