New Years Eve Only: 50% off Battlefield 1943 [update]
Posted by Joystiq Dec 31 2009 01:15 GMT in Battlefield 1943
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Update: It's your lucky day, folks! Battlefield 1943 is actually on sale for 560 ($7), not 600 as EA originally tweeted. Concluding its streak of daily deals during the holiday season, the Xbox Live version of Battlefield 1943 will be on sale for 50% off, tomorrow. EA's official Battlefield 1943 Twitter account revealed that the New Years Eve sale (and final daily deal on the Marketplace) would slash the popular shooter's price to 600 ($7.50 USD), for one day only. While we're avid fans of the WWII-themed shooter, we're still irked that the game hasn't received proper (read: any) DLC support, save for the unlocked Coral Sea "air superiority" map. Perhaps a rush of new soldiers will push EA to begin development on new content, but we won't hold our breath while we wait in that foxhole.

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