Why can't we upload images directly to Digibutter?
Posted by TeleportPass Jul 05 2014 18:14 GMT in Digital Butterflies
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because i didn't want to pay to host them. but i might change that for nerr 3.0
Reply by Francis Jul 05 2014 18:23 GMT
dont host images on digi, it will turn into another imgur. If anything limit image hosting to betalands.
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 05 2014 18:39 GMT
does 10 gigabytes on a server cost that much? we're like 20-odd people that's all we'll ever use in a lifetime
Reply by Fortran Jul 05 2014 20:40 GMT
I was actually planning on asking francis to host franis 4 and have a obnoxious download link at the top of the site when it was finished
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 05 2014 20:58 GMT
I hope you do, Francis
Reply by TeleportPass Jul 07 2014 14:18 GMT
I'd imagine image/file hosting on Digi would require some form of usage restrictions in case somebody uploaded something illegal and Francis got in trouble for it being on his server.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jul 07 2014 16:10 GMT
Also I can't speak for Francis' host but some web providers object to their services being used as file storage and/or third-party hosting.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jul 07 2014 16:50 GMT
want me to go to the servers and seduce the sysadmins?
Reply by Fortran Jul 07 2014 18:30 GMT
I got fried chicken
Reply by Fortran Jul 07 2014 18:30 GMT

They're not one of your fried chicken tramps

Reply by Slappy Jul 07 2014 19:15 GMT
i thought you hated vidya forty
Reply by Ignorant Jul 08 2014 03:58 GMT

I hope so too.

Reply by FireYoshi Jul 08 2014 19:44 GMT
Upvotes to Francis 4
~Still alive
Reply by Smaug Jul 09 2014 01:57 GMT
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