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Posted by Mega-Sandy Mar 03 2015 11:05 GMT
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I can't wait to bomb some dodongos


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also i saw how you posted this like a jillion times what a spaz

You're a spaz

Posted by IGN Dec 21 2011 19:30 GMT
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As expected, Capcom's latest Monster Hunter title is doing major business in Japan. Monster Hunter 3G for the Nintendo 3DS has now sold over 730,000 units in two weeks, according to the latest sales data from overseas. Capcom has announced it has shipped over 1 million units of software to stores. The company had previously hoped to reach 1.2 million by the end of its fiscal year in March 2012...

Posted by GoNintendo Dec 15 2011 21:56 GMT
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Looks like Capcom snuck some new monsters in there that they didn't officially announce!

Nargacuga Rare Species

Guran Miraosu

Posted by Kotaku Dec 13 2011 06:30 GMT
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#monsterhunter Over the weekend, Monster Hunter 3G launched in Japan. Sister site Kotaku Japan was on hand for the festivities in Shinjuku. More »

Posted by GoNintendo Dec 08 2011 03:15 GMT
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New species: "Jinouga":

Check out the source link for a few more images

Source: Famitsu

Posted by GoNintendo Dec 05 2011 17:48 GMT
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Thanks to Johnny4 for the heads up!

Posted by GoNintendo Dec 05 2011 10:52 GMT
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- visit the red hatted Felyne in the harbor area to change SpotPass settings and manage your SpotPass data
- Guild Cards hold character information and other bits about your hunting life
- editing your Guild Card allows adding a title (based off the titles you get when clearing certain conditions in the game), adding an introduction message, and selecting a pose and background for your character
- access the Guild Card box to see the Guild Cards of other people you have virtually met
- characters from the hunters with whom you've exchanged Guild Cards will appear in the harbor pub
- pay them to complete special quests
- this will get you rewards in return