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Posted by MM Jul 11 2014 16:34 GMT
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don't smoke spice

Posted by Mega-Sandy Jul 10 2014 19:46 GMT
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I might have to murder you
I might have to murder you a lot

Posted by Kotaku Feb 10 2014 18:30 GMT
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The first Terminator movie was pretty good, I think—but if you pay close attention while you watch it, you'll find lots of silly and ridiculous details in the movie. Read more...

Posted by Kotaku Jul 19 2010 21:40 GMT
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#theterminator We can't say with total certainty whether FPS Terminator, a fan-made mod built on the Unreal Engine, will be the best, but it's safe to assume that it's better than the most recent entry, Terminator Salvation. Sorry, GRIN! More »

Posted by IGN Apr 02 2010 19:32 GMT
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Posted by IGN Apr 02 2010 18:56 GMT
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It'll terminate your fond memories of the franchise if you play it.