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*shambles up to Lord Bowser*You want I should eat someone's brain master? I've been craving brains since I was knocked down to 0 HP. - Sat Aug 22 00:00:05 CDT 2015

Mitri:Wow i flew really fastJimbob:Um i dont get it where is the whoas?Mitri:Jim? How did you get hereJimbob:Um TIKI BARBER!Mitri:No jim th - Fri Aug 21 22:00:04 CDT 2015

Schweet - Fri Aug 21 20:00:04 CDT 2015

Versu: Do you have any control over what you see or when you see it? - Fri Aug 21 18:00:03 CDT 2015

? Block: Ah, Fleep. You've returned. Excellent. Anyway, we've caught an Amazee Dayzee. Now then, End Boss, put it in the Blockifier.End - Fri Aug 21 16:00:05 CDT 2015

I just said that - Fri Aug 21 14:00:03 CDT 2015

hahahahahahahaha - Fri Aug 21 12:00:04 CDT 2015

I think post = coin is the best way to go. But you could probably give coin boosts when people become mods, or something. - Fri Aug 21 10:00:05 CDT 2015

*Drybones #42 latches onto Vaati's head and starts trying to eat his brains.* - Fri Aug 21 08:00:10 CDT 2015

If they have anything to do with Digimon, then you can skip it. - Fri Aug 21 06:00:05 CDT 2015

*comes back* What? No of course Mario, I need uh...699 coins to buy a...thing...that definately isn't a keyboard...Heh, could yo - Fri Aug 21 04:00:05 CDT 2015

I take many things, but then again not all things. I mean no one wants that Luigi guy at home, I should know. I had that dudes foot all up - Fri Aug 21 02:00:06 CDT 2015

LR:which goomba type are you right? - Fri Aug 21 00:00:18 CDT 2015

*Uses Brobot to kick X-naut at poster 28*Heh heh heh.The Green Thunder - Thu Aug 20 22:00:04 CDT 2015

Two CowsYou have two cows. You try to use them to make a pathetic generalization about something. You've found my secret message. I plan to - Thu Aug 20 20:00:04 CDT 2015

(Um... you could just give her an account on hotmail, and then remake the account) - Thu Aug 20 18:00:04 CDT 2015

I am a bigger hero than Sonic - Thu Aug 20 16:00:05 CDT 2015

*Explodes* - Thu Aug 20 12:00:05 CDT 2015

This here is "Brat #16,127.50124/Mimi dressed up as Mario![img] - Thu Aug 20 10:00:04 CDT 2015

*sends the entire fortress and everything in it escept the dempa bros the dimension of PURE ITCHY! (really, you know the reference?)* - Thu Aug 20 08:00:07 CDT 2015

And it's Saturday night and we're watching the news - Thu Aug 20 02:00:06 CDT 2015

*That night...**A shadowy being appears under the moon. It gazes upward, then disappears* - Thu Aug 20 00:00:04 CDT 2015

*Random 5 year old kid comes and beats Grodus for no reason* - Wed Aug 19 22:00:04 CDT 2015

oh right, sorry, I forgot, they're all me, I couldn't get my email to work so I had to keep signing up again - Wed Aug 19 20:00:03 CDT 2015

Versu/Valera: No. Everything is fine.*Comes back to pure*Versu/Valera: Find anything yet? - Wed Aug 19 18:00:03 CDT 2015

Those dont' scare me...I dunno why cuz usually I'm suprised by sudden things. o.o - Wed Aug 19 16:00:03 CDT 2015

What happened to your Koopa Cannon 1.0? Oh here it is! I found it at a garage sale in the 25 cents section and took a picture... - Wed Aug 19 14:00:03 CDT 2015

Very interesting... I also have a butterfly specimen. It looks somewhat similar, though my specimen is a more purple color...what do you t - Wed Aug 19 12:00:03 CDT 2015

*Luigi gets up*Luigi: You made me lose a life! (Not drunk) - Wed Aug 19 10:00:04 CDT 2015

Mario Kart is a racing game, but not a sim. Racing sims imitate real-life cars and physics.I agree with your statement Francis, even though - Wed Aug 19 08:00:04 CDT 2015

Lily: *rolls around* Oww! Hot! D: Ouchies!! - Wed Aug 19 06:00:04 CDT 2015

Check this out... - Wed Aug 19 04:00:03 CDT 2015

Doopliss:are you going to kill me? - Wed Aug 19 02:00:04 CDT 2015

Ya, nintendo should make a "Mushrooms of War" featuring mario, luigi, peach, bowser, even toadstoll having guns with chainsaws! t - Wed Aug 19 00:00:04 CDT 2015

Please do a lense of truth on Pure ??? because I swear he is a spy =o;;THIS MAY sound stupid but I have a feeling. - Tue Aug 18 20:00:03 CDT 2015

I want spots 43000, 92, and 3. - Tue Aug 18 16:00:03 CDT 2015

Lol XD Miracle for you, atleast. See, if I get poisoned ill become a walking poison orange soft drink! Sucks for the person who doesnt know - Tue Aug 18 14:00:04 CDT 2015

Well, it's pretty simple. When you join, you get 10 Coins. For every post you make, you get another one. At the Black Market, you can excha - Tue Aug 18 12:00:04 CDT 2015

Wiimote+Gun=akward... My guess is you need this for Duck hunt Wii - Tue Aug 18 10:00:03 CDT 2015

seco10 acts too strange for my likings. - Tue Aug 18 08:00:04 CDT 2015

Yes, I always use Carrie. At least I can use him/her for Chapter 1-3 using Luigi, very nice combo. - Tue Aug 18 06:00:03 CDT 2015

Yeah, I can't draw humans as well... - Tue Aug 18 04:00:04 CDT 2015

How do you do that? - Tue Aug 18 00:00:04 CDT 2015

He's not he was kicked out of E.V.I.L. for treason: He told me about the attack on me. - Mon Aug 17 22:00:04 CDT 2015

*post erased*Last edited by Carrie on Sun Apr 22, 2007 2:51 pm; edited 1 time in total - Mon Aug 17 20:00:04 CDT 2015

*Uses bracelet to warp to Count Bleck's library* - Mon Aug 17 18:00:03 CDT 2015

does anyone else here also have a 4 day weekend? what will/would you do this weekend. I'm hoping to go see spider man. - Mon Aug 17 16:00:03 CDT 2015

*Mr I teleports to Shigeru Miyamoto's office*Shiggy: You again?Mr I: I'm afraid so. However, I don't plan on making you mindless. Instead, - Mon Aug 17 14:00:03 CDT 2015

has anyone ever heard of scions of fate? or trickster online? or 9 dragons? if anyone has never heard of those 3, then you probably aren't - Mon Aug 17 12:00:07 CDT 2015

I'm writing a vampire story, and I has a question for those who might know more about various vampire myths than I do. o_o;It's a very piec - Mon Aug 17 10:00:03 CDT 2015

im scared! - Mon Aug 17 06:00:04 CDT 2015

As in most games, 0 lives means you have 0 "extra" lives.So when you reach 0hp and 0lives, GAME OVER - Mon Aug 17 02:00:04 CDT 2015

Yoko: Hi guys!*Struck by one of Author Bleck's lightning bolts*Yoko: I'm supposed to feel pain, right?Author Bleck: ... - Mon Aug 17 00:00:07 CDT 2015

hehehe... yeah. Even i cant find a charold pic. - Sun Aug 16 18:00:03 CDT 2015

Ah, well it's your old friend, TDB. Nice to see you - Sun Aug 16 14:00:05 CDT 2015 *Ping* - Sun Aug 16 12:00:04 CDT 2015

Do you know what will happen if grammar takes over the forum communities? WE WOULD LEARN ON OUR OFF-TIME FROM SCHOOL! - Sun Aug 16 08:00:15 CDT 2015

You can't tell me what to do! You're green! - Sun Aug 16 06:00:08 CDT 2015

Piccolo: there seemed to be a large abundance of ? blocks, but I didn't have the time (nor the patience) to hit them all. THE ? Block may b - Sun Aug 16 04:00:04 CDT 2015

Why wouldn't we just use the official artwork instead of the the trace of them you did on paint? - Sun Aug 16 02:00:05 CDT 2015

Totally. I was blown away with the hi-technicaaaall 3D flipping and advanced bounce-recognition. I just need to finish collecting cards for - Sun Aug 16 00:00:03 CDT 2015

This life is dim and bleak... But Super Smash Bros makes it ALL better! Step aside Timpani.. - Sat Aug 15 22:00:05 CDT 2015

In Soviet Russia, Californa lives in YOU!!(No, I don't live in Russia) - Sat Aug 15 20:00:05 CDT 2015

What, no love for Bagel Bites? - Sat Aug 15 16:00:04 CDT 2015

*dark shadows suround the two*???:so does this have something to do with crimes or am I wrong - Sat Aug 15 14:00:06 CDT 2015

Plus, that'll make it fairer for people like me who don't actually go on the roleplaying board...Wait, how can I call myself a nerr?! I got - Sat Aug 15 12:00:27 CDT 2015

They are both fun, Warcraft maybe a little better, but you have to pay =\ - Sat Aug 15 08:00:17 CDT 2015

I am Frogfucius, a scholar and philosopher of many things. I recently acquired Internet access over here at the pond and figured I would vi - Sat Aug 15 02:00:05 CDT 2015

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