DeSmuME can now upscale games
Posted by Slim May 06 2014 04:29 GMT in Slim
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in order from left to right: original resolution, 4x upscaled, 4x with softrasterizer turned off


yeah, that's some *crag*ing HD mario kart DS right there nigga


how to:

1. download newest build from here (windows only)

2. acquire roms

3. do this

4. and this


it's gonna run slow at 4x, but 3x and 2x are faster, turning off softrasterizer seems to tune up to both the graphics and performance, but I don't know if it does this with all games


more pics:


this is what the 3DS should have been
Reply by Francis May 06 2014 04:56 GMT
that's *crag*ing amazing
Reply by Fortran May 06 2014 05:27 GMT
Black magic.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus May 06 2014 19:32 GMT
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