TGS: The 3DS Slide Pad Expansion Isn't Ridiculous
Posted by IGN Sep 15 2011 10:52 GMT in Nintendo News
- Like?
My first reaction when I saw Nintendo's 3DS Slide Pad Expansion was disbelief. There was no doubt in my mind the system should have always had a second analog stick, but this as a solution? This seemed to be the worst way possible to do it. A clunky cradle that adds significant bulk to an already so-so system design? Not so hot. Today, however, my opinion is changing a bit. I've had time to hold the device in my hands. Honestly, it's not that bad...

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wtf, it requires a battery?

Reply by Francis Sep 15 2011 14:32 GMT
I never thought that having parts of your controller die on you would ever be a problem
Reply by DarkBlueAce Sep 15 2011 18:39 GMT
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