You can now "lock" topics, which disables replies.
Posted by Francis Apr 03 2010 20:41 GMT in Digibutter News
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posting before francis locks this. also cool
Reply by Flar3 Apr 03 2010 20:45 GMT
lock block
Reply by Slim Apr 03 2010 21:06 GMT
Reply by Tails Doll Apr 03 2010 21:48 GMT
Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 03 2010 23:38 GMT
Considering the site's current layout, having the ability to lock topics seems like a "we have it just because type of thing"
In other words, I don't see it being very practical/commonly used, but having it isn't a bad thing either so meh
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 04 2010 00:52 GMT
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