November 21st - Americas, December 5th - Europe, December 6th - Oceania/Japan
Posted by Francis Oct 07 2014 14:09 GMT in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
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Reply by Super-Claus Oct 07 2014 16:15 GMT

A day after my birthday, sweet. When do you guys think the unlockable character amiiboos are gonna come out?

Reply by Fallen Shade Oct 07 2014 17:25 GMT
dunno but i'm getting the *crag*ing ness one day one
Reply by Super-Claus Oct 08 2014 01:37 GMT
lol walmart has a $99 bundle that includes game + Mario, Pikachu, and Link amiibos. You can add Kirby, Peach, Yoshi, DK, Samus, Fox, Marth, and Villager... for a grand total of $202.68
Reply by Francis Oct 08 2014 03:27 GMT

That's fine, Doops didn't want to have fun until December 6th anyway

Reply by Doopliss Oct 08 2014 07:58 GMT
poor doops, i'm sorry sakurai is afraid of japan/madmaxalia
Reply by Super-Claus Oct 08 2014 09:48 GMT
Yeah Doops, you can get your amiibos a week before and pretend you have smash.
Reply by Francis Oct 08 2014 13:30 GMT

I'm not buying it until they have a Meta Knight one.

Reply by Slappy Oct 14 2014 02:54 GMT
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