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Yeah... seeing as Poison Mushrooms be the only way t' reduce someone's HP right now, that be not gonna work. Maybe we'll implement that if - Sat Apr 04 00:00:05 CDT 2015

Name: SpartaUse: Shouts various quotes from the movie "300".Last edited by Super Hario on Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:25 pm; edited 1 time - Fri Apr 03 22:00:04 CDT 2015

A muth! - Fri Apr 03 20:00:05 CDT 2015

YARRRR but hopefully it won't turn into like Serebii sea. TOO much member=Bad thing for a sea - Fri Apr 03 18:00:04 CDT 2015

Well I g2g. I'll be on tomorrow. *Superjumps away* I'll be back for that pic! - Fri Apr 03 16:00:04 CDT 2015

The first one be like Nethack, but with better graphics, less depth, 'n less fun.'n Nethack be free. Check it out. - Fri Apr 03 08:00:05 CDT 2015

*Twitches*Mimi: ye...did...what? - Fri Apr 03 06:00:03 CDT 2015

WTF. be there any people who mind if I delete the stupid stuff about the Demented Cartoon Movie on the wiki? - Fri Apr 03 04:00:04 CDT 2015

Well, not really a millionaire, but ye know what I mean :p.Pay 10 booty t' enter. I'll give ye ten increasingly more difficult questions - Fri Apr 03 02:00:04 CDT 2015

Nightshade: ...Heh. Heheheheh...I win. me chief threat be out a the way. I've already absorbed the B Block's powers! Finally, the judg - Thu Apr 02 22:00:04 CDT 2015

even if ye didnt. one has t' go! - Thu Apr 02 20:00:04 CDT 2015

alright. that be it!*fires that massive beam krush tried t' kill mister I with last night at the fortress* - Thu Apr 02 18:00:04 CDT 2015

*Krush walks in*Krush: Aw... Krush pillage lost!*Krush sees DP*Krush: KRUSH NO LIKE BOOKS! BOOK! TEACH KRUSH STUFF 'n COME WITH KRUSH, OR HE K - Thu Apr 02 16:00:03 CDT 2015

Alright people, settle down. Maybe Larry be kidding when he doubted the fact that they be from Supersar Saga. - Thu Apr 02 14:00:04 CDT 2015

That be NOT an oxymoron >_> - Thu Apr 02 12:00:04 CDT 2015

A green chocolate - Thu Apr 02 08:00:04 CDT 2015

I finally killed me first user! - Thu Apr 02 06:00:04 CDT 2015

*out a rpg*Ok then super mario rpg title**In rpg* - Thu Apr 02 04:00:03 CDT 2015

... it be not me fault the American Yu-Gi-Oh show/games sucked. The original show be good, 'n... 'n...Pegasus be HOT! - Thu Apr 02 02:00:04 CDT 2015

good idea. but we must have some plans! mainly I be going t' buy anything somewhat cool that goes into olimars shop. 'n anything magig. it' - Thu Apr 02 00:00:04 CDT 2015

thanks! - Wed Apr 01 22:00:04 CDT 2015

It matters not... Timpani be gone, she will never return t' me side... Video games? A mindless waste a time, t' help those forget about wh - Wed Apr 01 20:00:03 CDT 2015

Just a topic for those who want t' find some recipes, 'n don't want t' go t' another site because this be convient (that be spelled right, - Wed Apr 01 18:00:03 CDT 2015

How be this?made it meself!Well, I be hittin' the hay now. Bye. - Wed Apr 01 16:00:05 CDT 2015

*A letter arrives at Mr. I's base. It reads:"I be willing t' propose a truce between the two a us. Find a neutral area for us t' mee - Wed Apr 01 14:00:03 CDT 2015

Ok now, all i need isGladiator Original Score by Hans ZimmerHalo 2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 'n Vol. 2 (PLEASE LOOK FOR!)Splinter Cell Do - Wed Apr 01 12:00:04 CDT 2015

*Watches as Grodus 'n the X-naut collide in mid-air*This be post number 30 baby!*tosses next week at next poster* - Wed Apr 01 10:00:04 CDT 2015

Yeah I dare ye too - Wed Apr 01 08:00:11 CDT 2015

Who? - Wed Apr 01 06:00:04 CDT 2015

pure ΩΩΩ: I would listen t' the sea dog, I be not doing anything short a ruling this world, ye included versu, I be afraid if ye re - Wed Apr 01 04:00:04 CDT 2015

if it be official, he'll make a sea. - Wed Apr 01 02:00:03 CDT 2015

Ok, I'll post the walkthrough t' mine. :/It be easy be in white so people who want t' try it don't read the answer before.Unix &gt - Wed Apr 01 00:00:04 CDT 2015

ye play KoL? Righteous. - Tue Mar 31 22:00:04 CDT 2015

Okay, at night we will poison mushroom the people who post the most in the H.E.R.O. sea (Spies, ye know who ye be!). After that, I wil - Tue Mar 31 20:00:04 CDT 2015

9:01*Phone rings*Kooper: AHOY?Goomb: Hey. Time for phase 2. Cya there. Kooper: Ok. The bomb will destroy Mr.I! Nothing can AVAST! it!Both: * - Tue Mar 31 18:00:03 CDT 2015

Nightshade: Heh. We both seek t' eliminate the Dark Prognosticus...a course, I seek t' go much further than that, but if ye wish, we can - Tue Mar 31 16:00:04 CDT 2015


Thgil: HmphDP: WHOA *both absorbed* - Tue Mar 31 10:00:04 CDT 2015

*teleports*Light Prognosticus: Well, I just have t' find a Reset Button. Unfortunately, they be almost exctint, so this be gonna take a wh - Tue Mar 31 08:00:04 CDT 2015

Yeah, I'd say the same thing vg just said. - Tue Mar 31 06:00:04 CDT 2015

6 booty for healing! - Tue Mar 31 02:00:03 CDT 2015

if anyone changes me paint I will sic me army on ye see? I have an army ye know. - Tue Mar 31 00:00:05 CDT 2015

*On the outskirts a Planet Y*X: This best be enough...I'll have t' delay me own plans, a course, but...Y: X. I thought I'd find ye he - Mon Mar 30 22:00:04 CDT 2015

So he be talking about Mario's then? Oh #%*@! There's trannies afoot in this board! - Mon Mar 30 20:00:04 CDT 2015

if yer new Welcome t'.................................INSANITY!!!if not, AHOY - Mon Mar 30 18:00:03 CDT 2015

Not sure if this counts, but... - Mon Mar 30 16:00:03 CDT 2015

ye're hilarious! >_>Dimentio... he had us all manipulated right from the start! - Mon Mar 30 10:00:04 CDT 2015

YARRRR, chatting with girls remotely be much safer. We can have a real-life meeting later when we be ready t' pillage married.(plz send pics) - Mon Mar 30 08:00:04 CDT 2015

So post all yer favorite games. Mine...Final Fantasy IX 'n SPM tied as me favorite. If Square doesn't mess up FFIV advance, it be probably - Mon Mar 30 06:00:04 CDT 2015

It seems like most "problem" topics be being solved. - Mon Mar 30 00:00:04 CDT 2015

We be not in love! I have a different love. - Sun Mar 29 20:00:04 CDT 2015

Going once... - Sun Mar 29 16:00:09 CDT 2015

It: Very well.* It fades out, 'n begins looking for "Reggie Fils-Aime" * - Sun Mar 29 14:00:04 CDT 2015

....Come on, he's just the one that gave me the most trouble. That does not make me an landlubber. -_- - Sun Mar 29 10:00:03 CDT 2015

Krush: I be A MEGADEMON! I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!*The balls close in on Thgil*Krush: ye'RE DEAD!*The balls start squeezing Thgil's life ou - Sun Mar 29 08:00:03 CDT 2015

let O'Chunks join, but not Dimentio, ye can trust Dimentio as far as ye can throw the sea dog. He'll just turn against us 'n try t' take over. J - Sun Mar 29 06:00:03 CDT 2015

Gear: Kesuke how much would I have t' pay t' pillage me hands on such a poster? - Sun Mar 29 04:00:03 CDT 2015

I know, I made it t' look stupid. - Sun Mar 29 02:00:05 CDT 2015

Carrie ye thought that the 100 posts thing be spamming too. I be just doing me job.*hits block* - Sun Mar 29 00:00:06 CDT 2015

So thats why I couldn't download it with me shop channel eyes. ye destroyed the only patch. Good thing ye forgot t' save!!!!! - Sat Mar 28 22:00:03 CDT 2015

Mario in space... DEFENDER a THE HUMAN RACE!*Makes cruddy rock song about it* - Sat Mar 28 20:00:04 CDT 2015

*Godmodder (Read Popple's rules)**warps back in**Slashes Seniel again a million times* - Sat Mar 28 18:00:03 CDT 2015

**Name: J*Picture: He usually takes the form a a Buzzy Beetle with a peridot shell. There be a distinctive emerald J on his shell.**Specie - Sat Mar 28 16:00:04 CDT 2015

*Doopliss transforms back*Doopliss: I be outta here.*Doopliss warps away* - Sat Mar 28 14:00:04 CDT 2015

Mitri:I have it. - Sat Mar 28 12:00:04 CDT 2015

ye know what she's really stupid like Mimi said 'n theres an explanation for junior being stupid he wass hit on the head by bowsers thing - Sat Mar 28 10:00:04 CDT 2015

**Name: Kira, aka Kii*Picture: me avatar**Species: Human (??)*Gender: Female*Place a Originality: Tryce's house (also called the Out a th - Sat Mar 28 08:00:05 CDT 2015

OCC: Just for the record, Tubba's security bots be called Sentinals. - Sat Mar 28 06:00:04 CDT 2015

Buh huh huh huh huh!!^.^ - Sat Mar 28 04:00:04 CDT 2015

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