Reign in the new Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus next week
Posted by Joystiq Apr 15 2014 15:30 GMT in Wii U
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It's not just the handhelds that are going peach and pink: A new Princess Peach Wii Remote Plus is floating onto retail shelves in North America next week. You can acquire the peachy Motion Plus controller starting April 24, at the suggested retail price of $40. To bask in its full regal splendor, take a peek below the break.

It's a shame the Peach controller didn't make it out in time for Super Mario 3D World, or with a Toad one that Nintendo's not yet dreamed up. Playing that game with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad controllers is bordering on the problematically geeky, but we'd so do it. [Images: Nintendo]

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when do we get our mushroom kingdom war strategy game where you control toad units in a war against bowser
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 15 2014 21:52 GMT
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