3rd Annual Tree Decorating Contest!
Posted by Francis Dec 10 2009 17:40 GMT in Digibutter News
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You didn't think I would forget one of our oldest traditions did you?  Unlike previous years, we don't have any ornament items to hang... but instead now you can decorate your tree how ever you want!

Go to "Edit Profile" and click the "Edit Your Tree" button.  It will take you to a photoshop-like tool where you can draw on your tree.  When you are done drawing, click File >Save to finish!

Voting will begin this weekend,  so you have time to get your tree looking good.

You can view someone's tree on their profile page.  Yep, we now have user profiles that show your tree, stats, posts, and games you own/want/play/beat.  Expect a lot more stuff to be added soon too.


My tree is kinda sucky, but meh. Is voting going to start soon? It's already Sunday evening here in the UK.

Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 13 2009 17:37 GMT

Get your vote on

Reply by Francis Dec 14 2009 04:29 GMT
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