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SAMMER BOWL SUNDAY is almost here! Similar to last year, it will take place in the betalands and consist of two parts: Character and Battle. Instead of submitting your sprite to me, you will create it in-game with the new Item creation tools. Just click Edit Items and then New Body to draw your equippable body and/or head. For bonus points, give your sammer guy a themed area.

Battle will begin Sunday and the best fighter (taking into account kills/deaths) wins.

The winners will be forever immortalized in stone for all to admire.
May the bits be ever in your favor



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Super Sammer Bowl Galaxy
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i wish the be the little girl

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i like how you use the events to test out new features, franis; good on you
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Punching inflicts 2 damage. Projectiles inflict 1 damage with less knock-back, and if hit by projectile you regain your jumps. You can see the current standings here:
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Oh shit, I forgot all about this. Why did you post this thread only 4 days before?
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I rely on the Super Bowl to do the advertising for me. but ill accept entries tomorrow if you are working one.
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super smash bros prequel

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the original Sammer Bowl Champion has returned, Seeker of Bukkit

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ok i made... something

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nobody wins sammerbowl
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even more nobody wins the sammer bowl

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Winner: Gold Prognosticus' Shooter of Bullets and runner-up: Ignorant's ripper of bongs. They excelled in both style and battle.

You can see everyone in the Hall of Sammer by going down on the trophy.

Reply by Francis Feb 12 2014 07:17 GMT I think my head is drifting off somewhat.
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the heads are matched to bodies by name
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