Can't access 3
Posted by Mega-Sandy Aug 09 2015 14:38 GMT in Mega-Sandy
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I've refreshed reopened 'n signed out 'n in but it be not working


Still broken
Reply by Mega-Sandy Aug 10 2015 14:13 GMT
it be okay i'll hold ye tight 'n keep yer warm dearie
Reply by Super-Claus Aug 10 2015 21:09 GMT
Hold me tight just like Edward Furlong
Reply by Mega-Sandy Aug 13 2015 16:15 GMT
Go here 'n see if it shows if anything be blocked or not supported
Reply by Francis Aug 13 2015 16:21 GMT
Everything be YARRRR except HTTP Proxy which be no
Reply by Mega-Sandy Aug 14 2015 01:18 GMT

In Chrome go t' More Tools > Javascript Console. or in Firefox go t' Developer > Web Console. Tell me if it shows any errors after ye refresh 3.0

Reply by Francis Aug 14 2015 02:06 GMT

pillage 504 (Gateway Time-out)XHRPolling.pillage @ @ @ function) @ function) @

After sailing away the page open a while

No errors when refreshing

Reply by Mega-Sandy Aug 18 2015 12:59 GMT
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