PlayStation Plus has Borderlands 2, Grid 2 for your holiday stocking
Posted by Joystiq Nov 29 2013 23:00 GMT in PlayStation Vita
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December tends to be a financially exhausting month, what with the cousins, co-workers, friends and pets filling up your "must gift" list. All that generosity can leave you left with nothing but warm feelings and an empty wallet, and let's be honest - warm feelings won't do much to stave off the soul-crushing boredom that hits around 4PM every Saturday. Members of PlayStation Plus need not fear, however, as the service is winding down 2013 with a fine selection of free games for PS3 and Vita.

If driving is your thang, snag "aggressive" racer Grid 2, which lets you wind back a few seconds of time should something disastrous happen on the track. If you like to drive, shoot things, and collect a lot of loot (with which you can also shoot things), there's Borderlands 2. If you've never given this one a try, do it, especially if you're in the mood for some superfun co-op.

If shooting things while experiencing a rip in the fabric of spacetime all hopped up on cold medicine is more your style, Dyad is the way to go. A bit of a hidden gem, Dyad is a trippy shooter in the spirit of Rez or Space Giraffe, and while the blend of color and music with fast-paced twitch shooting isn't for everyone, we're pretty sure it's a recruitment tool for Starfighters of some sort.

Vita owners get a pair of wheel-happy titles gratis in December: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Urban Trial Freestyle. It would be hard to blame you for shrugging off a kart racer, even a free one, but we said Sonic "might be the best racer of its kind to come along in years, and that's no exaggeration," so you may want to make a point of checking it out. The latter lets you take your customizable motorbike all over town, performing tricks like ollies, wallrides, and others that undoubtedly invalidate your insurance policy.

For those still on the fence about picking up a PlayStation Plus membership, it's on the cheap this Black Friday (today!), with various retailers marking it down to $29.99.

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