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Posted by Mega-Sandy Apr 05 2015 14:16 GMT
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Posted by GoNintendo Dec 07 2009 01:38 GMT
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A portion of a MonroeeWorld review… If you don’t mind playing this outside the holiday season, I can personally guarantee that this sucker will drop to $14.95 after the New Year. However, I must go on record as saying that if this is your type of game, spend the money now. Show developers we LIKE this [...]

Posted by GoNintendo Oct 23 2009 20:10 GMT
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Snuggle up and immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas with Dancing on Ice star Suzanne Shaw as she appears at Hamleys GAME to read from A Christmas Carol videogame, the game to accompany the new Christmas animated movie starring Jim Carrey. Join Suzanne as she takes listeners through the classic Dickens tale with Ebenezer Scrooge [...]

Posted by IGN Oct 15 2009 18:54 GMT
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Save Christmas with these screens.

Posted by IGN Oct 12 2009 19:39 GMT
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You there! What screens are these?

Posted by Joystiq Oct 07 2009 00:40 GMT
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Unlike Dante's Inferno, there's a very good chance that the new game based on (Robert Zemeckis's upcoming movie version of) Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol won't make us want to go back in time and apologize to the original work's author on behalf of the industry we love so much. The main reason: it's designed by Revolution Software's Charles Cecil, best known for his work on Broken Sword. Cecil's experience with smart adventure games means that this new game is unlikely to turn Ebenezer Scrooge into a musclebound avenger who tears apart the ghosts invading his home. "The approach I took was to place the player as the hand of fate," Cecil told Develop about the Sumo Digital-developed game, "guiding a very willful protagonist down the road to redemption, and he doesn't want to down that road at all. Players have to interact with people and the environment to make that happen, and it tells the story in really different way. I'm very happy with it." We never thought we'd find a licensed Disney game about Christmas so interesting! Another different way this story is being told: with Cecil's own narration. He did some placeholder voice work, and "the Americans" insisted that it remain in the final game. Though Cecil didn't specify platforms, a game based on A Christmas Carol is set to come out on DS on November 3, just before the November 3 release of the film.

Posted by GoNintendo Oct 06 2009 18:25 GMT
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“It was a really nice little project. I was approached by Disney to design a game based on a Christmas Carol and it turned out to be really fun. I believe it’s very important for games to be able to broaden their horizons. If we, the industry, can start embracing classic works of [...]