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23 days ago
10The final boss of Origami King is...

King Olly and Boswer fold into a giant mech that is powerful enough to conquer the world.

DanganFan Hiyoko

wow dude why spoil the game for everyone here? whats your problem?

Watchman Bozzo1

Y-you betrayed us



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23 days ago
1I made some cookie dough chunk ice cream today. currently freezing. anyway what's your opinion on don hertzfeldt
DanganFan Hiyoko

I have no opinion on don hertzfeldt.

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New !? Hello


Hello aswell

Gold Prognosticus6
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Been around since 2007, though I tend to check in only occasionally since a lot of the older members migrated over to Discord a while back. If you were on here back when NerrBot still existed (he's also moved to Discord these days) I was the one who developed that.

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Not quite new, but we still know next to nothing about him. This is the first thing he's said that isn't about bread or Lego.


You meant to reply to me... right?

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Mr. L Productions
21 days ago
Mr. L is back! And I have got Origami King! I finished Red Streamer. Can't wait to do more. That's my next few days gone! Enjoy TOK!
Gold Prognosticus3
reply to Tree_5000 posted 21 days ago

A while back I reverse-engineered the post API for the site to produce a basic bot that would respond to commands, exchange messages between Digibutter and Discord, and provide a bunch of statistics at the end of each year: http://digibutter.nerr.biz/posts/room/u-565e0ce341a864d7316ecd8d It was a fairly primitive Java creation that I haven't maintained as much as the newer Discord version, but it could theoretically be resurrected if I ever bothered to move it across to a new server since the old one doesn't want to run Java any more apparently (there might also be merit to rewriting it completely, but that would be a lot more effort).


That is awesome...


Also that means this guy could have stolen your work and changed it a small amount.

Gold Prognosticus

The source code was never public so I very much doubt it's stolen; it wouldn't be impossible to replicate the same steps as I did but like I said that seems excessive for a spambot that would only work on this one site. The alternative could be that there's a bot essentially guessing what messages to send based on common parameter names (eg. fill any text box named "message" or "post" or "content" and then hit a button named "send" or "submit" or "ok") but I can't really say for certain either way.

Watchman Bozzo
20 days ago
GUYS! GUYS! To get the collectibles of the bosses, if you didn't know this, you can go between the tram and the Red Brick house by the port in an alley, then you will get to the other pier, where there's a big barrel at the other end. If you hammer it, a Monty Mole will come out and sell you the boss collectibles, and for pretty cheap too!
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Yeah, guess I clicked the wrong thing

Mr. L Productions5
reply to Doo_Liss posted 19 days ago

Everybody chill! He lies! His spoiler is false! I won't tell you what happens, but he's WRONG!

Mr. L Productions
19 days ago
2I have completed Origami King after 4 days of playing. Probably around 25 hours of gameplay to complete. If you want to speedrun, it's probably a lot quicker. I like to take my time and do a whole load of side stuff, like rescuing Toads and filling holes. I will probably review the game on my channel at some point in the future, but overall, I enjoyed it very much. It's my 2nd favourite Paper Mario, after Super Paper Mario of course. I haven't played TTYD so that factor was removed. Get this game for a few days of great fun playing and exciting new features.
Mr. L Productions
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I feel this thread has diverted from it's original topic... anybody else want to introduce themselves?

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Yeah, I was just trying to get people to be like "Woah that was unexpected" when they see that it's not actually a Bowser-Olly mech

DanganFan Hiyoko

Idk, when I don't want to get spoiled I don't like to hear fake spoilers that I'm supposed to think are real still kind of ruins the story for me a little bit.

Mr. L Productions2

If it was another Bowser Battle I would be sooooooo annoyed! It's always some dumb Bowser Battle. Let me jog your memory: Superstar Saga = Bowletta Partners in Time = Shrowser Inside Story = Dark Bowser Dream Team = Dreamy Bowser Paper Jam = Shiny RoboBowser PM64 = Bowser (I believe. I haven't beaten PM64 yet...) Sticker Star = Bowser + Royal Sticker Color Splash = Black Bowser (he's covered in black paint. Don't take it out of context) So if TOK gave us Origami Bowser final battle I would've been really angry...


Plus, this game was advertised as Mario and Bowser working together! It would make no sense to shove Bowser back into the final battle position again. I'm not liking the fact that Bowser just disappears after Peach's castle. Also, yes, PM64's final battle is Bowser. Not really a spoiler seeing as he's the main villain.

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I've actually really enjoyed combat in this game, the puzzle mechanic can be fun and interesting at times, the accessories and weapons are sort of like badges, and while enemies don't vary much in the strategy to defeating them, it is still worth it to just battle every enemy you see. Coins are useful, but it's really just fun.

Mr. L Productions
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Yeah, I thought Bowser was the PM64 Final Boss. Yeah, Bowser does kinda disappear for a while after the first fight at Peach's Castle... But BOBBY! I like Bobby. He's Great! He's just so likeable!

Mr. L Productions
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Yeah! I liked that I have to THINK about what I'm doing in battles and boss battles with the puzzles, unlike the mindless attacks in other games and the <Shudders> running out of stickers.... AH! Sticker Star flashback! Yeah, the new game is great. My 2nd favourite (after SPM, obvs)!

Mr. L Productions
18 days ago
5It is upon us!!! How Partners In Time Should Have Ended is coming soon!!! Shy oh my, how exciting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuKn7h0BDew

Time to par-tay!

Mr. L Productions

Canned Food Par-tay! Shy oh my!

Watchman Bozzo
17 days ago
6Wanna have some more fun at a canned food par-tay? Well, if you dive at the center of the compass on the Great Sea Chart, you can find a Canned Heart which you can bring over to them and have 'em open.
Watchman Bozzo5

Also, can someone tell me if there's an open postgame like SPM or it's just fighting the Final Boss and then you get the credits and if you ever use the file again it just goes to the point before the Final Boss like in OG Paper Mario.

Mr. L Productions4

No Post-Game. Takes you back to the last save before the final boss when you reload file.

Watchman Bozzo3

for some reason, i feel like this will be the last one... or the next one will be another Sticker Star.

Mr. L Productions2

I can't help but worry you are right. I don't know which would be worse: 1) Paper Mario ends, but with The Origami King, which was quite good. 2) We get another Sticker Star and everybody is unhappy then sales are bad and Intelligent Systems ends up like Alphadream... And the last thing we get is ANOTHER Sticker Star...


Actually, I think intelligent systems makes other games too, such as fire emblem. They'll probably be fine if one game doesn't sell well.

Mr. L Productions

Fair point... they might discontinue Paper Mario if it does badly though...

Mr. L Productions
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3 days to go!

9 days ago
This site is also very good https://www.toptheblog.com
Mr. L Productions
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28 Hours to Go!

Watchman Bozzo
8 days ago
2I'll just put this here because all posts is kind of dead right now. I had a really weird dream about Origami King... First, there was some extra backstory about Olivia... Or, was it even Olivia? I knew it was a Princess or someone of the sort, who did end up being replaced by Olivia later in the dream. There was also another Origami person, who wore blue and lived on a Dock in the Shogun Studios region. Though, I think my brain tried to connect it to a person to another dream I had a while ago, which involved Hollow Knight and there was a new area inside of an Isopod shell. Well, after all of that, I was fighting a boss, but unlike the others, Mario was in the center of a circle again. It was a Circle with different colored sections in it, and I had to slam it's pieces on the center while timing my moves right to make it work. Everything else is kind of foggy but I might've climbed something...
Mr. L Productions

Wow ok... I just had a dream about Cackletta's Soul again... and I kept failing.... I HATE HER SPINNING ARMS!

Mr. L Productions
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It went well...

Mr. L Productions
7 days ago
Even more excitement! Shy oh my, oh my! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTrMjUZA6Rc
7 days ago