Steam Family Options out of beta, now available to all
Posted by Joystiq Jan 08 2014 20:30 GMT in Steam
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The beta period for Steam Family Options, which includes games sharing, has come to a close. Now all Steam users can start sharing their Steam libraries and setting user permissions for their children's accounts.

Steam Family Options allows users to control access to content on Steam for their young ones, but more importantly it allows them to share their games with up to ten others. Each user can earn their own achievements and save their own progress, though only one user in the "family" can access that particular Steam library at once, with priority always being given to the owner.

Managing which games are in your Family Library is fairly straightforward: Boot up Steam, go into your library, right-click the game you want to share and then click "Add to / Remove from Family Games." You can manage your Family Options under the Settings tab.

There's a Steam Family Options group on Steam you can join if you're looking for more info or need to troubleshoot. In order to start using Steam Family Options, you'll need to update your Steam client. After that, feel free to start sharing all those games you snatched up in the Steam Holiday Sale.

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