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Posted by PlayStation Blog Mar 17 2014 14:00 GMT
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Home was a welcome surprise to horror game lovers when it launched on PC in 2012, and it delighted a whole new audience on mobile in 2013. Its simple controls and heavy reliance on rich sound and atmosphere, though, make it a great choice for a console system — so I’m happy to announce that Home is making the jump to PS4 and PS Vita this year!

Part of Home’s charm is that it’s entirely dependent on the player; it isn’t a march toward Ending A or Ending B — it’s the journey itself that is affected, as all your little choices subtly change how your character perceives the world around him. It’s a game that people love playing and then discussing afterward to compare notes and theories.

More importantly, it’s a game that’s meant to be played alone, in the darkest room (or alley, or barn, or deep, dank forest) you can find. On PS4, this means you can turn off the lights, crank that sound system and let the dread wash over you. If you’re extra brave, you can play the game on your Vita — somewhere scary, where no one will find you, and with a fat pair of headphones, of course.


Home received several updates after its original launch to add content and extra features, and everything that’s in the game is making the trek to Playstation. Will you find anything new in this version of Home? Folks who have played the game before know that you can never be sure what you’ll discover the next time you start it up; I’ll be back on the blog to discuss specifics as we tinker around a bit more.

Home is a game that depends on the players who play it. It doesn’t just talk to you; you’re part of the conversation. So the most exciting thing about seeing the game arrive on PS4 and PS Vita is going to be reading and hearing the myriad new stories, theories and comments that players will continue to contribute to the discussion surrounding the game.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to see Home in the hands of a whole new audience; I can’t wait for you to play it!

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mar 12 2014 12:00 GMT
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Oh, now this looks intriguing. A while back, Benjamin Rivers released Home, a side-scrolling horror experiment about building a character’s personality through moment-to-moment gameplay. Choices re-contextualized and even outright changed backstory elements, and the whole thing was just a really interesting way to tell a story. So then, what’s next for Rivers? Why, an equally experimental, er, dating sim, of course – but with fewer menus and more open exploration. Alone With You is about the lone survivor of a failed terraforming project and his/her AI companion. But there’s a sinister undercurrent creeping its skeletal fingers around the game’s mushy gushy heart. Trailer below.

… [visit site to read more]

Posted by Joystiq Mar 11 2014 02:30 GMT
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Time to chuck out the PlayStation 4 and drop the Xbox One like a titan - PlayStation Home is getting trophies! The PS3-only social app will soon be updated to support PlayStation's brand of achievements, PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen said on Twitter.

Trophies for the hamster-loving, secret identity-laden platform will arrive in the 1.86 update, set to launch worldwide on March 12. Details on the retroactive trophies will be revealed on launch day. Despite continued updates to Sony's social hub world in North America and Europe, Owen says there's no news of PlayStation Home moving to new platforms like PS4.

PlayStation Home is a free virtual 3D social gaming platform that first launched in 2008. It features mini-games, microtransactions and ad space. It's a little like the MMO Second Life, but with fewer flying phalluses. [Image: Sony Computer Entertainment]

Posted by PlayStation Blog Nov 20 2013 14:00 GMT
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When you log in to PlayStation Home, you’ll notice a new tool. We have been hard at work to bring you the News Viewer: the one-stop-shop for the latest goings on in PlayStation Home and the PlayStation Home Community.

Now you can browse the latest news, watch some trailers or see what’s new in the store. If you see something you like, you can even jump straight there.

The News Viewer will be regularly updated with all of the latest and greatest things to discover in PlayStation Home. It will also bring you updates on the latest releases in PlayStation Home and even some of the exciting content made by the PlayStation Home community.

In the coming months, we’ll be expanding it with more and more dynamic content and features. We want you to get the most out of your time, whether you’re into gaming, interior decoration, hunting for treasure or just kicking back and hanging with the rest of the PlayStation Home community.

You can access the News Viewer from anywhere in Home by selecting the ‘News’ link in the menu screen (press START to begin).

The News Viewer allows us to bring you Home news where you are – in PlayStation Home! So be sure to check it out each Wednesday for your weekly content update. As always, you can check the PlayStation Home Community Forums for regular content updates as well!

Posted by PlayStation Blog Nov 13 2013 14:13 GMT
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VEEMEE Acorn Meadows Park – Thanksgiving

It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family in VEEMEE’s Thanksgiving Acorn Meadows Park. VEEMEE have got a handful of brand new attractions for park visitors to try out! Brace for impact and join your friends on the Bumper Cars. Like the Bikes, there are 6 to choose from and you can get each of them as a locomotion item as well. The pedal boats have had a makeover and now look like Thanksgiving Turkeys. Share a slice of Pumpkin Pie or a Turkey Drumstick with friends at the Thanksgiving food stalls and Re-enact the historic voyage of the Mayflower with the new Remote Controlled Mayflower. But what would Thanksgiving be without the dinner? Join your friends and family at the Big Thanksgiving Dinner Table and enjoy a 3 course meal. The table is situated just north of the lake.

There are also a number of Thanksgiving themed items for sale at the Pumpkin Patch. Turn into a Turkey with a very special Thanksgiving Animal Avatar. Try on the Pilgrim Costumes for men and women. Have some fun with the comical Riding Turkey locomotion. The Refined Thanksgiving Dining Table will let you host a Thanksgiving dinner of your own. VEEMEE would also like to introduce Acorn Meadows Park Day Passes. These passes can be purchased with Acorns and grant the owner 24 hours access to an activity. You can also get a Multi Pass which gives you access to most of the activities in the Park. Finally, if you use the Relocator in The Hub and get a special reward.

Lockwood Abbey Hill Cottage

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a Home user in possession of a PSN card, must be in want of a cottage. Fear not, gentle Home users, for Lockwood has a charming estate ideally suited to your rural sensibilities. Abbey Hill cottage unites the blessings of existence within its humble stone walls. Standing in beautiful gardens, numerous rewards are available, allowing you to furnish your new residence in the manner of a perfect country idyll.

If you are to be Lord or Lady of all you survey, then appropriate attire is a must. Regency clothing and hairstyles will ensure you are invited to every ball, piano recital and grand banquet. Cut a dash in a tailcoat and top hat, or dance the night away in an empire line dress with a ribbon sash and matching frilled gloves.

If you’re more accustomed to outdoor pursuits, an English Setter is the ideal dog to follow faithfully at your heels, or perhaps a gambolling lamb to add a sense of spring-like joy to the lush countryside surroundings.

Move into Abbey Hill Cottage and experience the warmest gratitude towards the persons who, by bringing you into PlayStation Home, united you with this fine accommodation.

Madmunki Spunland Update

Madmunki release the 6th Set of Spunland Commerce items. Do the Spun with the Spunims Dance pack (or the Sonic, or the S-P-U-N poses!). Express your mood with the fully animated Rabbit Head portable, ride around in high Spun style on the Spunland Jayraf LMO. Deck out your apartment with a new set of Spunland Character Cubes, or puzzle yourself spun with Spunland Picture 4, the new slidy-picture puzzle wall hanging. You can even about Hop around Home wearing rabbit ears and tail with the Spunland Rabbit Hop LMO – add a pair of fetching Spuntacles for extra Spun style!

VEEMEE Element and Street Style Updates

JAM Games Painted Bare

Why wear clothes made of boring old material, when you can be your own work of art and wear paint? These hand-painted masterpieces let you show off in style and be a little different from the crowd!

Bedazzle all those around you… Show your artistic flair, be Painted Bare!

nDreams Military

Conquer & Command with these new items from nDreams. Be the best operative you can be with this range of military outfits and rifle LMO items. All items are available in three different camouflage options so wherever your area of operation you will be well prepared. Each LMO is available in different stances and all have built in emotes as well for extra value.

Lockwood Update

Two very different Lockwood collections see an update this week, with Figment looking to the past to expand its clothing and furniture ranges, and Whimsy Hollow launching new colours of Whimsies and tails inspired by the seasons.

Figment has created a modular kitchen that would look at home in any of the Dream Universe personal spaces. From the gas hob to the cupboards and shelving, every section is designed to be positioned in a variety of places, allowing you to fully customise the perfect kitchen for you.

The clothing has a similar aesthetic to the kitchen – clean modern lines drawing on classic styles. The dress provides a flawless day to evening look, easily made more formal with the addition of gloves. The suit offers the same versatility, switching from business to casual with the removal of the fedora and trench coat.

The Whimsies of Whimsy Hollow are such friendly little creatures, they always have room in their homes and their hearts for more Whimsies and Whimsy-tailed friends. Can you show the same generosity of spirit?

If you’re looking for something even more magical than a Whimsy, you can’t go far wrong with a wizard outfit, available in two colours. More luxury gifts added to the Gift Machine too!

Atom Republic VIP Companions

Show off your social standing with Atom Republic’s VIP companions: a butler or a bodyguard at your side is the ultimate status symbol! Your loyal companions will always be at your side, to make you look like a real VIP.

ToyLogic Flower Accessories


VIP x7 Update

Once again, x7 adds new content this week. VEEMEE brings Dinodaur Animal Avatars and a Billabong Update. JAM Games adds more to the Painted Bare line. nDreams releases their Luxury Bed with room for 6 as well as Dance and Martial Arts poses and gestures! Lockwood adds to their Drey collection, and brings in new hairstyles and Motorcycle Club gear.

Posted by PlayStation Blog Nov 06 2013 14:03 GMT
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nDreams The Complex 2

What better way to start a month than to be given something for FREE. Head to The Hub or Aurora over the next four weeks and receive the Panoramic View Area of the beautiful Complex 2. With four other areas of this beautiful Cliffside home to purchase (and rewards for those who get them all) there will be something for everyone.

SCEA Carnie Rides

Step right up! Now you can turn PlayStation Home into your own carnival! Collide with everything in sight with the Bump Racer, spin through scenes in a Tea Cup, cruise around on the merry-go-round style Unicorn, or scream your head off in the Shuttle Coaster. The good news is, you won’t even need to knock over a pyramid of glued-together milk bottles to get these awesome locomotion items. Swing by Boosters and pick up the Carnie Rides Ultimate Bundle today!

VEEMEE Animal Avatars Big Cats and Safari, Billabong Update, Run and Gun, and Snapbacks

nDreams Ninjutsu LMO


Lockwood Content Update

It’s a week of wealth and elegance at the Lockwood store and Gift Machine. In the store, Drey provides two very different ways to look elegant – atop a vintage bicycle, or styling out a supermodel pose. As you’d expect from Drey, the bicycles come in a variety of colours, making it easier to match them to your outfit. There’s even a multi-pack available in case you need to change your bike to match a change of jacket.

And where else would you cycle in your finest Drey outfit, but to a high-fashion runway? This latest pack of poses helps you widen your modelling repertoire to ensure you clinch that magazine cover deal.

The Gift Machine some opulent presents for generous gifters. Choose between the conspicuous riches of the coin-filled hot tub or the fun talking point of a bubbly tower, one is sure to suit your friends’ taste.

Granzella Autumn

This fall, fashion is layered. Granzella introduces the new Leather Jacket and Minidress Outfit Set and Layered Vest Outfit 3-piece Set. For the ladies bursting with color, the set features a Leather Jacket, Minidress and Gladiator Sandals. Available in purple, red and aqua. For the slim and trim man, the set features a Layered Vest, Skinny Jeans and Two-tone Leather Shoes. Available in red, brown and yellow. Also available are a Bob Hairstyle for women and a Short Hairstyle for men. More layers means more chances to impress. Enjoy the autumn weather and look good doing it!

Bigyama Morocco Clothing

Bigyama are back! We had a quiet spell while bringing Quell Memento to PlayStation Vita but we’ve returned to release more items for PlayStation Home. Our first release is the Morocco outfit; a female only sci-fi styled clothing set. It features a unique hair style, sleek torso and leg one-piece with optional jacket, gloves and funky boots. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

ToyLogic Garden Items


SCEA Navigator Update

The North America Home team have tidied up the Navigator a bit. Hop in and check it out. We appreciate all of the folks that gave quality feedback while we reorganized everything, and we hope that you love it as much as we do.

VIP x7 Update

x7 adds new and free content this week. Grab your free Rosalina Skirt, then check out the x7 offerings from VEEMEE. They have an update to Element and Street Style. Atom Republic launches VIP companions, and updates their Sneakers line. JAM Games adds “painted” outfits that must be seen, and Lockwood updates with more stuff than you can shake a stick at!

Posted by PlayStation Blog Oct 30 2013 13:14 GMT
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Digital Leisure Chip Sale

The Casino’s Chip Sale starts this week! For the first time since the opening of Paradise Springs, Digital Leisure is dropping the price on its 40,000 chip bundle. For a limited time you’ll get a plethora of chips, the VIP Hotel Suite, a VIP top hat, and access to the exclusive VIP area for 25% off! You don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!


Hellfire Home Tycoon New Heights Expansion

New from Hellfire Games: Home Tycoon’s biggest update ever has arrived! Visit the Home Tycoon Train Station today to jump into Home Tycoon: New Heights, loaded with gameplay improvements, new building animations, stat upgrades, fresh VIP Pack rewards, Train Station renovations, bug fixes, and much more.

Home Tycoon: New Heights also includes two expansion packs: “Flying High” and “Thrill Ride,” complete with new missions, helicopters you can fly, and a fully-interactive amusement park with a roller coaster, free-fall drop tower, and Ferris wheel!

Packed with new buildings & vehicles, revamped city terrain design, upgraded user interfaces, improved in-game bonuses for virtual items, and the game’s two biggest expansion packs to date, there’s never been a better time to play Home Tycoon! Visit your city for FREE to check out the New Heights update today.

Lockwood Party Dance Pack

Lockwood’s Party Dance Pack gives you all the moves you need to throw yourself around the dance floor with wanton abandon. Shimmy, shake, shoulder roll and then throw in some chest poppin’. Your friends will join in before you know it. It may be silly, but it sure is fun!

VEEMEE Element, Morphsuit and 3D Printer Updates

There are some great new Element clothes and skateboard locomotions available from the VEEMEE store this week. For women the Black Cambridge Hat and Black Lili Dress are the perfect combination whilst for men the Plan B Royal Ivy League Hoodie and Dark Char Crawford Shorts compliment the Plan B Royal Prep Cap and Black Tiger Camo Lockhart Shoes perfectly. Don’t forget to check out the latest skateboards, the Plan B OG Blue Deck with Frontside Shifty Ollie trick and the Plan B Team Medal Crest Deck with Fingerflip trick. These boards also grant access to the Acorn Meadows Skate Park.


Still in need of a spooky costume for Halloween? Look no further! This week VEEMEE release a brand new selection of Halloween themed Morphsuit™ for PlayStation®Home. Scare your friends to death with the Vampire and Zombie Morph, only to bring them back to life with the Evil Surgeon. Seven brand new Morphsuit™ items to get you claws on this Halloween along with matching MorphMasks. Check them out at the VEEMEE store and the Crypt in the Halloween Acorn Meadows Park.


ToyLogic Galoshes


nDreams Love and Rude Gestures

Show how you really feel about those around you in Home with the Love and Rude gesture packs. Including a variety of different gestures these packs could help you woo that person you have had your eye on, or help you or let them down if you don’t want the attention!


Granzella Halloween Outfits

The devil made me do it…Mischievous Imps are here!

New from Granzella, introducing the Halloween 2013 Mischievous Imps. With horns on their heads, pointed tails, and devilish wings, on Halloween night the Mischievous Imps make their appearance! For women, the set features a cute, frilly dress, boots, gloves, and horns. Available in black, pink and orange. For men, a tailcoat with a high collar, pants, long boots, gloves, and horns. Available in black, dark red, and navy blue. A mischievous hairstyle is also available to match.

This Halloween, become a Mischievous Imp and make some mischievous friends!

*Wearing these costumes will give you access to the Halloween 2013 Limited Time Flight Game at Glittering Sands Beach Lounge.

10562735064_afc82113fd_n.jpg 10562942523_3eb09e44ea.jpg

PSTalent Theater Halloween Home Film Festival

PSTalent is proud to present the 2013 Halloween Home Film Festival featuring seven of the scariest Home-filmed videos ever produced, now playing in the PSTalent Theater! This is the first of an annual film festival – so, visit the PSTalent Theater for inspiration, and start planning your 2014 Halloween submission now. If you would like reminders, updates and the latest news on next year’s submissions, subscribe to the 2014 Halloween Home Film Festival Newsletter today! From everyone here at PSTalent, we wish you have a safe and happy Halloween season.

VIP x7 Update

x7 adds new content this week. VEEMEE hits us with Animal Avatars (Big Cats and Safari), new Billabong gear, Run and Gun portable items, and new Snapbacks. nDreams also gives us a Ninjutsu Warrior LMO.

Posted by PlayStation Blog Oct 23 2013 13:00 GMT
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PlayStation Extra Life

We’re unlocking a selection of previously unreleased Home items in the spirit of the PlayStation – Extra Life partnership! You may have heard, but we’ve teamed up to help Extra Life raise money for Children’s Hospitals across the country, and we’re using this opportunity to encourage the PS Home Community to get involved as well.

Register for Extra Life, help raise money for Children’s Hospitals, and get digital PlayStation prizes as you go. Visit this page for more. You can also join Extra Life as part of the SCEA PlayStation Home Extra Life team and help us represent! Go here to register for Extra Life as part of the team.


Lockwood Halloween Update

Have a Halloween party to attend and nothing to wear? No worries, Lockwood offer you a range of delightfully spooky items for you to really get the ghoulish festivities going! If you are avoiding a certain someone at the party, with the Bat Swarm LMO you can go *POOF* and transform into a billion bats to get outta there! Perhaps you want something a little subtler?

Well, we also have some cat ears for the men, spookily awesome contacts for the ladies and you can all have a boogie with our fantastically devilish Demonic Dances. And if you are still feeling the Spooky wedding vibe, tie the knot aboard the Nightmare Yacht with the Black Bride Wedding Dress! That ought to set the mood!

Pottermore Update


JAM Games Halloween Bake

Read all about it! Read all about it! This week Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread are back to strike fear into your neighborhood! They have dusted off their Christmas frosting and have started a crumb-spree across PlayStation®Home in the Halloween Bake Collection!

Get ready for fun this Halloween in these outfits from JAM Games Ltd, they’re biscuits with bite! Fancy something not so sweet? They also bring you the gorgeously haunting Mr. and Mrs. Halloween outfits…. and a fun free gift too!

Lockwood Iron Fusion Vault

Lockwood’s latest gift bundle takes one of the most popular gifts and makes it even more desirable. The Iron Fusion Vault features a top secret location, filled with a collection of 5 Iron Fusion suits with 4 exclusive new colour schemes.

Each with their own individual mechanics, the Iron Fusion Vault holds the secrets to metering out justice where needed. Exclusive to the Gift Machine, better start buttering up your friends now if you want one.

Hellfire Halloween Sale

It’s Week 4 of Home Tycoon’s Anniversary Celebration! Save 35% on the Halloween Building Pack in Home Tycoon through October 31, just in time to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in style.

Also this week, check out Home Tycoon’s Facebook page for a sneak preview of Home Tycoon: New Heights, the huge new update coming soon! Winners from the Anniversary City Showcase contest will also be announced this week, so stay tuned to Home Tycoon on Facebook to see if you won!

VEEMEE Assorted Update

VEEMEE Snapback Update

This week VEEMEE release the second set of Snapback Bundles. The second set offers a choice of Black and Orange caps either straight out of the box or detailed with years of wear and tear. The bundles contain a number of hats that offer you a variety of ways and angles they can be worn. Grab your own only on PlayStation®Home.


VEEMEE Billabong Update

There are exciting new additions to the Billabong catalogue this week. The beautiful Cool Wip Beach Strollz Dress, as the name suggests, is perfect for a walk on the shore at sunset. The versatile Off Black On The Rocks Dress is just as good for evening wear as it is for more casual occasions. The Dark Marine Spinner Tank Top for men has a rich array of warm colours and contrasts well with the Military Camo Scheme Shorts and Camouflage Transit Snapback Cap.


VEEMEE Aquatic Animal Avatars

Take to the seas and explore the ocean depths with the new Aquatic Animal Avatars from VEEMEE. Become the fierce terror of the seas as a Great White Shark. Take a more leisurely journey as a majestic Manta Ray. Or hunt in packs as the fiercely intelligent Orca. These are available individually or as part of a great value bundle.


ToyLogic Hats and Boots


Atom Republic Halloween Update

“Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? Be sure to check out Atom Republic’s hilarious and gruesome creations, they’re sure to get you noticed: you will lose your head (literally) with the “Beheaded” outfit, the cunning “Gorilla Cage” will have you captive in a cage held by a gorilla, and with the “Head on a Plate” costume, a little gremlin standing on your shoulders will be holding your head on a plate!

Finally, with the “Zombie Walk” locomotion, you can drag your feet and lumber around, in true undead style. Complete with grunts, groans and clouds of flies, this spooky LMO will even let you talk like a zombie by holding the square button…”

Granzella Halloween 2013

Halloween arrives at the Glittering Sands Beach! Let’s fly around the fantastic night sky in your Halloween costume! There are wonderful Halloween gifts waiting for you, too. On this Halloween, please come and visit Granzella’s Glittering Sands Beach.

Granzella Halloween Witch and Wizard Costumes

Before you know it, you’ll be under their spell… Witch and Wizard costumes have arrived! New from Granzella, it’s the Halloween 2013 Seductive Witch 3-piece Set and the Seductive Wizard 4-piece Set. Tonight, nobody is safe from their charms.

For women, the set features a pointed hat, Witch’s suit, and high heels. For men, a pointed hat, Wizard’s jacket, pants, and shoes. Available in black, red, blue, purple, and white. Also available are Seductive Witch and Wizard hairstyles, sure to go with whichever color you chose.

So tonight, dress up like a witch or wizard and soar through the Halloween sky!

Codeglue Thunderstorm

Codeglue celebrates the upcoming Halloween with new hot Thunderstorm outfits designed by Home user Dani as well as the memory reduction of some of Codeglue’s Halloween classics, like the Creepy Painting, the Guillotine and the Skull Chair. Dani’s new outfits come in red and black and come with or without lightning effects! The Thunderstorm collection comes as separate items as well as a great-value bundles. Codeglue wishes all Home fans a fantastic Halloween!


nDreams Update

Become an Icon with these two pose packs from nDreams. Relive some Iconic dance poses with the Dance Pack and show off your martial arts skills with the Martial Arts Pose pack. Each pack includes three poses.

Home is a mix of people and nationalities and what better way to show off your homeland than with the Flag Head icons from nDreams.

After the success of the Luxury Hot Tubs nDreams has created a few more in different styles in order for them to fit into any and all apartments. With 6 people sitting in at once, colored lights and bubble switch this is the best Hot Tub in Home.


VIP x7 Update

Check out x7 this week and get your Halloween themed VEEMEE Morphsuit update, Element update, Lockwood Halloween LMO, and your nDreams Love/Rude Gestures.

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Lockwood Nightmare Yacht

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, Lockwood are preparing for a ghoulish get-together with a difference! Not one, but two spooky weddings set aboard the spine-tingling Nightmare Yacht. In the Lockwood store and Gift Machine you’ll find macabre moves, a skeletal steed, hair-raising hairstyles and ominous outfits.

Once you’re suitably prepared, board the Yacht for a one-way trip across stormy seas. Overlooked by sinister jagged rocks and a baleful sky, skeletal soulmates Vinny and Ginny can say their vows alongside zombie lovebirds Cezar and Catrina. You’ll have all the time in the world to scour the yacht for diabolical decorative reward items, because once you board the Nightmare Yacht, you can never leave.


Serenity Plaza Halloween

Something wicked this way comes… A special edition of the Serenity Plaza public space is being overtaken by werewolves and vampires for the Halloween season! Choose a side and start recruiting unsuspecting avatars to join either the werewolves or vampires, with free rewards for the community as each side reaches its ghoulish goals. Grab the Werewolf Statue and Vampire Bat Statue to take on your final form as an Alpha Werewolf or Master Vampire with enhanced powers to dominate the leaderboards, check out previews of new interactive and Halloween-themed Juggernaut items, or visit Festus’ Coin Shop to gift your friends a limited-time spooky pet!

Acorn Meadows Halloween

Hold on to your witch’s hat, as things are getting a little spooky down in Acorn Meadows Park. The park grounds have been decorated specially for Halloween, furnished with “The Wheel of Torture” Ferris wheel, candy cane and toffee apple concessions, Halloween items for sale from the Halloween Vendor and, finally, the Crypt, for all your scary costume needs.

A special remote control witch is available from the RC stand and a race around the park while avoiding the vampire’s gaze.

Lots going on with another one of our regular seasonal updates for Acorn Meadows Park, so grab your nearest white blanket or broom stick and join in the seasonal fun! (The daytime Acorn Meadows Park will still be available during the Halloween period and accessible from the Raven’s sign post.)

nDreams Gothic Masquerade Ball Apartment & Clubhouse

The community spoke and nDreams listened. The Gothic Masquerade Ball is released today and right in time for Halloween! The new interior decor gives off a very creepy feel and the built in music is sure to keep anyone on edge.


nDreams Nightmare Collection

Terrify your friends with these chilling new clothing and locomotions items from nDreams. The Werewolf and The Mummy are some really freaky characters! Combine them with some of the creepy walk locomotions and scare everyone around you!


nDreams Fitness Pole

Show off to all your friends with this fantastic locomotion. When you stand idle, a pole will shoot out of the ground and you will put on a show of your strength and agility.

Lockwood Updates

Lockwood Prehistoric Valley

When museum curator Anton Lindles received a crate containing a model mammoth for her latest exhibition, he got way more than he bargained for. Not only was the mammoth alive, the crate contained a dimensional portal to a lush Prehistoric Valley populated by cave people and dinosaurs! Get your crate from Lockwood and see what surprises await.

If the chance of a savage Sabre tooth or trampling T-Rex sounds too risky, you can always just opt for some Stone Age fashions, as it seems those cave folk really knew their way around a needle and thread.


VEEMEE Element

The 3rd installment of the exciting new Element clothes and skateboard locomotions launch this week. The Royal Harvard Hoodie goes perfectly with the Desoto Denims, Navy Lockhart Shoes and Navy Plan B Short Stop Cap for men. Finish off the skater look with the Plan B Team Capital B Deck with Backside 360 No Comply trick. The Monica Bralette and Talulah Denims are perfect for the active woman and the stylish Black Beaumont Dress is an instant classic.

VEEMEE 3D Printer Update

There are loads of great new Animal Avatar locomotions in the 3D Printer this week. With the new Aquatic Animal Avatars you can turn into a friendly Dolphin or pierce the waves as a majestic Marlin. If you prefer to eat fish rather than be one, try out the new Cat Animal Avatars with six breeds available. Halloween is fast on the way, so it’s the perfect time to change into a Black Cat and find yourself a witch.

Slim Jim

Thanks to our generous Slim Jim Donors, we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of men suffering from male spice loss. But there is still a lot more work needing to be done! Stage Two of the Slim Jim “Spice Rescue” mini-game is open today, providing you with another chance to give meat to those who need it the most. Beat the game to earn your own Manbulance locomotion item!

Granzella School Costume

Gym uniforms and colorful track suits have arrived!

Introducing the new Gym Uniform Set: Sweat Jacket, and Jogging Bottoms from Granzella. The Gym Uniform Set brings back memories of gym class and features a wide collar short-sleeve shirt, shorts, and school slippers. Available in navy blue, red and green.

Also up for grabs are the Sweat Jacket and Jogging Bottoms, sold separately. Available in blue, red, green and white. Better hurry. The bell just rang, and gym class is starting!

ToyLogic LMOs

A variety of garden-themed LMOs is now available. From the gracefully floating flower ride, cute insect wings, and the Lotus Leaf Umbrella that lets you glide through the air, these items will definitely make you stand out above the crowd!


Totino’s Snackterlife Wave 2

Zombies never sleep, so it’s no wonder that their parties tend to last indefinitely! That’s no excuse to serve bland snacks that suck the life from your taste buds, however. Stage Two of Totino’s “Snackterlife Challenge” mini-game is available today. The party has moved outside, but your goal remains the same — grab the Totino’s Bold Rolls before your fellow party zombies to earn your rightful place on the leaderboards…as well as a cool Halloween “zombie mask” for your avatar.


x7 VIP Update

This week x7 brings you Halloween gear from Lockwood and JAM Games. VEEMEE drops a nice selection of Billabong gear and Snap Backs, as well. Be sure to also check out VEEMEE’s Animal Avatars. nDreams gives us a Luxury Hot Tub, some Martial Arts Gestures, and a global selection of world flags!

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Game Mechanic’s SeaClyff Retreat
The SeaClyff Retreat and Clubhouse reflect their attention to detail and commitment to quality. All the doors are automatic. The stereo lets you control where the music is playing. There are 4 murals you can hang in the entryway; 3 of which are from Home users themselves. There is a 12 person hot tub and balconies for multi-level party possibilities. There are control panels on each floor that let you change the settings. There are 3 room that let you choose the wallpaper. The kitchen and bathrooms are fully furnished. Every room has a something extra. And how you get to the top floor is… well you have to give it a try.


nDreams Horror
Perfect for all of your personal spaces at this time of the year. BoxBeats: Horror comes with a variety of different spooky sounds to creep your visitors out!

Lockwood Nightmare Yacht, Cabaret Cuties and Drop Science
Board the Nightmare Yacht for a one-way trip across stormy seas. Overlooked by sinister jagged rocks and a baleful sky, skeletal soulmates Vinny and Ginny can say their vows alongside zombie lovebirds Cezar and Catrina. You’ll have all the time in the world to scour the yacht for diabolical decorative reward items, because once you board the Nightmare Yacht, you can never leave.


WAIT! STOP! Drop Science Time! (That didn’t work as well as we thought..) anyway, YES, that’s right we have just one more Boom-Boom-Shake-the-room bit of excitement to unleash on you! Huge price drop on the Drop Science Subway Pack!

Virtual Life is a cabaret, old chum, or so the saying (sort of) goes. Lockwood’s latest outfits recall a time when young women dreamed of high-kicking their way to fame in the chorus line, or belting out hits on Broadway. The ruffled dress and matching shoes are available in red, violet or blue, and there’s a suitably short and sassy hairstyle too.


Granzella Mononoke Race, Lancers and Autumn Costume
Can you escape from the Ushi-oni? Great Edo of Nippon’s Underground Mononoke Race is here! Deep beneath the streets of Great Edo lies a mysterious cavern. Those who carelessly enter, beware! The Ushi-oni appears! Will you make it back to the surface and live to see the light of day once more?!

Wielding a massive sword and shield, Granzella’s all new Lancer class is ready to overwhelm the opposition! Clad in plate armor, the Lancer holds steady, guarding against his enemy’s attacks until he finds a gap…and strikes! The Lancer’s strength is a perfect match for the Great Blue Centipede now marching through Edo. When the centipede opens his mouth to breath fire, attack the red core inside! The Armor 3-piece Set comes with plate armor, gauntlets, and solleret, the armored shoes of a knight. The women’s Armor Set includes bikini style plate armor, an interesting choice for battle, but with an irresistible allure.


This stylish outfit has arrived just in time for autumn. For women, this set features sunglasses, a jacket with scarf, a pencil skirt with or without stockings, and high heels. For men, the set includes sunglasses, a jacket with scarf, chino pants, and arabesque-pattern shoes. Also available are the Center Parted Long Hairstyle for women and the Swept-back Hairstyle for men.

VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park Update, Snapback Bundles, Morphsuits & Billabong

This week Gifting is introduced to Acorn Meadows Park. Gifting can be accessed from any of the food or drink concession stands. If you are the lucky recipient of a gifted snack, look out for the green food icon appearing over the concession stands. You can rent pedal boats as normal or you can now use Acorns to purchase a locomotion version of the boat which will grant you unlimited access in the same way as the bikes! Finally, a 3D Printer has been added to the path opposite the Picnic Stall.


Worn atop one’s head, these Snapback caps offer a number of angles at which they might sit. The bundles themselves contain eight different variations, each with its own position allowing you to wear them in whatever fashion you desire.

This week VEEMEE releases the third selection of MorphMasks. Another collection of colored and patterned masks for both men and women. With Halloween a little under a month away, masks such as Alien and Killer Clown would go great with any costume ideas you might have!


Check out the latest Billabong releases this week. Look cool in the Ice Boss Shorts and White Austin Shirt for men. Try on the exquisite Off Black Sweet Amor Mini Skirt and the Off Black Breakdown Hoodie for women.

Codeglue Fall Inspiration
Designed for fall, these new hot dresses are perfect for the Home user that loves to combine clothing from their wardrobe. The dresses are split into a top and skirt and can be combined with glasses, boots, a purse, bracelets and a ring.


Virtual Item Showcase

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Atomic Republic’s Personal Transporters

This week, Atom Republic releases not one, but two stylish locomotion objects: the Personal Transporter and the Monowheel, to let you explore Home at top speed! These modern vehicles come in 5 different finishes: chrome, gold, black, red and white.


Granzella Plaza Customer Center & Hero

Introducing the Granzella in Twilight Lounge for PlayStation Home.

This man-made island was abandoned at sea several decades ago…But on top of the ruins of old, Granzella’s Hub Lounge has emerged! Come on down to the Granzella Customer Center, where you can find the items you’ve been demanding. Take those items and use them all over the island at places like the U-Man Stage and the Home Run Derby. This island is jam packed with items and activities just for you!


Granzella gave birth to the Unidentified Squadron U-Man, now you can completely transform into a U-Man member with the costume and locomotion items that have arrived! The Unidentified Squadron U-Man costume is available in red, blue, pink, green, and yellow. If you have the 5 piece action set you can enjoy pretending to be in a hero squadron anywhere and at any time! In addition, at sunset in Granzella Plaza in Twilight’s stage transform into a hero show character and battle against the evil mysterious forces! Additionally, 5 types of the hero bike, the U-Cycle, are available. Sprinting, ninja, and spin and jump are among the 5 running styles included in the Running Style Quintet being released at the same time are also available.


Lockwood Romantic Gestures & Cheerleader Moves

Whether you’re in a relationship, looking for love, or just an aspiring actor, sometimes you need to show the world what a romantic soul you are. In the Gift Machine today, Lockwood provides a variety of poses and gestures to demonstrate the rivers of passion that flow within!


Gimme an L… Gimme an O… Gimme a C… Okay, that’s gonna take too long. Let’s just skip to the good bit: Lockwood’s peppy cheerleading anims and colourful pom poms will have you brimming over with team spirit.


Slim Jim

Billions of men are suffering from male spice loss. Help them by becoming a Slim Jim Donor! In the new “Spice Rescue” mini-game, you must run through a convenience store, avoiding obstacles while grabbing Slim Jim meat sticks, giving meat to those who need it most. Play the game to earn an exclusive “I Gave Meat Today” T-shirt for your avatar. If you can beat Stage One of the game, you’ll also unlock a “stick slapping” avatar animation. Don’t forget to return in two weeks to play Stage Two for a chance to earn another unique reward item. Look for the Manbulance and give the gift of meat by becoming a Slim Jim Donor today!

Madmunki’s Spunland R4

Madmunki release the 4th Set of Spunland Commerce items. King of the release is the Spun moustaches – these wearable portables animate in response to avatar mood – they come in 3 spun flavours: Curly (Happy & Confused), Droopy (Happy & Sad) and Comb (Happy & Angry) Then there’s the Spun hats, each is sold as a bundle of two, with normal and oversized versions. Two more Spunland LMO’s bring musical versions of the Spun Hopper & Flusho – play Spun sounds on a button press as you bounce around in Spun style. Finally we have 2 more spun suits, with subtle spun variations for boys and girls!


nDreams’ Pride

Pride Festivals around the world are a mesmerizing sight and do so much to promote equality for the LGBT community. Flamboyant costumes and a welcoming atmosphere are a staple of the Festivals and parades. For the first time in Home we are bringing the Pride Collection of clothing and an LMO and it’s available for everyone.



We’ve all been at a party with nothing to eat but bland snacks that suck the life from your taste buds. In the “Snackterlife Challenge” game, courtesy of Totino’s, you can revive your snack life and bring your taste buds back from the dead. Grab the Totino’s Bold Rolls before your fellow party zombies and earn a themed outfit for your avatar. Don’t forget to come back to the game two weeks from now, when the party heads outside, to earn an exclusive Halloween zombie mask for your avatar to wear.


VEEMEE’s Element Batch 2 & Hot Rods

Check out the latest additions to the skateboard lifestyle brand Element this week with new clothing and skateboard locomotions. The Crimson Chopped Fleece for men combines comfort and style. Look beautiful in the Natural Hyde Sweater and Black Adorn Tank combo for women. The new Plan B Team Bomb Deck lets you perform a Nollie Pop Shuvit trick and the Plan B Team United Red Deck does a Boneless Hardflip. All of these are available individually or as a great value bundle.


VEEMEE are cranked with the new Hot Rods released this week for PlayStation®Home. There are five new gassers that are sure to win you any drag! Fancy your speed? Choose the Top Fuel dragster, or perhaps something a bit more retro like the 50s Classic or Old Timer? Head down to the VEEMEE store and check out these new locomotion items.


YECK Says Goodbye

Due to YECK internal restructuring, YECK Entertainment will be discontinued. We regret to announce that all commerce items from commerce points will be removed per the following schedule:

  • October 9: All commerce items will be taken out of the shops. Those who have already purchased the items will not be affected.
  • October 30: Yeck Land will be closed after maintenance on this day. Please use all YECK Tickets available before Yeck Land closes.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. YECK products have been published on PlayStation Home since 2012, we appreciate your kind attention and support. Although YECK will not be continued, our developer team will make every effort to develop interesting games in the future.
We apologize for the inconvenience again.

Best wishes,
YECK Entertainment Developer Team

Virtual Item Showcase

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nDreams’ Joe’s Boxing Gym and Cassie’s Dance Studio

This week nDreams is offering a couple of apartments at an affordable price! Joe’s Gym and Cassie’s Dance Studio are available individually and also as a bundle and are perfect for putting the new animation packs through their paces. Whether you are sweating it out, training for the next big fight or practicing those pirouettes for the next show these apartments are for you.


nDreams’ Laser Turret LMOs

Defend the skies of Home with the Laser Turret Pop Up Locomotion. As you run through Home all will seem calm and still but when you stop, be prepared to fire as the turret pops out of the ground and fires some warning shots at any would be invaders.

Blizzard Diablo III Monk and Demon Hunter Items

Show your Diablo III pride with even more authentic character costumes: Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter!


JAM Games Family Business

With our latest collection you will show everyone that you mean business, The Family Business! Ladies can be super sassy and sexy while the gents can be dapper and dashing! Who will you choose to be ladies? Miss Demeanor or Miss Guided? And gents will you be a Dapper Don or a Pinstriped Papa? Complete the look with a jeweled cane or the family violin case; we also have a couple of furniture items for you too!

Lockwood Salopette Dungarees

Slowly but surely, Lockwood have been revisiting all their most popular classics and giving them a fresh new look. And Lockwood wouldn’t be Lockwood without Sodium, so it’s only fair that Sodium’s hugely popular salopette dungarees are the latest wardrobe staple to get a revamp.

Choose from zesty yellow, dramatic red, eye-popping blue or cool white. Pick up a brand new color (or four) today!


Lockwood Victoriana Gothic Furniture

Whether it’s gangsta rap squids, or fashion pirate bears, Delirious Squid likes to do things a little differently. They could have made the ‘Magick’ store variations of their popular Gift Machine Gothic Furniture range purple, or deep red. There is some purple in there, it’s true, but as an entire colour scheme? That would be too obvious for Delirious Squid. Instead, they’ve trailed their tentacles over the entire set, making key pieces white and silver, without losing any of the Victoriana Gothic appeal. That’s magick!


X7 VIP Update

Head by x7 this week and be sure to pick up the newest VIP items. Lockwood adds to the Drop Science line, VEEMEE reveals the Giant Insects line, the Hot Rods line, the hatchlings line, and the Swarms line of dragonflies, bees and butterflies. VEEMEE also updates their Elements and Morphsuits lines. Atom Republic adds Personal Transporters, and Game Mechanics delivers the SeaClyff Retreat. nDreams drops a batch of Pride items as well. There’s lots in x7 to check out, so hustle over there now!

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Home_Blog_Boilerplate_Mural_2-440x270.jpg Inspect Feature

This week sees the launch of a new Inspect system in Home, allowing players to see what items other players are wearing and where they got them. So, if you spot someone wearing a great outfit or using an awesome portable item you can quickly and easily find out more about them.

To use the feature simply walk up to the player you wish to inspect, select them and choose the Inspect option from the menu. This will bring up a screen showing your avatar and a list of all the items the other player is currently wearing or using. You can see details on the item, whether it is a reward or purchasable and where it can be acquired. If it is an item of clothing then you can also preview how it would look on your avatar and, if it is purchasable, you will be able to directly purchase the item from the Inspect screen.

Free Gift For All!

Everyone who enters PlayStation Home today will receive a free Totino’s T-shirt for your avatar. Have your taste buds died from eating so many bland snacks? Bring them back to life with Totino’s new Bold rolls! Then keep your eyes peeled for more fun from Totino’s.

Lockwood Drop Science Batch 2

Batch 2 of Lockwood’s Drop Science line of outfits has arrived! This week check out the Fo Shizzlin’ cap pack.

Drop Science brings together the hottest hip hop trends and some old skool ghetto fabulous in this latest clothing range available now in the store and Gift Machine. Sleek urban threads decked out with hard edged rings and gold plated bracelets. Drop Science’s signature piece is the cap and every cap comes twisted every which way, so you can switch up your look without losing your identity.

Break out some Drop Science poses for suitably relaxed stances to go with your tricked out ‘fit. Throw in some flava or just chill; it’s all good.

And once you’ve got the look, you need a place to show it off with likeminded souls. Bring it all together in the Drop Science Subway; the perfect urban hang out. There are even some sweet rewards on offer.

Lockwood Relaxed Poses

It’s easy to get caught up in rushing from place to place in PlayStation Home, hurrying to try out everything on offer. Swimming, running, playing games – everything is available somewhere. But sometimes it’s nice to just lie back and take stock of your surroundings, or quietly chat to friends.

With this latest animation pack, Lockwood provides every pose you could need for a relaxing time, from lying around to sitting about. Head to the store, and then head home – the store owner might be a little perturbed if you kick back right there!

Lockwood Mechsuit Pilots

IFG Interplanetary News
Astra Corps Mission Control reported the loss of a further Solar Fusilier Unit this morning. The incident occurred in Sector Sigma Eta 35, a sector previously deemed safe by an elite Abyss Trooper unit. Little information is currently available, but foul play is suspected and Wraith involvement has not yet been ruled out.

In response to the incident, Astra Corps has dispatched a squad of specialized Mechsuit Pilots to investigate further. These highly trained pilots are outfitted in the latest flight suits created by Iron Fusion Laboratories. The suits incorporate materials recovered from captured Wraith units obtained by the Panthabot Taskforce. It is hoped that this technological advancement will help turn the tide in the on-going struggle against the Wraith forces.

Lockwood Gift Machine Release Update

This week it’s a mixed bag from Lockwood, with an assortment of oddities and attractions added to the Gift Machine and store. Giftable goodies include alien eyes in a variety of colors and a couple of pairs of thigh-high leather stilettos. There are also some stiletto boots in the store for those who want to treat themselves as well as their pals.

Motorbikes roar into the store once more, but this time around they’re seats. Put them in your lounge for a real talking point that won’t drip oil all over your carpets. They’re in all your favorite biking colors to match the originals, so you can have one in your apartment and one outside it. There are giftable versions too for those with motoring mad friends!

Clearasil Update

All you “school dashers” get ready! Our “Ultra Fast Back to School Dash” game in PlayStation Home will be updated today with a new nighttime environment. It seems that the school dance didn’t turn out so well, thanks to the appearance of zombies! Skate your way to safety through the darkened hallways, avoiding obstacles and collecting products for a speed boost. As before, high scores will be posted to a leaderboard, and you’ll be graded on your performance. This time, an “A” will earn you a pair of rocket skates for your Home avatar. And for the high achievers (a.k.a. teachers’ pets)? If you earn an “A+” on both levels, a special golden version of the rocket skates will be yours!

Granzella Chinese Costumes

Chinese style suits and miniskirts have arrived!

Granzella introduces the new Mandarin Suit Set, Mini Mandarin Dress Set, and Facial Hair 6-piece Set. Show off your legs with the Mini Mandarin Dress, drape yourself in gold with the Mandarin Suit, and choose the perfect style of facial hair to top it all off with the Facial Hair 6-piece Set! The women’s Mini Mandarin Dress Set features a rose patterned dress, lace gloves, high heel sandals, and a Chignon hairstyle with two high buns. Available in black, blue, and red. The men’s Mandarin Suit Set features a gold embroidered suit jacket, suit pants, gloves, shoes, and a ponytail hairstyle. Available in black, indigo, and crimson.


Also available for men is the Facial Hair 6-piece Set, featuring handlebar and drooping mustaches and a goatee. A near and a far piece are available in each style to help you find one that best suits your face!

Clothe yourself in splendor with these vivid, new items!

Blizzard’s Diablo III Wizard Outfit


Juggernaut Supernatural Detective Adventure Pack

Halloween is coming… Get ready to track down the things that go bump in the night with Juggernaut Games’ Supernatural Detective Adventure Pack! With a variety of LMOs, EMTs, clothing and active furniture items, you’ll be completely kitted out for whatever Big Bad is on the loose. Don’t be the hunted – be the hunter!

nDreams’ Animation Packs

Brand new animations from nDreams are hitting Home on the 18th September. As well as some new motion captured dances there are also some new types of animation added to the mix. There are the new sitting and standing poses for you to use when hanging around chatting. The Bo Staff Kata is perfect for those who love to show off their skills in Home.

VEEMEE Centaurs

Galloping straight from the depths of Greek Mythology and right onto your console! VEEMEE are pleased to bring you Centaur locomotions for PlayStation®Home. There are a variety of colours and patterns to choose from; zebra, Quagga, Cream, Brown, Black. What better way to unleash your wild side than with these Centaur locomotion items. Remember, two legs good four legs better.


VEEMEE 3D Printer Update

Great new additions await you this week in VEEMEE’s 3D Printer. Spread your many little wings with the Hummingbird and Hornet swarm locomotions. Keep track of time with the wall mounted Cuckoo clocks that displays the real time and chimes on the hour! Or write yourself into legends as the Demonic Unicorn and Evil Dragon. These items are exclusive only to the 3D Printer so head over to yours and check what new content it has in store for you this week!

LOOT Forsaken Planet UFOs

Get ready to whirl, buzz, and fly around Home with your avatar in your very own Forsaken Planet UFO! Coming today from your friends at LOOT™ are four new locomotions where you carry around camels, cows, raccoons, and zombies in your tractor beam all while sitting in the driver’s seat. Now available in the LOOT Store, pick them up individually or in a bundle – with an exclusive turret costume – today!


X7 VIP Update

This week in x7: nDreams’ Laser Turrets, Joe’s Boxing Gym and Cassie’s Studio, Lockwood’s September Mechsuits, Dungarees and Gothic Furniture, Drop Science Update 3, VEEMEE’s Morphsuits, Billabong, Mythical Creatures and 3D Printer Updates.

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Home Updates to Version 1.82

This is a small maintenance release to provide support for future features and to address some rare crash issues reported by users

Diablo III Barbarian and Witch Doctor Items

Show your Diablo III pride with these authentic character costumes: Barbarian or Witch Doctor! Check back soon for even more costumes straight from Diablo III!


VEEMEE Acorn Park Update

We’ve been busy with our virtual nail guns in Acorn Meadow Park this week. Take a walk over to the far side of the lake and you’ll find the all new Acorns Meadows Skate Park; a plywood and concrete playground temple to the gods of the adrenaline rush. Access to the skate park is granted by purchasing any one of six skateboard locomotion items, each board sporting a unique graphic and trick move.

nDreams Aurora Update

The mysterious floating archipelago Aurora is ready for its next transformation and with it are two brand new rewards to be one. The level cap will be raised from 120 to 130 with two brand new rewards to be collected! As well as that there is a revamped community area with the OrbRunner scoreboards there for all to see! You will also notice a new island that houses the Gateway, the best way to keep up to date with amazing new nDreams products.


VEEMEE Element Line

VEEMEE are proud to announce the launch of the skateboard lifestyle brand Element in PlayStation ®Home. Over the next few months VEEMEE and Element will be releasing a wide selection of clothing from their Fall 2013 collection across the Plan B, Eden and Menswear ranges. But it’s not just clothing. We will also be releasing a range of official Element Skateboard locomotion items each with their own trick performed on the push of a button; the boards available on launch day are the Team Official Blue Deck with Double Kickflip and the Team Massive Yellow Deck with Impossible. As an added extra these boards will also grant you access to the all new Acorn Meadows Skate Park.

VEEMEE Cyborg LMOs, Billabong Update, Footwear Update and Morphsuits Update

PlayStation Home Hold ‘em

Check out the updated PlayStation Home Hold ‘em game in either Sportswalk or the PlayStation Home Hold ‘em space. The update includes fixes to the game as well as some new added mechanics and rewards. Just be careful when you go all in!

  • Six brand new VI Rewards. (see Rewards menu in game)
  • You can now purchase Flair and Card Protectors for yourself or the whole table. Access this menu with L1.
  • New camera mode which lets you look around freely. Toggle through these modes with R3.
  • Fixed exploit.
  • Leaderboards and chip counts have been reset.

nDreams BoxBeats Update

There are two new BoxBeats music systems being released this week and they are perfect for those who love to relax. One has a collection of beautiful classical music tracks while the other includes relaxing sounds taken from the world around us.


Granzella Wolf-style and Cat-style Sets

Sexy cat costumes and wild wolf outfits have arrived! Introducing Granzella’s new Cat-style Set and Wolf-style Set. Cat costumes, with a racy garter belt and emphasizing top, and wolf costumes, with a fierce, primal design, are here! The women’s Cat-style Set includes a tube top, frilly mini skirt, hand warmers, high heels, and cat ears. Available in black, white, red, and leopard print. The men’s Wolf-style Set comes with a top, bottom, hand warmers, boots and wolf ears. Available in black, white, red, blue, and brown. With the seductive charm of the Cat-style Set or the devil-may-care attitude of the Wolf-style Set, all eyes will be on you, wherever you go!

Lockwood Drop Science

Prepare for Lockwood to drop some science. Drop Science brings the hottest hip hop trends together with some old skool ghetto fabulous in this latest clothing range. Sleek urban threads decked out with hard edged rings and gold plated bracelets. Break out some Drop Science poses for some suitably relaxed stances to go with your chilled out ‘fit. And bring it all together in the Drop Science Subway; a perfect urban hang out with some sweet rewards on offer.

Lockwood Bodycon Dresses

Last season’s range of Bodycon dresses were so popular, Lockwood have bought out a whole new selection, this time with even more styles to choose from. The Gaia partners an asymmetric neckline with a single sleeve for a unique modern look. The Selene incorporates accent colors to make the most of the open neckline. The Hera is a classic slash neck, long-sleeved, off the shoulder number, while The Aphrodite is a daringly strappy halter neck. Finally, The Athena has a distinctive outline created by a horizontal strap detail. Whatever your style, you’re sure to find something to help embrace your inner goddess, so you’d better arrange some fashion swaps with your gifting friends.


Lockwood Gift Machine Releases: Dolly’s Diner Revisited, Fool Throttle Fortune Teller, and Burlesque

An early Cucumber release back in June 2011, the Dolly’s Diner furniture was an unexpected smash hit for Lockwood. Today, Dolly’s receives a sleek blue makeover and emerges in the Gift Machine. Each piece utilizes the matching color scheme, and the seating combines leather and chrome for that realistic retro vibe.

If you have a free spirited friend with a penchant for hedge magic, Fool Throttle’s latest gift range is tailor made. Help her look the part – there’s an enigmatic hood and beautiful ribbons for ankles and wrists. Or if your would-be mystic is male, send him some hypnotic dances – those moves are sure to draw a crowd. And no fortune teller can ply their trade without a crystal ball to peer into. This unique gift comes with tarot cards too, so they’ve got two chances to foretell your future correctly!

If you and your friends love to be the center of attention, then Lockwood’s latest range of Burlesque goodies are sure to appeal. Silk fashion corsets in a range of colors, plus delicate lace chokers are available in the store and the Gift Machine. Value packs are available in store so you don’t have to choose between baby pink or leopard skin – you can rock whichever corset suits your mood. There’s also some show stopping dance moves which are a Gift Machine Exclusive. And guys needn’t stay by the sidelines – the dance moves are available to them too.

Lockwood Gold Clothing Giveaway

Thanks to literally tens of thousands of dedicated PlayStation Home fans, Lockwood’s Facebook page has broken the 20,000 Likes barrier! As a token of their appreciation, Lockwood have created some exclusive golden clothing items you can claim FOR FREE via their Facebook page. Enjoy!


Codeglue and Dani’s Magic Sparkle Dresses

Add a touch of magic with this new collection of dresses by Codeglue and Home user Dani! These sparkling dresses come in a short and a long version and will be available in 6 colors. You can complement the outfits with elegant high heel shoes and/or stylish bracelets. This collection comes as separate items as well as a selection of great-value bundles. Designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!



Are you ready to take your PlayStation Home music listening experience to the next level? Now you can with LOOT’s Premium RadioIO Rental Pass! Enjoy commercial-free streams with higher audio quality and get 21 additional channels. Choose between two day, thirty day, or 365 day subscriptions – each with their own special set of unlockable rewards – and become the most popular host or hostess in all of Home!


LOOT Diamond, Gold, and Platinum EOD TVs

Ever felt that your LOOT EOD TV could benefit from having a bit more… bling? Well, today is your lucky day! Now in the LOOT Store is the popular EOD TV in multiple sizes, as well as matching wall mounts in stands, in Diamond, Gold, and Platinum. Available individually or in bundles, these are a must-have as they’ll be sure to take any space from drab to fab in seconds!


Digital Leisure: The Casino Poker Tournament

There are only a few days left to register for the Paradise Springs Poker Tournament this weekend! To register, all you have to do is head to the Poker Room in The Casino and purchase a bracelet at the registration desk. Once you’ve got your bracelet be sure to come back on September 14th when the tournament starts. You can read up on how the tournament works, and when it starts in your region, by checking out the tournament rules right next to registration desk. You don’t want to miss your chance to rake in up to 250,000 in casino chips and to claim all the glory!

X7 VIP Update

Head to x7 for your weekly VIP fix. This week check out the Desire Dress (free!), Lockwwod’s September Poses, Stilettos and Motorbike Seats, nDreams’ latest Animation Pack, VEEMEE’s Centaur Batch and PSTalent’s NOOB AWAY!


Magnus Missing?

There’s no Virtual Item Showcase this week, but don’t fret. Magnus is taking a long needed break from his unique style of marketing. He’ll be back next week with more VIS love!

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Diamond Beach Mansion – Infinity Pool

Take the party to the exterior of the Diamond Beach Mansion to your very own seaside infinity pool, only in PlayStation Home! The Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool comes with all the necessities for the pool party of the century. Included is: your own poolside cabana, an outdoor entertainment center, majestic waterfall, diving platform and much more. Pool parties have never had such flair. Purchasing other portions of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to a discounted price on the Infinity Pool and purchasing in the first ten days of release entitles you to an exclusive item bundle!

Ultra Fast Back to School Dash

Summer may be over, and school is back in session, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun! Check out the new “Ultra Fast Back to School Dash” racing game in PlayStation Home courtesy of Clearasil. Classes have been dismissed for the day, and you’re aiming to be the first one out of school. Maneuver down the hallway on your skateboard, avoiding obstacles while picking up products for a boost of speed. High scores will be posted to a leaderboard, and you’ll be graded on your performance: earn an “A” and you’ll win a set of roller skates for your Home avatar. Be sure to check back in two weeks for a second challenge in a different environment…and a chance to win virtual rocket skates for your avatar.


David Guetta World

Get the party started with Music Unlimited in PlayStation Home as we bring you the most in-demand producer in the world – the unstoppable, chart-topping DJ, David Guetta.

In association with VidZone, we’re offering funky rewards, unique emotes and exclusive Guetta footage, making our virtual rave in the infamous Pacha venue the place to be in PlayStation Home. You can even be the club DJ and mix famous Guetta hits with our interactive decks. The party is going on now, don’t miss out!

Blizzard’s Diablo III Shirts

Celebrate the arrival of Blizzard’s Diablo III to the console world by choosing from three striking t-shirts. Check out the Standard Diablo III shirt, The Eye of Diablo shirt, and the Diablo III Whimsyshire shirt. I mean really, who doesn’t love Whimsyshire!?

Granzella’s Bon Festival Dance 2013

Beginning September 4th until September 25th, the Bon Festival 2013 will be held in the Great Edo Lounge.With such things like fireworks shooting up into the night sky, the Bon dance, and shooting gallery, the lounge is sure to be filled with an atmosphere of fun! In addition, at this year’s Bon Festival dance, the grounds will be livened up by Granzella’s dance song! Also, the Bon Festival Dance locomotion item is available for free for a limited time at the store. With this, you’ll be able to participate in the Bon dance circle around the base of the tower.


nDreams’ The Nightclub

This week sees the release of a range of items from nDreams that will allow you to be in charge of the best place to hang out in Home, The NightClub. This is the perfect venue for a fantastic night out. Dance to pumping music tracks on the dance floor, sip on drinks in the lounge area, or activate the foam cannon for an extra crazy night.

Coming Out Of x7 This Week

These great items are no longer exclusive to the x7 VIP store: nDreams’ Retro Animations, MegaStar Podium and Masquerade Ball Club House, Lockwood’s Rollerskates LMOs, Juggernaut’s Culinary Adventure Pack, HD Guns, LOOT RadioIO, VEEMEE’s Catered Dining, Undead Animals and Morphsuit updates.

VEEMEE 3D Printer Udpate


Lockwood’s Big Eyed Owl Hats

Be sure to head to your Lockwood Gift Machine and look for August’s Big Eyed Owl Hats!

Game Mechanics’ Ultimate Racing Bundle

Another deal from Game Mechanics this week. Twenty four items in one bundle. This includes the stock cars, the Start/Finish Gate, the big Tire Wall Clock and the Race Car Desk. In addition they have updated three of their items – the Steering wheel Clock went from 3 slots to 2, the Tire Wall Clock went from 3 slots to 1, and the Start/Finish gate now keeps time accurate to the 1/100th of a second. The updates are free to anyone who already owns the items. It seems Game Mechanics has included more low slot, high cool factor magic in this week release.

O-TWO Peakvox Kirin Kabuto

O-TWO are back with new Peakvox items. Swing by and pick up the Kirin Kabuto head item, for men and women.

X7 VIP Update

Those with access to x7’s VIP store can pick up nDreams’ newest Box Beats, Lockwood’s massive Drop Science line, VEEMEE’s Cyborg LMO set, or choose from their Billabong, Footwear and Morphsuit updates. Lockwood also offers VIP members early access to September Dresses.

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PlayStation Home won't receive new content in Japan starting next month, while other regions in Asia will stop seeing Home updates starting March 2014. But don't fret just yet, Home users in North America and Europe: According to Sony Computer Entertainment's announcement, the PS3 avatarium will continue to be updated weekly in your regions.

While maybe not the focal point it once seemed it might be, Home has been going strong for nearly five years, featuring content updates that have included new areas, games, gear, and other goodies. It's even been a hub to watch Sony events from, like the PS4 reveal.

Whether or not today's news signals the beginning of the end for Home remains to be seen. Back in 2011, Sony said PlayStation Home had been visited by 23 million users worldwide, a fair deal of those happy to stump up cash in the virtual world.

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BBC/LOOT Dr. Who Update

Want to find out what die-hard Doctor Who fans think of the Doctor Who experience in PlayStation Home? BBC Worldwide sent two prominent Doctor Who YouTube bloggers, Chris Foxx and J.P. Fox, to discover the mysteries and wonders of Doctor Who, brought to life as never before by LOOT Entertainment in Sony Computer Entertainment’s 3D virtual world. Join them as they explore the TARDIS, hang out with other users, and even create their own movie scene inspired by the BBC’s storied franchise!

The second wave of Doctor Who virtual goods for PlayStation Home, including Daleks, Cybermen and more has just been released – it’s the perfect time to create your own wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey Doctor Who adventures — Allons-y!

VEEMEE Footwear, Mythical Avatars, Morphsuits, and Billabong Updates


Atom Republic Hip Hop Moves Update

Check out Volume 2 of Atom Republic’s Hip Hop Moves!


nDreams Throme LMO and Light Projectors

The Throne Locomotion is the perfect item for showing off in PlayStation Home. Run around in your favorite spaces and when you stop a throne magically appears for you sit on and look down upon your subjects. You will also have the chance to bring some color and movement to your apartment with the two light projectors from nDreams. With one Static and one Spinning projector you can shine different shapes and colors into you apartment.


Digital Leisure Colosseum Ornament
The Lucky Fountain at the Paradise Springs Casino has a brand new reward just waiting for you to win. This month, if you’re lucky, you will receive The Colosseum ornament. Take home a little bit of Italy and place it in any personal space. All you need to do is head to The Casino’s Concourse and throw a chip into the fountain for a chance to win this item.



In celebration of Men In Black coming to Crackle, LOOT is kicking off a sale with prices so low you would think you got neuralized! Starting today, enjoy up to 70% off select bundles including the Ultimate Men In Black Collection that boasts an impressive 74 items, the MIB Headquarters Private Space and Clubhouse bundle with 13 items, and more! So what are you waiting for, Agents? Get out there and protect the Earth with prices out of this planet!


Lockwood Sodium Blimp

Ever gazed out across Sodium’s baking desert landscape and wanted to get out there and explore? Lockwood’s Sodium Blimp, enables you to do just that. Drift around the skies taking in the views, scour the salt flats for treasure, or complete VICKIE objectives for stacks of Sodium Credits. The Sodium Blimp is easy for even novice pilots to handle. Speed and direction is easily adjusted via the analogue sticks.

The Blimp comes with a full complement of Thumpers, the treasure hunter’s key tool in uncovering hidden desert riches. After targeting likely treasure sites with the Blimp’s Dig Spot Locators, drop off some Thumpers. Using their built-in scanners, these robots analyse the lay of the land and communicate with each other to triangulate anomalies. Dig at the triangulation point and you could hit the jackpot!

If all that sounds like too much work, VICKIE has several challenges that can be completed without leaving the comfort of the Blimp. You’ll be paid in Sodium Credits for your efforts. Also, be sure to check out the VICKIE store for new items! Happy hunting, treasure trackers!

Lockwood Delirious Squid Update

Codeglue Boho Collection from Dani

Codeglue and Home user Dani release their third clothing line, called Sweet Hobo! Designed for summer, these outfits come in a short and a long version in 6 very fresh colors. You can complement the outfits with elegant high heel shoes and/or stylish bracelets. This new collection comes as separate items as well as a selection of great-value bundles. Designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!


Game Mechanics Tailgate Bundle

Are you not able to pass up a great deal? Have you been waiting for a stellar deal on Game Mechanics party items? Do you have any idea who Game Mechanics is? Well depending on your answers, this may be your lucky week. To celebrate the release of their Tailgate items in Europe, Game Mechanics has made a special bundle available for North America also. Eighteen of the coolest outdoor party items you will find in Home for one low price. This is your chance to have some of the lowest slot, highest utility, highest flame items in Home just in time for party season. This is the best deal from them yet.


Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool Coming Soon

You’ve seen both floors of the sprawling estate, and you’ve taken the party to the seas with the private yacht – now catch some rays and go for a swim in the Diamond Beach Mansion: Infinity Pool. This glorious seaside pool is available for purchase 9/4, and don’t forget that finding each secret in the First Floor, Second Floor, Private Yacht and Infinity Pool unlocks the secret fifth part of the Mansion!

X7 VIP Update

Get your own pair of Glowy Wings and HD Guns from X7 this week. Also in x7 you’ll find Catered Dining, Undead Animals, and Morphsuit updates from VEEMEE. nDreams adds to the x7 fun with Retro Animations, a MegaStar Podium, and the Masquerade Ball Club.

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I'm sure Geordi La Forge would be pleased as punch to see the visor he used to overcome his handicap reduced to a fashion accessory for a backwater virtual world. Oh, I guess he wouldn't. Read more...

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Diamond Beach Mansion Private Yacht


Your new life of luxury isn’t limited to land. Welcome to the most luxurious way to travel the seven seas – the Diamond Beach Mansion: Private Yacht. This opulent vessel comes with all the amenities a high rolling sailor could need. Spend time in the home theatre, have hot tub time with your friends, catch some rays on the sprawling decks or even take a swim with the neighborhood fishes. Just like the rest of the mansion, dynamically control the time of day, give exclusive gifts to your friends and uncover the secret that will help you gain access to the hidden fifth portion of the mansion. Purchase the yacht in the first ten days of release and receive an exclusive item bundle!

Doctor Who Wave 2

BBC Worldwide and LOOT Entertainment proudly present the second wave of Doctor Who items for PlayStation Home. Place the Doctor’s most feared enemies, the Daleks and the Cybermen, as active furniture items in your estates to exterminate – or delete – any visitors who overstay their welcome. You can even bring them with you as companions as you explore Home! If you’re looking for something a bit friendlier, try the K-9 active furniture item or companion instead!

Best of all, since the TARDIS is now available as an Open House, there’s never been a better time to explore the mysteries of Time Lord trans-dimensional engineering! Step into the universe of Doctor Who and create your own Time Lord machinima adventures!


Lockwood Whimsy Hollow

Some time ago, Lockwood started work on a new apartment. PlayStation Home fans chose the style (High Fantasy) the name (Whimsy Hollow) and the final look of the creatures who live there (the many-tailed Whimsies!) Finally Whimsy Hollow is ready and waiting in the Gift Machine so those who took part in shaping it can see how it turned out!

There’s a little bit of Whimsy turning up in the store as well, with a Whimsy Tail LMO to give you that whimsical look!

Lockwood Delirious Squid and Gift machine Updates

Delirious Squid returns to the Lockwood store and Gift Machine today with a squidilicious range of mix and match punk pieces. Tartan pants adorned in zippers, ripped tights and frayed denim mini-skirts, studded collars and shaved hairstyles, Delirious Squid have managed to squidge a whole host of punk favourites into their new anarchic range.
The Gift Machine has some exclusive variations of the leather jackets, mini-skirts and collars, so get trading with your friends if you want the full range at your disposable. Never mind the Barnacles, here’s Delirious Squid.

Granzella Gunfighter Profession for Operation: Defend Edo

The new Gunfighter profession for Operation: Defend Edo has arrived! The long-awaited profession for Granzella’s Great Edo. With a haori, hakama, and a shouldered long rifle, the Gunfighter is here! As a shooting expert, long range is the Gunfighter’s strong point. From out of enemy’s reach, one after the other, aim and shoot! In addition, it is highly advantageous for attacking mononoke that appear in the air during Operation: Defend Edo. It’s possible to accurately damage the Ookubi and Hitouban which are usually difficult to hit. Along with a gun for a weapon, this 4 piece set also includes a haori and hakama, gunfighter ponytail hairstyle, and boots. Available in red, blue, black, and white.


VEEMEE Acorn Meadows Update

This week Acorn Meadow Park undergoes a major update with the introduction of six new remote controlled vehicles and a very special prize for those who are willing to put in a little extra time. Take to the air with the remote controlled Military, Stunt or Rescue Helicopters or set sail with the remote controlled Yacht, Battleship or Speedboat. All are available to rent or buy from the RC Stand and all have associated tasks and challenges with plenty of prizes to unlock. As if that wasn’t enough, from this release forward if you complete 5 mystery tasks across 5 Levels from Visitor to Ranger you’ll unlock the stunning night time version of the Acorn Meadows Park Apartment. Just another reason to come down to Acorn Meadows Park today and start levelling up!

VEEMEE Summer Sale: Minigame Bonanza

VEEMEE’s attention turns to Mini-games for the final week of the VEEMEE Summer Sale. The VEEMEE Mini-Game Bonanza bundle includes all five Grow Home plants, the Savage Cosmos Arcade Cabinet and helmet rewards, Electrokid Arcade Cabinet with Electro Kid Heads rewards, the Superhero Madhouse Arcade Cabinet and Snow globe reward, and the three original MyGym Machines; Running Machine, Cycling Machine and Rowing Machine all at a mind blowing discount. Check out the VEEMEE Summer Sale stand today!

VEEMEE B-Movie Madness, Wrangler and 3D Printer Updates

VEEMEE updates their B-Movie, Wrangler and 3D printer lines. Be sure to check them out today!


Juggernaut Branblenook Farm update

Juggernaut Games is bringing a big Summer update to Bramblenook Farm! Grab the Bramblenook Farm Update Bundle to unlock house remodeling with wood and gold, craft new pieces of furniture to gift to your friends (including a sweet lute LMO), and buy some baby cows to fill that empty pasture. Additionally, guests and owners alike can cool off by swinging into the pond for a refreshing dip! Want more? There’s also a selection of new furniture and active items to complement the look of your remodeled farmhouse, including an Alchemist’s Chest, Bearskin Rug (with room for two!), an animated Magic Globe, as well as many other fine items crafted with love by Juggernaut Games.


Flashman Studios Star Trek TNG Outfits

Check out Flashman Studios’ new line of Star Trek TNG outfits and accessories. Gear up as Starfleet, Klingon or Borg, and don’t forget to add all the needed accessories!


nDreams’ Magnificent Facial Hair and Quad Bikes

What makes a man, a man? Awesome facial hair of course! And this week you can become the manliest man around. But of course if you are a lady feel free to have your own moustache or beard as well, we don’t discriminate!

Size matters. No longer do you have to ride around on a mini quad bike, this week nDreams are releasing full sized Quad Bikes for you to ride around home on. When you boost you pull off a pretty awesome trick!


PlayStation MVP Brainiac Reward from Atom Republic

Join the Home Brainiac Challenge at for a chance to win this Virtual Brain Item! Special thanks to AtomRepublic for making this possible.


JAM Games Jam Jar

This week JAM Games brings you a new apartment and furniture bundles. The ‘Jam Jar’ boutique was established in the 1940’s as THE place to go. Discover the opulence and grandeur of this by gone era in a building rescued and restored to its rightful glory! Whether you decide to return it to its full boutique status, use its exquisite detail as a backdrop for a gallery or as the venue of the latest fashion event, The ‘Jam Jar’ will still prove to be THE place to be seen!

O-TWO Peakvox Labs Update

Major update in peakvox labs!! You can now cultivate 5 kinds of new 2nd Generation species inside the “L-project”. Get the key item within our space or inside our store to create the new “Kirin”, “Bird”, “Wooper”, “Zombie”, and “Devil” .

Let’s see if you can complete them all!!


X7 VIP Update

X7 Get Morphsuits, footwear, mythical avatars, and Billabong gear from VEEMEE, “The Throne” and light projectors from nDreams, and Sodium Blimp from Lockwood.

Killzone Mercenary

Home gamers, if you earned your Killzone Mercenary voucher code at this year’s E3, then you are now ready to redeem that code! Earn access to Killzone Mercenary one week before everyone else.

Killzone Mercenary is the full Killzone experience. Those looking for a true FPS experience on their Vita need look no more. Try the Beta today!


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Granzella Nostalgic School Days

Granzella introduces the new Nostalgic School Days personal space. Now, a school where you can have fun conversation with your classmates is available as a personal space.


Lockwood Prairie Expansion

Well, partners, them Lockwood folks thought it was high time you broke them horses to saddle. The Prairie Ranch provides everything you need to tame those wild mustangs, from a place to put ‘em, to a big ol’ open space to ride ‘em in. And if you’re the sort who likes to entertain, then you need the Prairie Saloon. All the benefits of the Ranch, but with a bit more space for your club members.

VEEMEE Summer Sale Pub Bundles

The VEEMEE Summer Sale is all about Pub games this week. Get the Dart Board in black, chrome, and flaming skull in the Darts Game Bundle. If pool is your preferred choice, get the American Pool Table in purple, pink, green, yellow, blue, flaming skull, and Judge Dredd logo — as well as the English Pool Table in the Pool Game Bundle. You can also get both at a discount in the Darts and Pool Bundle.

The London Pub and The Irish Pub are the perfect places to keep all of these games! Luckily, you can get both in the great value Pub Apartments Bundle. Finally there is the Pub Mega Bundle, the ultimate in Pub entertainment, all dart boards, all pool tables, the London Pub, and the Irish Pub, at a massive discount.

VEEMEE MyBathroom, Billabong, Street Style and Cats Updates

VEEMEE continues to deliver with updates to four of their top lines: MyBathroom, Billabong, Street Style, and Cats. Be sure to check the video, then check the store for these new twists to old favorites.

nDreams’ Harajuku Fashion

Brightly colored and slightly quirky, Harajuku Clothing is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. With male and female clothing as well as the amazing ‘Poser’ Locomotion item these are the perfect items to show off with.


Granzella Summer Costume

Granzella introduces the new Layered Cut and Sew Outfit 3-piece Set and Layered Tanktop Outfit 3-piece Set items.


Hellfire’s Moodies – Gabe & Bael

Give into temptation or let your conscience be your guide with Hellfire Games’ newest Moodies release: Gabe & Bael, your own personal angel and devil! Show your sweet side by conjuring Gabe the guardian angel, call forth Bael the demon when you’re feeling wicked, or summon both at the same time. Comes with five custom emotes, including fight scenes between Gabe & Bael! Also includes an automatic speed boost at full running speed. Check out Gabe & Bael in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.

Lockwood Gardening Furniture and Costumes

Be sure to check out Lockwood’s Gardening Outfits, while you’re at it. They’ve also added some gardening furniture to the mix, as well. Get your green thumb ready!


Madmunki Spunland Update

Madmunki release their third set of Spun Home Commerce items chief of which is The Spunland Cottage – a little slice of Spunland all for the private enjoyment of you and your friends. Trigger the Spun Clock to begin a set of collecting and chasing games, control all the elements of the background music by switching the Sonic Spunners on and off, or sit out in the garden and watch your very own Flusho Spunner graze the spun day away under purple and orange skies. Don’t miss out on the changing maze in the depths of the cottage; it opens only at Fruit o’clock and Egg o’clock.

Digital Leisure Personal Casino

The Paradise Springs Casino experience is now available in a personal space format! The Personal Casino allows you to play all of your favorite table and machine games with all of your friends. The space has built in games, and it also comes bundled with active item versions for you to place in any space. If you just want the games, they are all available for sale individually, and they have new rewards to be won. Now you can the boss of your own casino!


Atom Republic Hip Hop Moves

Check out Atom Republics new LMO set: Hip Hop Moves, and show everyone how you get down.


X7 VIP Update

Head to the x7 Club to get your Diamond Encrusted Designer Purse. While there check out Lockwoods’ Delirious Squid Update for some cool punk fashions.

Diamond Beach Mansion: The Yacht

Just a quick heads up for those of you that love living the good life. Next week the fabulous Third Section of the Diamond Beach Mansion is set to release, and this time the luxury travels with you. A beach mansion wouldn’t be complete without watercraft, and the Diamond Beach Mansion: Yacht fills that role. Take the opulence of the Diamond Beach Mansion with you to the open ocean and travel in style. Don’t forget, owning one section of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to a discount on the yacht, and owning both sections earns you to an even bigger discount. See you next week in paradise!


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Diamond Beach Mansion – Second Floor

You already own the beautiful First Floor now the opulence continues with the Second Floor. Roam the spacious upstairs of the Mansion including the Master Bedroom, walk-in closet, Master Bath, Theater and check out the gorgeous view from the balcony. As always the second floor comes with a plethora of items to help you deck out you pad.

If you already own the Diamond Beach Mansion: First Floor, you will be entitled to purchase the Second Floor at a Discount! As an added bonus, moguls who buy the Second Floor within the first ten days of release will receive an exclusive item bundle. What are you waiting for? Your dream life awaits in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

VEEMEE Summer Sale – Age of Swords

The VEEMEE Summer Sale turns its attention to Age of Swords this week. Get all 4 male costumes and 2 female costumes at a huge discount with the Age of Swords – Outfit Bundle. Or get all 6 costumes, 21 furniture items and the Wolfhound companion for a massive discount in the amazing Age of Swords – Mega Bundle.

VEEMEE B-Movie Madness

Join us this week with a very creepy addition to PlayStation Home. VEEMEE’s B Movie Madness brings the horror of cinema with the addition of vampires, wolves and zombie costumes for both men and women. Each costume has a number of various parts so pick up the entire set or be creative and mix and match. Take the time to check out these B Movie horror costumes, we assure you it won’t be in “vein” and they certainly won’t come back to haunt you!


VEEMEE Updates – Wrangler, MyGym, and BMX

This week VEEMEE is proud to present five brand new BMX locomotion items for you in PlayStation Home. Each bike comes with a different trick for you to perform. Sick! Or, get yourself in shape with VEEMEE’s all new MyGym equipment. Each piece of equipment has a rhythm based mini game that allows you to earn points and level up. Each level up rewards you with 30 MyGym Tokens that can be spent in the MyGym store. Then you can look stylish in the Spencer Safari Khaki Jeans for men or alternatively expose your shoulders to that summer sun with the Allie Tank Top for women. Great new clothing developed by VEEMEE and available on PlayStation Home.


nDreams V-swimsuits and Apartment Androids

Be sure to pick up one of nDreams’ new V-swimsuits, and then hit the beach. Or, if you’re more interested in staying indoors, the Apartment Androids are here to help solve that problem. They will talk to you, react to your mood as well as any gestures you do towards them. A perfect talking point when visitors are at your apartment and they come in three different personality types; friendly, quirky and flirty!


Hellfire Moodies

Express yourself with the new Moodies series from Hellfire Games! Change your status to Happy, Sad, Angry, or Confused to show off over 16 custom animations based on your avatar’s mood with the Moodies Moves pack, and float on cloud nine with your own personal Mood Cloud that transforms to fit any mood! Check out Moodies Moves and the Mood Cloud in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.


Wacky Walks

Walk around Home in ways you’ve never been able to before. Wacky Walks are available separately or in a bundle. Bear crawl, tumble, glitch, or hand walk your way around town with these new LMOs


Lockwood Wellies

You may live in a part of the world where festivals mean good weather; where blue skies and warm evenings are guaranteed. But Lockwood HQ’s in the UK, where a rainstorm’s never far away. That’s why Lockwood created the perfect festival footwear – fashion wellies! Available in several colors in the store and Gift Machine, keep festival mud at bay without putting a dampener on your outfit.


Granzella Tanabata Swimwear

The Tanabata Starry Sky Bikini and Brief Sets have arrived! A starlit sky pattern sparkles and shimmers on these swimsuits. The men’s swim briefs are a snug fit for the body and the women’s neck strap type bikini has a pareo attached. For both men and women a bracelet with small stars attached is included in this 2-piece set. Available in red and purple, cyan, and black and green. In addition, like the Celestial Costume, you can enjoy the limited time Tanabata flight in this swimsuit! The flight game can continue to be enjoyed in the Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat after the Tanabata event.

X7 VIP Update

VEEMEE debuts their MyBathroom, Billabong, Street Style and Cats updates in x7 this week. Also swing by the club to check out LOOT’s Dr. Who update, and nDreams’ Harajuku fashion offerings.

This week’s update adds some amazing new content to fan-favorite lines, while bringing in some fresh, new content. Be sure to jump into Home and check everything out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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BBC Doctor Who Item Update

Visit the Doctor Who TARDIS Open House and check out the brand new Dalek, Cyberman and K-9 Active Furniture items from BBC Worldwide Limited. Explore the entire space to locate the FREE Doctor Who reward items.

Granzella Tanabata

Thought to be separated by the Milky Way, they meet in the sky on the evening of Tanabata. Orihime and Hikoboshi costumes are here! For women who want to wear these beautiful transparent wings and angelic outfit, the Celestial Costume 4-piece Set is available and includes a hairstyle wound in a ribbon, bikini dress and stockings, hand accessories, and shoes. For men who wish to show a combination of a mysterious atmosphere and strength the Celestial Costume 5-piece Set is offered and includes a soft mohawk hairstyle, light jacket, bracelet, shorts and socks, and sandals.

Pottermore: Update 3

If it were up to you, if there was a single ‘something new’ to be built within the world of Pottermore at PlayStation Home, what would you choose? Would you like to read a book in the majestic Hogwarts library? Fly on a broomstick? Enter the treacherous Forbidden Forest? Brave an underground chessboard chamber for a giant game of wizard chess? Luckily, you won’t need to choose because we’ve gone ahead and built the lot!

nDreams Blueprint Update

When Blueprint Home launched a year ago it was the first time that Home users were given the chance to create their own apartments and have several different apartment layouts all for one price. The piece of feedback we received the most was that users wanted to ability to save different furniture layouts and unfortunately that wasn’t possible…Until Now!

Blueprint: Home 1.2 sees the best apartment creation tool in Home updated to include furniture layout saves and we are excited to see what creations the Home community can come up with.

As well as the new update we are also hosting a sale on all additional style packs and environments as well as a permanent priced reduction of Blueprint: Home itself. Now is the perfect time to dive back into Blueprint: Home

Granzella Tennis

Men, hit the court in a refreshing polo shirt, shorts, shoes, and sun visor with a ball and racket ready in your hands. In this 8-piece set, you’ll be ready for a game! Women, in addition to the same items seen in the men’s set, you’ll be able to dazzle on the court dressed in a skort or a one-piece dress with this 12-piece set. Available in 7 different variations; white, red, light blue, pink, black, green, and orange. A matching Tennis Bandana Hairstyle is also included for both men and women.

Granzella Kikai Battlesuits

The Kikai Machine Empire Invasion event began on July.24.2013 in the Neon Downtown lounge and has been held in many of Granzella’s lounges. Now that the halfway point of the event has been reached, the new Power-Up Battlesuit makes its debut! This black, valuable, battle suit boasts a high defensive power.


Digital Leisure’s Evening Gowns

Be on the lookout for three new evening gowns from Digital Leisure; pink, blue and purple. Then add on their new Patriot Stilettos.

Konami Gogo Dancer Update

Konami’s Gogo Dancer update goes big, coming out of x7 and to the larger community this week. Check out the Gogo Cowgirl outfits today!

Konami Motocross

Konami is proud to bring you their new line up of Motocross dirt bikes and Motocross gear. The dirt bike comes with custom animations and moves faster than normal running. Perform wheelies and pose next to your new bike in your matching gear.


VEEMEE 50s Diner

Also coming out of x7 is VEEMEE’s 50’s diner. This retro personal space and furniture set really captures the feel of an American classic, the 50’s diner. Entertain your friends with this release.


VEEMEE’s Update

VEEMEE also releases their Billabong and Street Style updates for all to enjoy. Last week’s x7 exclusives are out, get yours now.


X7 VIP Update

In x7 this week check out LOOT’s new lineup of EOD goodies, including Golden Jukebox and Pink Jambox! Also look for Premium RadioIO passes for two days, 30 days and one year!

Diamond Beach Mansion: Second Floor On Sale 8/7!

A quick announcement for those of you who would describe yourselves as opulent; the Second Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion launches next week on 8/7. With all the amenities necessary to have more intimate gatherings, the Second Floor doubles the space of the mansion and is just as luxurious as the First. If you already own the first floor the second floor will share the furniture allotment allowing you to be able to walk seamlessly between the first and second floors with no load screens. Owners of the first floor will also be able to purchase the Second Floor at a discount, and just like the first floor, anyone purchasing the Second Floor within the first ten days of release will gain access to an exclusive Second Floor Item Bundle with their purchase! Let the fun continue in the Diamond Beach Mansion!


This week’s update offers some great updates to some fan favorites, so be sure to jump into Home and check all of them out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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We’ve brought the Sorting Ceremony to life before your eyes and provided a Hogwarts common room in which you can relax. We’ve challenged you with Charms and given you your very own Pottermore wand. The question is, ‘Where can Pottermore at PlayStation Home possibly go from here?’


If it were up to you, if there was a single ‘something new’ to be built within the world of Pottermore at PlayStation Home, what would you choose? Would you like to read a book in the majestic Hogwarts library? Fly on a broomstick? Enter the treacherous Forbidden Forest? Brave an underground chessboard chamber for a giant game of wizard chess? Luckily, you won’t need to choose because we’ve gone ahead and built the lot!

Explore the vast shelves and dusty nooks of the Library for scattered fragments of text from the Harry Potter books. Test your knowledge and your memory by piecing them together in an all-new Reading game.


Blaze a trail on your broomstick between the twisted oaks, broken beeches and ancient yews of the Forbidden Forest. Race against rivals, casting a range of spells to take and hold the lead. You can also play in Time Trial mode and challenge your opponents for a spot atop our highly competitive leaderboard. Do you have what it takes to become the fastest flier in Pottermore at PlayStation Home?

In the depths of Hogwarts castle, pit your wits against fellow students in the Chessboard Chamber. The enchanted, giant chessmen will be keen to lend you their advice but that’s not to say that you should always take it. Play as a king, a rook or even a pawn; but remember, in the Chessboard Chamber it’s not just the king that your opponent will be after. Once you’ve been taken, the game will end as resolutely as if you had fallen for a fool’s mate! This is a truly fresh and magical take on the age-old game of kings.


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The life of Luxury is calling, are you going to answer? The First Floor of Diamond Beach Mansion is officially for sale, only in PlayStation Home.


Live the life you deserve in this sprawling beach oasis. This giant beach mansion comes with 14 complementary furniture items, a gorgeous kitchen and bathroom with plenty of knobs to turn and buttons to push, a grand floor to ceiling fish tank, and many more surprises inside the space. Don’t worry, the fun isn’t limited to the interior of the Diamond Beach Mansion; make sure you get out and explore the island. Go for a swim on your private beach or even catch big air on your wakeboard. Ownership of the mansion even includes access to your own private water taxi which comes in handy with your new membership to the Diamond Beach Marina and Yacht club where you can rub shoulders with Home’s most influential members.

The builders of the luxury space have been listening to your requests as well. We are happy to announce that dynamic time of day is included at the Mansion. Want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean or party all night long in your beach oasis? The choice is yours, change the time of day whenever you like and see what it feels like to be Father Time.


The First Floor is the first of four parts of the Mansion being released in the coming months; don’t forget that purchasing your first part of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to discounted prices on future portions of the Mansion as they are released. This makes it easy to go full baller status and own all four parts of the Mansion… and unlock the secret fifth portion!

As a bonus, if you buy the First Floor of the Diamond Beach Mansion within the first ten days of release, an exclusive First Floor item bundle will be included with your purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of today in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

Granzella Kikai Machine Empire

Defeat the Kikai Machine Empire! The Kikai Machine Empire Invasion event starts on July 25th 2013 at 9:00PM. In order to defend against the rush of Kikai soldiers, weapons developed by the mysterious Granzella Defense Force have arrived. Come on, warriors! Pick up a weapon and protect the future of the planet with your companions!

*The special abilities of these weapons are limited to the duration of the event. (From July 25th 2013 at 9:00PM to the beginning of maintenance on August 7th 2013).

Digital Leisure Pet Shop Update/Sale

The Pet Shop has a brand new pet to unconditionally love you. Münkë, the very fashionable monkey will follow you wherever you go. His favorite hobby is putting together easy to assemble European furniture, just hand him an Allen key or a wrench and he’ll be your best friend forever. As you might have already noticed, we wanted to celebrate this new sidekick by having a one week sale on the Deluxe Aquarium Bundle. For 7 days this bundle will be 50% off! In this collection of objects you’ll get the Deluxe Tank, the Animal Fish Pack, and the Riverbed Decoration Pack. What was once already a good value, is now a fantastic value! Stop by The Pet Shop today.


nDreams Hot Tub

This luxurious, beautifully sculpted hot tub is perfect for your apartment. Hang out with up to five other people and choose from a variety of colored lights to set the mood. This appliance uses six furniture slots.


Lockwood Update

Lockwood’s Beach Beauties are having a great time on the sunny sands of the Sunset Lounge. (There’s a tongue twister for you!) They’d love for everyone to be able to share their retro style, so they’ve made their bathing suits available in the Lockwood Store AND they’ll soon be adding them to the Gift Machine. There’s a matching headscarf hairstyle for each color and in the store you can buy a value pack of both store versions plus their respective hairstyles. Show off those curves without showing off too much skin – that’s the Beach Beauty way! Also, be sure to check out the new Heels from Lockwood, out now!



Check out the latest additions to the Wrangler collection this week. Celebrate the summer sun with the Pattern Shirt & Summer Spirit T-Shirt combo for men or let your skin breath with the Dolly Tank Top for women. This week also brings a new selection of stylish footwear from VEEMEE’s inVerse Sneakers collection. With the update is a collection of lace less shoes in a variety of colors for both men and women. Then, invite your friends over for a great meal with VEEMEE’s brand new Personal Dining Experience for PlayStation Home. Indulge on a number of courses with 2, 4, 6 or 10 friends and earn rewards for doing so!


Atom Republic K-pop Crazy Bundle

Be sure to look for this bundle of K-pop Crazy from Atom Republic!

Evil Tree Studios’ Wonderland Posters

Evil Tree updates their wall art line with four fairy tale themed posters for your personal space. They also come in a bundle!

X7 VIP Update

Make time to view this week’s VIP update at x7 with VEEMEE’s 50’s Diner, Billabong and Street Style items, and Konami’s Gogo Dancer items. The gogo update is pretty big, so be sure to check it out.

This week’s update has some very unique offerings, so be sure to jump into Home and check all of them out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the new definition of luxury in PS Home: The Diamond Beach Mansion!

It’s time to upgrade from your Harbor Studio and move to your own personal island paradise. The Diamond Beach Mansion is luxury; our designers have worked tirelessly creating the most opulent personal space available in Home.

Much like the exclusive Mansion #1, the Diamond Beach Mansion was designed in four distinct sections, all releasing in the coming months.


First to release is the spacious First Floor. The First Floor contains a kitchen that would make any celebrity chef jealous, with more interactivity than any other personal space inside of Home. The ground floor also has a floor to ceiling aquarium, which you can maintain to help the aquatic life thrive. Because an empty mansion isn’t much of a mansion at all, the First Floor comes with 14 complementary furniture and decorative items as well as a gift machine with plenty of exclusive items to give your esteemed guests.

The fun isn’t limited to the interior of the Diamond Beach Mansion; the surrounding island has plenty to see and do. Go for a swim in the ocean on your private beach or catch big air behind your speed boat on your wakeboard in the new mini game. Ownership of the mansion even includes a membership to the Diamond Beach Marina and Yacht club where you can rub shoulders with Home’s most influential members. Hang out with Home’s most prestigious users in the bar, or catch up some rays with other beautiful people in an oceanside cabana.


The movers and shakers inside of Home have been asking for control – the control of time. Since the Diamond Beach Mansion pulls out all the stops, the builders of the Mansion are happy to announce that they have listened. Dynamic control of time of day and night is included in the Mansion. Want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean, or party all night long in your beach oasis? The choice is yours — change the time of day whenever you like and see what it feels like to be Father Time.

The First Floor is the first of four parts of the Mansion being released in the coming months; don’t forget that purchasing your first part of the Diamond Beach Mansion entitles you to discounted prices on future portions of the Mansion as they are released. This makes it easy to go full baller status and own all four parts of the Mansion and discover all the secrets they hold… which of course unlocks the secret fifth portion!

If the life of beach luxury wasn’t enough we’re excited to announce that if you buy the First Floor of the Diamond Beach Mansion within the first ten days of release, a bonus exclusive First Floor item bundle will be included with your purchase. This bundle’s combination of clothing and decorative items will give your seaside mansion even more flare to show off.

So what are you waiting for? Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of today in the Diamond Beach Mansion!

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Today sees the arrival of Madmunki’s Spunland public space in Home. You’re also now able to pick up versatile pinafore dressed from Lockwood or original fashions from adidas.

Of course there’s even more to enjoy, so let’s hop in and see what’s new!

Madmunki’s Spunland

Take a trip to Spunland, a living world of colorful weirdness. Plant spun seeds, then see them grow in the Spun Harvest which follows a Spun Storm. Summon a Spun Storm by dancing to create Spun Clouds. Collect Spun Fruit during the Spun Harvest to get Spun Seeds. Catch the Rabbit Spunners created by the dying Spun Plants during the Spun Storm to get big Spun Points. But how do you get the Spun Atom’s floating in the sky, and what’s with the grazing toilet Spunner?


DigitalM adidas Originals

Check out the brand new adidas Originals items for your Playstation Home Avatar. Upgrade your style with a broad selection of hats, shirts, hoodies, shorts and shoes and let everyone know that you are ready to go all in!


Lockwood’s Pinafore Dress

Got a formal event to attend? Perhaps you are going to a casual gathering with all your friends? Whatever the occasion, Lockwood shows you different ways to style the delightful and versatile pinafore dress! Dress it up or dress it down, give your friends the perfect summer staple for their wardrobe – all exclusive to the Lockwood Gift Machine. Choose from lavish emerald green, flirty floral, to cool-toned white. Give your friends a brand new color (or five) today!

Casino All Game Tier Reward

The Casino’s next All Game Tier Reward is now available for everyone to win! All you have to do is level up to Tier 7 in every single game and you’ll be rewarded with the Playing Card Outfit. The guys will get to be the ace of spades, and the girls get to be the ace of hearts. Harness the power of lady luck and these outfits can be yours in no time!


X7 VIP Update

X7 members enjoy a large update this week. Check out the VIP club for VEEMEE inVerse Sneakers, Street Style fashions, and Wrangler clothing. Be sure to also pick up your Atom Republic K-pop Crazy bundle and the free Glowy Necklace. There are also new frames from Evil Tree and retro beach wear from Lockwood.

Lockwood Animated Hi-Tops

Some things never get old, and when they do, they’re really just crying out for a re-imagining! Lockwood have revisited some oldies (but goodies) and jazzed them up for summer 2013! Animated hi-tops are back, but this time they’re only for the ladies. With this funky footwear, sassy ladies can sport the look of urban cool and still be comfortable 24/7. Exciting colors like stand-out red and slick black are just some of the styles these shoes come in – they’re also available in a value pack, so you can get them all without breaking the bank!


VEEMEE Street Styles, MyBathroom and Billabong Updates

VEEMEE also releases their latest batch of Street Styles to the wider public this week. You can also pick up the MyBathroom furniture to finish out your personal space. As well as some sweet Billabong wear just in time for summer. VEEMEE also updates their 3D printer this week, so be sure to check up on yours!


Codeglue’s LMO Update

Codeglue brings a variety of items to Home this week! For Home’s locomotion lovers, there will be a steampunk pogostick to hop around on and a bunch balloons which make you swim in the air! For the female user there is a new series of denim leggings. Last but not least, you can now become a true viking, with full body costumes of Gunnar, Eirik, Sigrid and Brynhild!


nDreams Clocks

nDreams releases three new clocks, that are also available in a bundle.

Granzella Baseball Update

Granzella updates their Baseball line this week, so be sure to check out the store for these seasonal outfit pieces!

This week’s update has some very unique offerings, so be sure to jump into Home and check all of them out. Then return here and hop into the comments to let us know what you think! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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Spooky side-scrolling horror game Home is on sale across several platforms. It's been dropped to $0.99 on iOS, and has debuted at the same $0.99 price on Amazon's Indie Store. The PC version has also been discounted on Steam (along with everything else) and can be had for $1.01.

Home has been updated to version 1.4.3, which adds all of the new content that was created for the iOS version released last month. Finally, while the Mac version has yet to be released, creator Benjamin Rivers has announced that those who own Home on PC will automatically receive access to the Mac version when it launches later this year.

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This week Lockwood releases Kingdom of the Skies and Haven of the Skies, and we’ll be able to enjoy nDreams’ Masquerade Ballroom, complete with event appropriate clothing. Additionally, Home Tycoon’s Home Improvement Week Returns from the 10th to July 16th, and Konami releases a new space.

Of course there’s even more to enjoy, so let’s hop in and see what’s new!

Lockwood’s Kingdom and Haven of the Skies

Genie has heard tell of a gem not yet added to his collection, hidden in the distant Kingdom of the Skies, and has granted access to this Kingdom’s bustling bazaar. Those without magic carpets are of no use to the Genie, as flight is required to gather gems, so they may not progress beyond. Even owning a carpet is not sufficient to be to alight on one of the Kingdom’s scattered islands. Only those who’ve befriended the Genie may explore every island and uncover every secret.

9249097309_f2f8892144_m.jpg 9251877784_d6b6233ed9_m.jpg

nDreams’ Masquerade Ball

Become the Belle or Beau of the Ball with the beautiful Masquerade Ball Range. The Ballroom apartment is perhaps the most beautiful apartment space created in PlayStation Home and is perfect for hosting your very own ball. It’s not just The Ballroom that is delightful there is a range of Male and Female clothing perfect for the occasion as well as some delightful furniture to relax after all that dancing.

Lockwood Screen Sirens

Help your friends get those va-va-voom curves with the Gift Machine editions of Lockwood’s popular Screen Siren outfit. In three luxurious colours – gold, platinum and sapphire – send the Siren in your life a head-turning treat!


X7 VIP Update

VEEMEE keeps you stylish with an update to the Street Style line, and kits out your personal space’s bathroom with their MyBathroom furniture. Also, Lockwood adds their Animated HI-Tops to the VIP list.


VEEMEE Wrangler, Sneaker and Accidental Injuries come out of VIP

VEEMEE introduces Accidents and Injuries to PlayStation®Home, a combined range of locomotion and clothing items which show that even in a virtual world, accidents can happen. Also, out now in the PlayStation®Home VEEMEE store for both guys and girls, these sneakers have a classic design in a wide variety of colors sure to suit any outfit.

9249098477_f5d556dbe5_m.jpg 9249097289_6099db70ec_m.jpg

Lockwood’s Fairytales

Some of you may remember the launch of the Fairytale King and Queen of Hearts way back in February. These were outfits based on designs by PlayStation Home user Jennifer Whitbread and created by Lockwood. Shortly afterwards, users were asked to vote on which of Jennifer’s designs they’d like to see in Home next. The overwhelming result was for Red Riding Hood and the Red Rider, so Lockwood got to work making them a reality!

9251876448_e45b5329be_m.jpg 9251876458_7cc0a53fe8_m.jpg

Hellfire Retro Fliers

Take to the skies with the newest Retro Flyers Value Packs from Hellfire Games!


Virtual Item Showcase #95!

I’m really excited about a lot of different things in this week’s this update. Check it all out, then return here and hop into the comments to let us know! If I don’t see you on the forums, or around Home, I’ll see you next week!

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Serenity Plaza arrives, Acorn Meadows Park dresses up for the 4th of July, and Rising Star Games brings Deadly Premonition content to Home. Check it all out below!

4th of July and Canada Day Extravaganza

Celebrate the 4th of July and Canada Day in Home! The classic decorations are back in Pier Park along with all new unique event rewards. Don’t forget to spend time with everyone’s’ favorite Slab-o-Meat, Ribbie the Rib and play our new puzzle Game Charcoal Champ. Can you man the grill, cook your meat to perfection and keep your guests happy? Summer has begun in Home!

Juggernaut Serenity Plaza and MiniBots Arena

Looking for a new place in Home? Check out Serenity Plaza, the new public space from Juggernaut Games. Party on the dance floor with Party Machine 9000, shop the full range of Juggernaut offerings, and collect weekly free items. If you’re looking for a challenge, jump into the MiniBots Arena to battle other players and even design your own maps! Whether you’re looking to socialize, shop, party or compete, this tranquil, futuristic city has it all.


VEEMEE updates this week’s VIP line with new Wrangler items, inverse Sneakers, and new Accidental Injuries items. Also, check out the Riding Hood and Re Rider outfits coming this week from Lockwood. These outfits include items from head to toe, and come in bundles, as well. Grab the bundle and get the Heroine Run LMO too! Be sure to head to the club and pick up these early release items.


Lockwood Breakdancing Gift Machine Rewards

Calling out to all the breakers, poppers and hip-hop dancers in PlayStation Home! Do you need to recruit more members to your b-boy crew? You got the friends, but they just don’t have the skills!
Help all your friends look just as fly as you by sending them the breakdancing pack from the Gift Machine, including iconic moves Flare, Baby Freeze, and Top Rock.

VEEMEE Acorn Meadows Park 4th of July

Get ready to celebrate under the stars as VEEMEE’s Acorn Meadows Park becomes bathed in moonlight, ready for a spectacular 4th of July fireworks display that’s not to be missed! Available from July 3rd in PlayStation Home for a limited time only, be sure to visit the special edition of the Park to experience it for yourself.


VEEME Street Style, Cats, Animal Avatars, Billabong, Bicycles and Locomotions Updates

Phew, that was a mouth full. VEEMEE hits us with a huge update this week including Street Style tops, four new bicycles, four new locomotions, SIX new cats, five animal avatars and a cool selection of new Billabong items to wear this summer! They also have some amazing Billabong sales coming if you need to round out your summer wardrobe. Note: the sales seen below aren’t the only sales available.


Rising Star Games’ Deadly Premonition Items

If you notice some strange goings-on in PlayStation Home it can only mean one thing. Deadly Premonition’s mysterious Raincoat Killer has made it to PlayStation Home. Rising Star Games are bringing you everything you need to begin your very own reign of terror with an animated costume and the dreaded dragging axe. However if terrorizing townsfolk isn’t your thing, you can also find Greenvale’s most adorable companion, Willie the Dog.


As always, here’s Magnus with your Virtual Item Showcase!

The 4th of July celebrations keep rolling along in Acorn Meadows. So, be sure to grab your summer outfits and head on over. If your summer wardrobe is found lacking, but sure to take advantage of one of the sale bundles from Billabong, or grab a Fairytale outfit from Lockwood for a reenactment in the park. Then, be sure to return here to the blog and let us know what you think. See you in Home!

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There’s a lot of great new content to share with you all, so let’s not delay and jump right in!


VEEMEE updates their x7 selection this week with new Street Style items, Bicycles and Domestic Cats, as well as a few other nifty locomotions.

4th of July Comes to Home!

Fire up the grill because summer is here! Just head to Pier Park to experience the 4th of July in Home in all its glory. Ride the Ferris Wheel, earn brand new rewards from this classic space, play our brand new minigame Charcoal Champ, and even introduce yourself to the Grand Marshal – Ribbie the Rib.

SCEA’s Charcoal Champ

Join Ribbie the Rib for the Independence holiday, and grill up some fun in this new minigame. It’s a scenario we’ve all been a part of: you’re in charge of the grill at your backyard BBQ; can you cook everything to perfection while keeping your impatient guests happy? This original time-based puzzle game combines your love for gaming and BBQ and we’re very excited for you to play it. There are plenty of prizes to earn, including Ribbie himself. You can even purchase a guitar and amp which playsthe songs from this game’s custom blues inspired soundtrack recorded by SCEA’s own Jeremiah Wallace.


VEEMEE MiniPlanes, InVerse Sneakers and Wrangler updates

Chocks away, throttle up and take to the skies with these Mini Plane locomotions from VEEMEE. Or strut your stuff with the new inVerse Sneakers from VEEMEE. Step forward with these Classic Low Top Sneakers in ten bold styles for both men and women. Wrangler however has all the answers as the Chambray Shirt and Leela Tank release this week.

VEEMEE Updates Acorn Park

VEEMEE is proud to announce the first update to Acorn Meadows Park. Now you can take to the skies and get a bird’s-eye view with one of three remote controlled planes. Or, for those of you looking for a more tranquil way of passing the time try visiting out picnic hamper vendor on the main walkway. If you don’t have the appetite for a full picnic you could always pick up some candy floss or a pretzel to snack on and wander over to the Dog Park Activity Course.

Evil Tree Studios’ Warrior’s Way

Decorate your personal space win the style of the samurai with Evil Tree Studios’ Warrior’s Way furniture. These ancient Japanese themed items are perfect for your dojo, and come in a bundles!

Hellfire Retro Flyers

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a flying saucer!? Hover through your favorite spaces with the new Mysterious U.F.O. Retro Flyers from Hellfire Games! Boost your speed to 150% in six aerodynamic finishes: Crimson, Azure, Jade, Shadow, Pink, and Golden. Check out the Retro Flyers series in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.

nDreams Retro Outfits

Are you a Hero or a Villain? The Retro Knight Outfits from nDreams allow you to choose which side you belong to. These old school game inspired outfits are sold at various levels in order for you to choose which one suits you best. The Ultimate version of each outfit comes with a custom retro run animation as well as a retro emote.

Lockwood Icelandic Companions and High Heels

Lockwood has teamed up with the Icelandic Environment Association (Landvernd) to support them in protecting Icelandic nature and landscapes. We’ll be donating $1 for every purchase of the Icelandic Animal Pack directly to them. Then, to compliment your overflowing clothing collection, get the Strutting Heels Ultimate Value Pack including a selection of heels, leg warmers, over-knee boots and high heels strut LMO.


Konami Maru Companion

Be sure to pick one of Konami’s Maru companions this week!

Astro Gaming Headsets

Check out the store for the new headsets from Astro Gaming. Get yourself a set of A40s or A50s, each in come in two different styles. Both styles are bundled per headset type.

With the 4th of July update, including the Charcoal Champ minigame, and the Acorn Meadows update there is a ton of new content to check out this week. So jump in Home and take a good look at it all. Then, be sure to return here to the blog and let us know what you think. See you in Home!