Wussup I am new yeah!
Posted by Masked Bleck Jul 12 2014 00:52 GMT in Introductions
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So I was strolling through youtube listening to Super Paper Mario music(Favorite game evar,by the way) and saw a comment about digibutter.nerr being real. I checked it out and dang its awesome.I only got started today so I have no clue what the heck I am doing.But if this is a place for losers,geeks,rejects,and often-called noobs,then I am right at home!


dont lie
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 12 2014 01:01 GMT

Leave while you still can.

Reply by Slappy Jul 12 2014 02:10 GMT
sorry no, we're actually all buff guys with girlfriends, and while not everyone agrees, I personally hate video games.
Reply by Fortran Jul 12 2014 02:20 GMT
this is actually a site for pregnant women in their third trimester
Reply by Super-Claus Jul 12 2014 02:41 GMT

this is actually a darknet marketplace for trading illicit goods and services online using cryptocurrencies

Reply by MM Jul 12 2014 08:59 GMT
Anyone here selling in digicoin?
Reply by Mega-Sandy Jul 12 2014 09:02 GMT
water broke again woohoo

this is actually a forum













for free gay anal sex

Reply by Ignorant Jul 13 2014 17:36 GMT

this is actually a form

Reply by Super-Claus Jul 14 2014 09:12 GMT

This is actually a fork

Reply by Doopliss Jul 14 2014 09:41 GMT
What are you guys talking about, this site is clearly a modern art piece presenting an abstract interpretation of the struggles of daily life.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Jul 14 2014 11:21 GMT
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