Posted by Francis Feb 23 2014 23:18 GMT in Feedback
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http://digibutter.nerr.biz/posts - you must be logged in here (nerr 2.0) to join over there. I'm just making sure the basic posting and replies work. It's basically a bigger chat box with replies. Newest posts are at the bottom.

The header shows what's going on in the first door in betalands "Digibutter Header"


fixed firefox login

Reply by Francis Feb 24 2014 01:03 GMT
Technology has gone too far.
Reply by Popple Feb 24 2014 01:58 GMT
we must go further
Reply by Francis Feb 24 2014 02:04 GMT
First of all, what happened to my sammer body? Second, custom bodies don't show up in the header.
Reply by MM Feb 24 2014 11:26 GMT
How do post with phone???
Reply by Super-Claus Feb 24 2014 13:00 GMT
posting with phone works for me (at least on Android 4.4 with chrome 32)
Reply by Francis Feb 24 2014 14:11 GMT
added LIKE and DISLIKE
Reply by Francis Feb 27 2014 07:26 GMT
Reply by Fortran Feb 27 2014 07:42 GMT


Reply by MM Feb 27 2014 21:36 GMT
Added Users Online list
Reply by Francis Mar 02 2014 17:48 GMT
You can now flip the order of posts so it's newest at top. Though I should probably keep it newest at bottom when you open a topic.
Reply by Francis Mar 07 2014 14:42 GMT
added a button to load Topics Only
Reply by Francis Mar 10 2014 23:12 GMT

Bump, sick of having to scroll down to find it

Reply by Doopliss Apr 06 2014 10:52 GMT
Reply by Fortran Apr 13 2014 18:38 GMT
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 13 2014 19:07 GMT
francis put a link to nerr 3.0 next to betalands link already, *crag*
Reply by Fortran Apr 14 2014 04:00 GMT
bumping once again
Reply by Fortran Apr 18 2014 02:02 GMT
I will die in two weeks.
Reply by Fortran Apr 23 2014 06:38 GMT
rip fortran 2002-2014
Reply by Ignorant Apr 23 2014 19:05 GMT
added the News Feed, forums (sort of), and link previews
Reply by Francis Apr 28 2014 12:07 GMT
I still see nard 2.0 on my mobile phone
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 28 2014 12:17 GMT
crump you have to go to http://digibutter.nerr.biz/posts
eventually i will update the homepage
Reply by Francis Apr 28 2014 14:09 GMT
Added a simple sidebar chat that anonymous users can use. Also changed the default ordering to be newest-at-top
Reply by Francis May 01 2014 16:09 GMT
Topics now open up in the sidebar chat.
Reply by Francis May 16 2014 14:20 GMT
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