Posted by cheezman11 Nov 24 2013 23:30 GMT in Introductions
- Like?


What's crackin cheezman

Reply by Doopliss Nov 24 2013 23:36 GMT
Reply by [DEAD] Nov 24 2013 23:46 GMT
hello darkness my old friend
Reply by Super-Claus Nov 25 2013 00:43 GMT
I like this guy already
Reply by Ignorant Nov 25 2013 00:51 GMT

because he has a cool cat avatar? cats are not cool

Reply by Francis Nov 25 2013 00:53 GMT

who says :3

Reply by cheezman11 Nov 25 2013 02:19 GMT
francis that was OOC, you're supposed to love cats. I'm taking 100 RP points off you for that.
Reply by Fortran Nov 25 2013 02:23 GMT
ah, not true Fortran. Cats should be subservient beings. Hence my use of them as maids and security.
Reply by Francis Nov 25 2013 03:50 GMT
sorry franny you're not getting out of this one
Reply by Fortran Nov 25 2013 05:15 GMT

I just realized this guy joined in *crag*in 2008, welcome back I guess cat hunter thompson

Reply by MM Dec 06 2013 08:58 GMT
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