i want to apply for a job on the site... but i dont know how!
Posted by Weegee Dec 22 2009 06:39 GMT in Hi-Technical Support
- Like?


we don't have jobs yet
Reply by Nastasia Dec 22 2009 06:48 GMT
When the hell did we get jobs.
Reply by Slim Dec 22 2009 16:24 GMT
Reply by Nastasia Dec 22 2009 18:02 GMT
Francis, we need to employ this man. There are simply not enough people working for this site.
Reply by Viddd Feb 10 2011 22:42 GMT

where the *crag* did francis say he was hiring

Reply by THAT BOBZ GUY Feb 10 2011 22:47 GMT

Apply for Tech Support. Hours are: Always. Pay is: $0/hour

Reply by Linkshot Feb 10 2011 23:09 GMT
francis I told you that you need to make the "Careers in Digibutter" link easier to find jesus
Reply by sims Feb 10 2011 23:55 GMT
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