'Interactive graphic novel' Troubadour speaks to technology moderation
Posted by Joystiq Jan 23 2014 21:00 GMT in PC Gaming News
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Eric Doty spends his days at Microsoft as a content producer and community strategist for Xbox, but he also aspires to create video games. Enter: Troubadour, an "interactive graphic novel" about "growing up in the digital age" from Doty's independent studio, Cicatriz Entertainment.

Doty tells Joystiq he's had the idea for over two years now and that Troubadour is chiefly about "our own social anxieties and the consequences we face when technology permeates so much of our world" - even if those consequences aren't all bad.


what is this game.
Reply by Ignorant Jan 23 2014 21:33 GMT
Stanley parable for narks
Reply by Super-Claus Jan 24 2014 05:00 GMT
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