Posted by Doopliss Dec 10 2014 01:36 GMT in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
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Both versions of SSB4 are out so it's time to stop being lame for once in your life and step up to the challenge. Rather than your typical tournament, where the winner advances and the loser doesn't, each time you win a round you earn points, which go towards your final score. Everyone plays in every round and the person with the highest score at the end wins. This way, anyone who only has one version of the game can still participate, they'll just be limited to who they can fight.

The tourney will consist of ~10 rounds, each with their own unique quirk to make things interesting. You'll have about 2 days for each round; that should be enough time for you to organise a time to fight your partner for that round. The matchups for each round will be determined via drawing names out of a hat or *crag*ing something I don't know. Before the tournament, you'll choose 3 characters and those will be the characters you are allowed to use in most rounds of the tourney.

The first place reward will be a gift of a shitty ~$15 game off steam or something from your old pal Doops.

CURRENT STANDINGS (As of the end of Round 4)

Claus- 10 points

Doops- 20 points

Ph1zzl3- 10 points

Metanaito- 10 points

Furnace- 0 points

Slimslam- 10 points

Grievous- 10 points

Iggy- 10 points

Viddd- 5 points

Sandy/Hex- 5 points

Megamaw- 10 points

Gold- 10 points



Dim is in: Mains are Ness, Duck Hunt, and Lucina

also i'm a richfag and have both copies

Reply by Super-Claus Dec 10 2014 01:40 GMT

My mains are Link, Villager and Larry (Bowser Jr.) and I have both virgins

Reply by Doopliss Dec 10 2014 01:45 GMT

Well since I can only choose three: Doc, Duck Hunt, and Dedede

Reply by Fallen Shade Dec 10 2014 01:49 GMT

3DS version only


  • Mario
  • Yoshi
  • Ness

Both Versions

Bowser Jr.


Zero Suit Samus

Reply by DarkBlueAce Dec 10 2014 02:05 GMT

3DS only: Metaknight, Bowser Jr. and Villager.

Reply by Slappy Dec 10 2014 02:19 GMT
Wii U. Donkey Kong, ???, ???
Reply by Francis Dec 10 2014 02:26 GMT
Wii U/3DS: Samus, Palutena, Captain Falcon
Reply by Slim Dec 10 2014 02:33 GMT

Both versions: Shulk, Dedede, Captain Falcon

Reply by Grievous Dec 10 2014 05:47 GMT

Wii U: Shulk, Ike, Robin He's back again, and about time too.

Reply by Ignorant Dec 10 2014 17:12 GMT

Wii U and 3DS - Link, Mario, Shulk sorry Mega Man

Reply by Viddd Dec 10 2014 22:40 GMT

Both - Mii (sword), lil mac and I dunno

Reply by Mega-Sandy Dec 10 2014 22:46 GMT
Wii U version only. Ness, Mii fighter, and Pit
Reply by TeleportPass Dec 11 2014 15:38 GMT

3DS, will get Wii U version on Christmas

Doctor Mario



Reply by Megamaw Dec 12 2014 00:10 GMT
I have both versions, but no guarantee of a lag-free connection on my part (bleh, 3MB connection). Most frequent characters are Captain Falcon, Mario and Samus (despite the fact that I have yet to try my hand at most of the other characters to a satisfactory degree).
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Dec 13 2014 21:21 GMT

Scoreboard is up

Reply by Doopliss Dec 20 2014 03:32 GMT
Reply by Ignorant Dec 20 2014 04:15 GMT

Don't worry I have everyone's characters saved, if someone tries to change them there'll be trouble

MASSIVE point reductions

Reply by Doopliss Dec 20 2014 04:27 GMT
my little brother has smash 3ds now so i can borrow it any time for the tourney.
i can do any version now but wii u is still prefered obviously
Reply by Ignorant Dec 28 2014 17:11 GMT
Dishonor? I Would have played, but I'm away from the house my U is at 4.5 days a week. Maybe in a couple years I can try again.
Reply by TeleportPass Dec 30 2014 04:59 GMT

You wouldn't have gotten disqualified if you told us that beforehand you know

Reply by Fallen Shade Dec 30 2014 06:57 GMT
Reply by TeleportPass Dec 30 2014 15:49 GMT
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