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Posted by Francis Apr 17 2010 03:20 GMT in Digibutter News
- Like?

Three years, wow.  Looking at last year's annerversary and the first brings back good memories.  There is no denying that this community has changed, gotten older, and some have moved on.  I feel the focus of the site has become hazy... is it about Super Paper Mario?  Nintendo?  Video Games?  or none of the above?

I still believe overall that this new format, launched last September, is for the best, but I also listen to everything you say.  I have made many changes since that first launch, and will continue to do so.

I would love to rekindle those good memories I mentioned earlier, from ye digibutt of old.  I think by refocusing and in some ways reverting the site will help.  So here is the plan...

I will break the site up into multiple websites, each with their own focus.   One for video games in general, one for Nintendo nuts, and one for digibutter.nerr.  More sites will be added as the need arises, like Crump mentioned having comic or anime sites.  They will all be connected, by sharing data as needed, and you will have the same user account on each.  Digibutter will be freed to focus on community and having fun, and it's look can change too.  Hopefully we can bring back that special something that has made digibutter our crazy internet home for three years.

This change won't happen overnight.  Especially since I will have very little access to a computer and internet all this spring and summer.  But I will have plenty of time to think and plan about the future of the site, and I want to get it right.   What say you nerrs?


Francis, you're a crazy bastard.
Multiple websites will be risky depending on how it's done, but I have faith.
Reply by Shrowser Apr 17 2010 03:23 GMT
sounds cool
Reply by Nastasia Apr 17 2010 03:35 GMT

Only 3 years? You guys make it seem like you've been up longer.

Also, I've definitely claimed this as a home. Breaking up the site IS risky; will digibutter.nerr remain a "hub" of sorts?

Reply by Linkshot Apr 17 2010 05:03 GMT
Hmm. Splitting the site into multiple websites is an interesting concept, but it has to be done right or it'll just be awkward having to jump between each website like we used to move from board to board. Still, if anyone can do it Francis can.
Will each of the websites be a subdomain of, or will they have entirely new domain names?
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 17 2010 06:29 GMT

This is an excellent idea Francis. Splitting the site into different forms would indeed help rebalance things in a sort of way. Well, not so much "rebalance" get what I'm trying to say.

But yes as Linkshot said, Digibutter.nerr should remain the hub website.

Although I'm not sure how else it could really be done. =/

Reply by The Chaos Heart Apr 17 2010 10:09 GMT
Another positive thing I noticed about splitting the site is that if a modplot begins on the Digibutter site, those who don't want to take part can post on the other sites.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 17 2010 14:46 GMT
As a suggestion, may I request that you add the old site as one of the splits? For old timers and nostalgiafags such as ourselves.
Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 17 2010 15:17 GMT
Good idea is good
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 17 2010 15:32 GMT
At the very least, the old site could do with a bit of maintenance - the user posts view is broken, the google search makes it hard to find very old topics and the index portal got replaced by the new site.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 17 2010 15:34 GMT
I suggest dividing the domain, not entirely new sites.
Also, make posts portable from site to site.
Reply by FrozenWinters Apr 17 2010 16:02 GMT
Apologies for being such a lurker- but I've been here. Like Shrowser said, multiple sites will be risky- but I'm sure it'll be fine. I still love this place though! GOOMHUGS FOR EVERYONE!
Reply by Goomba Apr 18 2010 00:22 GMT

To be perfectly honest, I don't see how making different sittes will be any different than the old Digi's seperate forums, besides the sites simply being less conglomerate, which I think would hardly work.  I think it's fairly obvious not everyone here comes for the A, B, or C, and to seperate the site, in it's already weakened state (Usercount-wise), would only allow the seperate sites to fail.

If, say there are 30 users, and each only frequents 2 of the 3 aspects of digi, then once you seperate, each would be reduced to a count of 20.  Now, im not saying everyone will be like this, but some will, and we hardly need a more stretched out site.  Unless of course the sites are incredibly intertwined.  But in any case, I agreew with G. Prognosticus, this would be incredibly annoying if not done right, having to vounce from site-to-site.


And yet again, as I always have said, I hope the new site encourages lengthier posting.  (IMO, this format still seems too 'youtube comments page-y,' as in  each user is very ill-defined, being void of any set forum-structure to firmly seperate each individual post.



(And yes, I still frequent the site, but I lurk way more, now.)

Reply by White Shy Guy Apr 19 2010 16:51 GMT

I find myself in agreement with GM (holy damn). I'd probably post more if Digibutter Classic were one of the options.

(This is Parabuzzy Queen, by the by. I've been lurking a bit.)

Reply by scherzo Apr 25 2010 15:03 GMT

why are the lurkers appearing in this topic
you fags need to post more elsewhere >:T

PS old digibutt for nostalgiafags is a yes

Reply by THAT BOBZ GUY Apr 25 2010 15:12 GMT


Reply by MM Apr 26 2010 02:59 GMT

The old Digibutter up is a great idea. Certainly better than my idea of making two different formats. I'd certainly come here more often if that happened.
also holy shit I need to stop just lurking :/

Reply by Super Bob Apr 27 2010 22:06 GMT

The lurkers are here because we want old digi back >.> <.<

Having too many multiple sites could be kinda risky but it could certainly make this place a tad more organized. Kinda.

yeah bye.


also late lol

Reply by a hipster goblin May 12 2010 22:07 GMT
there's nothing *crag*ing wrong with the new layout stop being *crag*ing stubborn
Reply by Nastasia May 12 2010 22:43 GMT

Do you have forums?

Reply by Giaru May 29 2010 17:31 GMT
damn this topic is old
no, not anymore, our old forums were closed since we got this new site
Reply by Nastasia May 29 2010 17:32 GMT
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