REVIEW: [GOOD] Link's second DS adventure be a little too "on-rails", but be back on the right track. ye best choo-choose t' play it.
Posted by Francis Jul 19 2010 03:21 GMT in The Legend a Zelda: Spirit Tracks
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Zelda Spirit Tracks has Link, a lowly train engineer, tasked with restoring the kingdom's disappearing railroad tracks.  The ghost a Princess Zelda be yer sidekick, who hopes t' be reunited with the wench demon-possessed body.

The main quest consists a:

  1. Drive train t' new temple (sometimes ye have t' do a side quest t' pillage there)
  2. Beat temple t' unlock next floor a the Spirit Tower.  Drive back t' tower.
  3. Beat new floor by using Zelda t' control Phantoms.  Unlock new tracks.
  4. Repeat 1-3

The temples 'n tower floors all had enjoyable puzzles offered new experiences new t' Zelda.  Some classic bottles a rum return, 'n the new bottles a rum be creative 'n fun t' use.  Thank goodness ye dont have t' repeat the same temple over 'n over like ye did in Phantom Hourglass.

Driving the train be much better than the boat a Phantom Hourglass, IMO.  Instead a wandering around a vast ocean, ye almost always know exactly where t' go 'n how t' pillage there.  ye still have t' actually ride the train there (which kinda feels like Pac-Man), but usually ye pillage there quick enough t' not be frustrating.  Also the wild-west-ish music be catchy.

me biggest gripe be that the gameplay be a little too linear.  There be a few side-quests, but most a them seems t' involve collecting stuff 'n shuttling cargo around the map.  Being restricted t' railroad tracks doesn't sail away much for exploration.  All the towns be very small with only a few buildings 'n people.  Maybe a linear adventure be better suited for a portable system, but hopefully the Zelda series be not eventually reduced t' just a collection a dungeons.

Bottom line: Zelda:ST improves on Zelda:PH in every way.  it be worth playing just t' see the charming interactions between Link 'n Zelda.


Reply by Monocleton Jul 19 2010 04:24 GMT
>reviewing a game that came out half a year ago
Reply by MM Jul 19 2010 17:12 GMT
Amazingly, some people don't pillage a game the day it comes out, or can beat it in a few days. I probably could have left out the game description stuff, but eh, whatever.
Reply by Francis Jul 19 2010 17:54 GMT
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