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Wonder Woman Picks Batman Over Superman - Up at Noon
ign.com posted by IGN Apr 14 2014 19:01 GMT
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Susan Eisenberg, the definitive voice of Diana Prince, comes to Up at Noon and sounds off on the Amazon's true love.
DC Universe Online, Summarized In A Single Minute
i.kinja-img.com posted by Kotaku Mar 27 2014 10:20 GMT
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Lex Luthor again, with his arrogance and the moral high ground... Lore and their take on DC Universe Online's backstory, complete with a silly Brainiac, make the game look a bit better than it actually is.Read more...
New DC Universe Online DLC: Amazon Fury Part I
blog.us.playstation.com posted by PlayStation Blog Mar 20 2014 16:32 GMT
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Gotham is under siege! The first of a three-part series of DLC Packs, Amazon Fury Part I, will soon reveal that Wonder Woman’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, has allied with Circe and launched an attack on the world of man – starting with Gotham City. This is purportedly a response to the Brainiac attack on Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira. This conflict pits mother against daughter, with Wonder Woman leading the Amazonian resistance to the Queen’s aggression. The flashpoint of the conflict is in central Gotham City, where Amazonian forces loyal to the Queen have encased the southern half of the city in a mystical barrier, and have started to destroy everything within. Heroes have joined forces with Wonder Woman and her Rebel army as they try to save Gotham City from Hippolyta’s brutal attack. Villains align themselves with Hippolyta and Circe to help advance the front lines of the battle and crush all who oppose them overtaking Gotham City.

New Open World Solo Missions

Players will travel to an alternate version of Gotham City – Gotham Under Siege. From there, Heroes and Villains will each have access to Daily Solo Missions and Bounty Missions. The bounty mission will direct players to one of four locations within Amazon-controlled Gotham City where they are charged with defeating an iconic boss. Heroes will combat Catwoman, Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, or Cheetah, while Villains will fight Donna Droy, Wonder Girl, Nightwing, or Supergirl.



Amazon Fury Part I’s Iconic Visions, Duos, and Alert all take place in Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island. This is one the biggest and the most beautiful instances we’ve ever seen in DC Universe Online. Fans of Wonder Woman will love what we’ve done with the place since Battle for Earth and will have a chance to see a lot more of the island than just the Gates of Tartarus.

Iconic Visions

Iconic Visions will allow players to assume the role of an iconic character in the DC Universe and play through a mission that is a memory of an important event related to that character. In this case, we’re focusing on Wonder Woman and Circe.

In Circe’s Trial, the player will experience the moment when Circe convinces Hippolyta to allow her to join the war against Gotham City. The player will relive this event through the actions of Circe. The player, as Circe, will have to fight, sneak, or manipulate her way through Themyscira and into the Hippolyta’s war.

During Wonder Woman’s Iconic Vision, Aegis of Truth, the Player will experience the moment when the Amazons of Themyscira splinter into two factions: one that remains loyal to Hippolyta and another that follows Wonder Woman’s rebellion. The player will relive this event through the eyes of Wonder Woman. As Wonder Woman, the player will confront Hippolyta, discover that she is bringing war to the mortals, and begin her rebellion.


Duos and Alert

Amazon Fury Part I brings two Duos and one Alert to DCUO as the war explodes across Paradise Island.

Duo – Port of Paradise

The players’ mission will be to strike against the enemy faction’s docks, crucial to the war effort. When things go awry, it will be up to players to win a decisive victory for their side.

Duo – Supply Lines

Supplying the fight in Gotham City is no easy task, and it’s where both sides are most vulnerable. Players will need to assist, defending supplies en route and taking on enemies attempting to stop them in the Warehouse Division.

Alert – Themyscira Divided

The Amazon civil war reaches its peak as Heroes launch an all out assault on the Loyalist forces of Hippolyta, and villains move to end Wonder Woman’s Rebel forces once and for all.

Weapon Mastery

Weapon Mastery will allow players to spend Skill Points to “master” one to three weapons, allowing them to transition from one weapon to specific weapon combos of another. The system will expand the depth of combat and add new opportunity to execute combos with even greater skill. Players will both look and feel badass as they take on Amazon Fury Part I’s new challenges.

Welcome to Tier 6

Amazon Fury Part I will bring with it a new gear tier – Tier 6. Not only will this gear reach new levels of power, but it will also continue the trend that we started with War of the Light Part I, focusing on slimmer-fitting gear styles. Speaking of style, we’re drawing from Amazonian heritage to create beautiful, streamlined armor and gear pieces.

Amazon Fury Part I is planned to launch this Spring. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see all that we have in store!

DC Universe Online: New Characters, Operations and More
blog.us.playstation.com posted by PlayStation Blog Jan 28 2014 16:00 GMT
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The War of the Light has begun! The first of a three-part series of DLC Packs, War of the Light Part I will incorporate several of the fantastic additions to the Green Lantern canon of the past few years. We’ll be adding even more Green Lantern depth to DC Universe Online over the course of the trilogy. Part I will feature new four-player and eight-player Operations, new Legends characters, and a new Red Lantern-inspired power – Rage.


New Operations

Launching with War of the Light Part I is a new version of Metropolis, separate from the version in the core game. Set just after the events of Braniac’s Battle for Earth, it will be the canvas on which the entire War of the Light Trilogy of DLCs will be drawn. In part one, mysterious colored mists have appeared in the city. The mists are beginning to alter the behavior of the citizens of Metropolis, causing them to exhibit emotions linked to those colors: topaz elicits fear, crimson mist – rage, azure – hope, emerald – determination, and purple – love. The various Lantern Corps have come to Earth to determine what connection these mists have with the Emotional Spectrum, and in the process they’ve begun the War of the Light. In low Earth orbit, Mogo and Ranx, moon-sized members of the Green and Yellow Lanterns respectively, have arrived. You can see a battle between these Titans from the streets of Metropolis.

Players will answer the call to arms by undertaking any of three new Operations per faction: two four-player Operations and one eight-player Operation per side. These operations take players into all new environments, to Mogo and Ranx, in addition to the streets of Metropolis. Players will interact with both new and old iconic characters from DCUO. One of the more exciting aspects is the way the mist can sometimes take control of an iconic character, infusing them with raw emotional might and turning them into a powerful avatar of Will, Fear, Rage or Hope. Two of my favorites are Yellow Lantern Black Adam and Blue Lantern Flash. In addition to the mist-infused iconics, we’re also introducing many new characters: Red Lantern Guy Gardner, Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner, Brother Warth, Bleeze, and Arisia, among others. There will be a lot to enjoy for our comic book fans. Best of all, this is only the beginning!


Rage Powers

Rage is inspired by the Red Lantern Corps, and is a Tank/Damage power that incorporates a brand new tanking mechanic – Rage Crash. It’s a unique power that can be used by both Heroes and Villains.

Inspired by the Red Lanterns, who derive their power from the Red Light of the Emotional Spectrum, Rage powers will channel this light to great effect. Heroes and Villains will be able to channel this light using a new power ring unique to DC Universe Online, similar to the green and yellow power rings already in the game. This red power ring will tap into the Rage of the emotional spectrum to create plasma attacks, hard light constructs, and energy blasts. The ring will also keep Rage in check, so players can take control of their destiny.

Unique to the power is the Rage Crash mechanic. When players activate certain abilities, it will send them into an enraged state. While enraged, damage is instantly healed – for a time. As soon as the rage subsides, all damage taken during that time is instantly reapplied, in a “Rage Crash.” There are ways to mitigate and even avoid the crash, but it will take practice and skill. In the right hands, it can be devastating, and really fits the emotion from which it is named.

New Legends Characters

War of the Light Part I also brings two new Legends characters to the game, Saint Walker and Atrocitus. Saint Walker, as a member of the Blue Lantern Corps, wields the blue light of Hope. His fighting style is martial arts, fitting for a warrior monk. He has some great combos, very effective protective abilities, and a powerful finisher with a great new animation.

Atrocitus is a beast. He is an offensive powerhouse, but requires Rage-like mastery to stay alive and fighting. He can go into a Rage that instantly heals incoming damage, and does not have to worry about a Rage Crash.

New Gear and Styles

There are three new Lantern-inspired styles to collect in War of the Light Part I. Inspired by the Green, Yellow, and Red Lantern Corps, the designs are detailed yet sleek. They are also designed to mix-and-match to allow players to create unique and varied combinations, while still looking like they belong in the ranks of each Corps. For the first time in DC Universe Online, you will be able to collect style gear with the Corps logos attached. Heroes will be able to earn the Green Lantern inspired gear, while villains can earn the Sinestro Corps inspired gear. Both factions will be able to obtain the Red Lantern inspired gear, to go along with the new Rage powers.

Log in today to master Rage, compete in Legends, and pick a side in the War of the Light!

Happy Holidays from DC Universe Online!
blog.us.playstation.com posted by PlayStation Blog Dec 24 2013 17:00 GMT
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Hello everyone,

It has been a busy year. We released three major downloadable content packs – introducing new powers, Legends Characters and storylines – and made an abundance of quality of life improvements to the game. Of course, the biggest accomplishment was launching on the PlayStation 4 system and bringing more friends into our ever-growing community.


While the process was challenging at times, the team really rose to the occasion and our launch on Sony’s most powerful console has been a resounding success. The game looks great visually and the gameplay is exceptionally smooth. We are thrilled that players on both the PS3 and PS4 can play together and have the ability to access their accounts on either console. We have no doubt that we have a long and bright future on both consoles.

We couldn’t have accomplished all of this without you – our players. Your support and feedback have kept DCUO going strong for nearly three years.


So, what’s in store for next year? To kick it off, we have some special activities planned to celebrate our third anniversary in January. We’ve already announced that Armories – one of the biggest features to enter DCUO – and War of the Light Part I DLC are on the docket for 2014, but you’re going to see a lot more than that. Also slated for next year is a UI revamp, release of the Mobile Mainframe companion app, a new storyline featuring the Amazons, and more.

Stay up to date on all the big news by checking back to the PlayStation Blog and our website. We’ll see you in 2014!

DC Universe Online's next DLC means nothing without playable cats.
kotaku.com posted by Kotaku Dec 11 2013 22:00 GMT
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DC Universe Online's next DLC means nothing without playable cats. In The War of the Light Part 1, players meet the hopeful Blue Lanterns and take on the rage-fueled powers of the Red Lanterns, but f they can't be the greatest of the Red Lanterns, then what's the point? Read about all the non-lava-vomiting-cat-inclusive changes coming in the MMO's ninth big update here. Read more...
DC Universe Online Isn't Like Other PS4 Launch Titles
kotaku.com posted by Kotaku Nov 15 2013 23:52 GMT
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DC Universe Online is not a PlayStation 4 original. It's not a recently-released big budget third-party title. It's not an indie darling. It's a nearly three-year-old, free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game — a different sort launch title, with a different set of issues. Read more...
DC Universe Online 're-launches' on PS4, remains compatible with PS3 game
blog.us.playstation.com posted by Joystiq Nov 08 2013 01:00 GMT
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When Sony Online Entertainment launches the PlayStation 4 incarnation of DC Universe Online on November 15, the game will look shiny and new, even if under the hood it's largely the same adventure.

As you'd expect, the PlayStation 4 game will look much better than its predecessor. According to senior creative producer Jens Andersen, the DC Universe Online team has reworked much of the original game's art for the new platform. "We're targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second," stated Andersen.

Most crucially, players on either the PS4 or PS3 side of DC Universe Online will be able to play alongside one another. No new content is being added to the PS4 game that's not already available in its predecessor, so this cross-compatibility shouldn't throw off the game's balance. Further, Andersen mentions a number of tweaks to core game systems that should make the learning curve less daunting while also rendering the game as a whole more intuitive to new players.

You can find more details on what to expect when DC Universe Online hits the PlayStation 4 at Sony's official PlayStation.blog.
DC Universe Online on PS4: Your Questions Answered
blog.us.playstation.com posted by PlayStation Blog Nov 06 2013 17:03 GMT
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Hello, everyone. My name is Jens Andersen, aka @Spytle, and I’m the Senior Creative Director on DC Universe Online. When PlayStation first put a callout for DCUO PS4 questions on Twitter, I was excited to see them roll in; it was hard to keep myself from answering them right away, but I managed to restrain myself.

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions — it’s great to see so much interest in DC Universe Online on PS4. I’m excited to finally start answering them, so without further adieu, let’s get started.


@Arkham_InmateJH: What exactly is changing with DC Universe Online? (source)

Jens Andersen: There are a ton of things changing in DCUO right around the time of the PS4 launch — many of these will be available on all platforms.

First of all, players will see the amazing power of PS4 popping off the screen thanks to the art enhancements we made to the PS3 assets. The game looks and runs amazingly smooth — performance has really improved. We’re targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second.

We’ve also decided to treat this like a re-launch of the game; we’ve received lots of feedback from our veteran players, and we wanted to apply it so new players on the PS4 could benefit from it. For example, the leveling curve has been adjusted, messaging improved, and all kinds of tweaks and polish to the content itself occurred.

‏@drzfr3shboialex: Will it be available on PS4 launch day? (source)

Andersen: I’m happy to answer “yes!” DCUO will be available for download on PS4 at the console’s launch.

@jaydawg6958: Will the subscription model change? (source)

Andersen: No. There is no change to the current membership models. There is an additional perk for players that are PlayStation Plus subscribers, but that’s more of an addition than a change. I don’t have the final details on what that benefit is right now.



@BartAllen2: Will there be any special feats/items exclusive for PS4 launch or otherwise? (source)

Andersen: There are no exclusive items for the re-launch on PS4. This is mainly due to the fact that PS3 and PS4 will be sharing the same server. When we offer something to new players on a server, we need to offer something for our current players as well, and they need to be different to maintain the exclusivity of it all. This gets kind of complicated, especially when you throw PC players into the mix as well.

Therefore, we decided it was best to just keep everything equal and not make anyone feel left out because they didn’t move to PS4 — we’ve seen it breed resentment in our community and we thought it best to avoid it altogether.

@Gaminggumper: Are there plans to use the touchpad to ease menu navigations? (source)

Andersen: Yes, but nothing too major at first. We’ll need to use it as a button — specifically the select button functionality from a PS3 controller will now be activated by the touch pad. We have plans to use it for scrolling in menus, as well as zooming in and out of maps with the “pinching” action people are used to on their mobile devices.

@HabinoBR: Will the PS4 version interact with the Vita somehow? (source)

Andersen: Yes, there will be remote play on the Vita. This is a really exciting feature and we’re thrilled to support it.

@_Bonesy: Will it have updated graphics ? (source)

Andersen: Yes, it does. Not only were the existing assets increased in fidelity from the PS3 version, we also spent a significant amount of time adding new elements to the open world that make it even more immersive than before. I think players will love the changes to the environment.

For example, Centennial Park looks like a real crash site now, and there are some terrific volumetric fog effects that add a new level of depth to many of the areas in the city.

@reaperkiddo64: Are there gonna be new characters to play as? (source)

Andersen: Our DLC releases will continue as usual. Recently we added several new Legends characters, and a new Super Power with our Sons of Trigon DLC. The next one up is part one of the War of the Light. Expect to see some new Legends characters, and another new power added when it goes live.

‏@tiny_tim31: Do characters from PS3 transfer over? (source)

Andersen: Yes they do. Players can expect to pick up exactly where they left off on the PS3 version when they fire up DCUO on PS4. Players just need to sign in with their existing account and they’re good to go.


@protomelvin: Will all content available in the PS3 version be available day one on the PS4 version? (source)

Andersen: Yes. Everything that’s available in the game right now will be available on PS4. We plan on supporting both platforms, along with the PC, going forward.

@RockfallDCUO: Will I be able to continue to play DCUO with friends who have PS3 and I’m on PS4? (source)

Andersen: I’m thrilled to be able to say “Yes!” to this one. We wanted to make sure that the release of DCUO on PS4 was not a homewrecker. We know there are lots of people from lots of different walks of life that find themselves in the same league, and enjoy playing with one another in game.

We realized some people would be early adopters of the new platform, and others would wait to buy one. We felt it was very important to maintain cohesion within the community, so we decided to let them play on the same servers.

@AmericanNinja: Will there be any second screen support with the PS App or PS Vita? (source)

Andersen: There is a Companion App in the works right now for DCUO. We look forward to finally rolling it out on iOS and Android devices in the very near future. Players will be able to see all kinds of information about the game and each other using the app.

It looks sweet and is very easy to use. We look forward to expanding it once the community gets their hands on it and tells us what we need to tweak to suit their needs.

So, thanks for all the great questions. It’s been a real privilege to field them. Take care and see you in DCUO on PS3, PC, and soon… PS4!

DC Universe Online Expands For An Eighth Time
rockpapershotgun.com posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sep 04 2013 09:00 GMT
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Two pieces of news here. Firstly, the DC MMO is receiving a new update, Sons Of Trigon, that adds a Gotham City mission featuring either Wonder Woman or Circe, in an effort to defeat Trigon. And secondly, the word “Eighth” looks really weird when you type it out.


DC Universe Online: Sons of Trigon DLC Launching Today
blog.us.playstation.com posted by PlayStation Blog Sep 03 2013 20:17 GMT
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Hello PlayStation fans. Starting today, our latest DLC pack — Sons of Trigon — will go live! For this eighth DLC, we’ve packed in brand new Celestial Powers, new solo and group adventures, and an amazing looking new open zone: the Gotham Wastelands.

Sons of Trigon picks up where the “Sins of the Father” storyline from the core game left off, with the demon lord Trigon ready to break free of his bonds, intent on destroying Earth. The influence of this powerful villain has already been felt across the world of DC Universe Online, and it will be up to you to either stop it or use it to your advantage.


Trigon Unleashed

Circe and Brother Blood were successful in releasing Trigon from his dimension, but the Sentinels of Magic were ready. They performed a counter-hex, placing a protective barrier around our realm. The barrier trapped Trigon between his world and ours, resulting in the creation of an in-between dimension — the Gotham Wastelands — a version of Gotham City that is rapidly approaching Hell. Players will see familiar Gotham landmarks, such as the Cathedral and Knightsdome, twisted, broken and corrupted by Trigon’s presence in this realm.

With Trigon at his most vulnerable, Trigon’s sons have come forth to vie for his power. The six sons represent six of the seven deadly sins: Wrath (Jared), Envy (Jesse), Lust (Jacob), Sloth (Jack), Gluttony (Julius), and Greed (James). Trigon’s sons seek the family reunion from Hell — to be joined with the seventh sin, Pride (Raven), and their father. But like any family reunion, it’s rife with sibling rivalry.

The sons vie for their father’s affection, all desiring that which Raven refused: to be his vessel and gain ultimate power. To strengthen the power of sin, the sons have sent demons to the mortal plane to abduct innocent souls. These souls are dragged through portals to the Gotham Wastelands, where they are tortured in order to fill the coffers of the sin demons. Once enough sin has been gathered, Trigon can be awoken from his forced slumber.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and the Titans are trying desperately to keep Raven from temptation, and to keep the children of sin from releasing their father, and endangering the entire universe. Circe and Brother Blood have their own desires to release Trigon, and will not let the sons interfere.


Small Group Content

Unlike our last DLC, Origin Crisis, Sons of Trigon will focus on small group content. By that, I mean that it will focus on Solo and Duo content rather than the Raids and longer Operations that were the soul of Origin Crisis. Sons of Trigon will also feature a fantastic four-player Alert — complete with our first “big boss” — Trigon himself.

Going forward, we intend to switch back and forth between large and small group content in each DLC. I know there are players that prefer one type to the other, and we don’t want them to wait too long for their favorite.

Celestial Powers

With Sons of Trigon, players get a new power, Celestial, which will grant the player the Healer Role at level 10. Celestial Powers are divine and demonic, light and dark, holy and unholy. The key to effective play is to achieve equilibrium through spiritual balance combos, simply called Celestial Combos. These leverage the same type of combos that are used in our weapons. Celestial Combo abilities are more powerful than default powers, and can be combined to devastating effect. Celestial is ideal for anyone that always wanted a more active healer — a battle healer, destined for the thick of combat.


Sons of Trigon Overview
  • Solo Content
    • Solo Daily Missions in the Gotham Wastelands (with separate base camps for Heroes and Villains).

Group Content Three Duos: ruined Cathedral (featuring Wrath), Knightsdome Arena (featuring Envy), Tunnel of Lust (featuring Lust). Alert: Trigon’s Prison Weekly Bounties: take on the shattered soul projections of Raven in the Gotham Wastelands, found raving somewhere near the central Mausoleum. Villains will be sent to defeat her Good projection, while Heroes will be sent to defeat her Evil projection. Both versions of Raven will be a group boss (Suggested: four or more players).

New Powertype Celestial: Healer/Damage

New Gear Two Iconic Suits: for Heroes, the Prideful set (inspired by Raven). And for Villains, the Blood-Cursed set (inspired by Brother Blood). Two Suits inspired by the new Celestial Powertype: Corrupted and Exalted, available to both Heroes and Villains. Collection Reward Items: eight total (One inspired by Nightwing, and seven inspired by DLC8 NPCs). Demonic Weapon Set: all 11 weapon types (available as loot from the Trigon’s Prison Alert).

New Player Base Items: 34 new base items

New Legends Donna Troy Cheetah

There’s much more to see in Sons of Trigon, so be sure to check it out when it goes live today! See you in game!

Sony Online Entertainment is bringing both PlanetSide 2 and the already-on-PS3 DC Universe Online to
posted by Kotaku Jun 05 2013 21:45 GMT
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Sony Online Entertainment is bringing both PlanetSide 2 and the already-on-PS3 DC Universe Online to the PlayStation 4 later this year. That's two downloadable free-to-play MMOs right out of the starting gate.
Some wild quantum powers, including the ability to "blink" or teleport out of harm's way, arrive tod
blog.us.playstation.com posted by Kotaku May 14 2013 14:45 GMT
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Some wild quantum powers, including the ability to "blink" or teleport out of harm's way, arrive today with Origin Crisis, the seventh DLC extension for DC Universe Online. Operations, raids and time travels explore such possibilities as evil Batman and good Luthor. This post explains how it all fits together.
Let's Go Apartment Hunting in Gotham City with DC Universe Online
kotaku.com posted by Kotaku Feb 03 2013 18:00 GMT
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#whimsy In July I moved back to my hometown to buy a house. After nearly 20 years of renting, I was grateful to never again worry about noisy upstairs neighbors, proximity to a laundromat, rent increases, security deposits or apartment hunting. More »
"Home Turf" for DC Universe Online Lets You Build Your Own Super Hideout
kotaku.com posted by Kotaku Jan 24 2013 16:00 GMT
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#dcuniverseonline It's been a good long while since I last logged into DC Universe Online. I forget where I left my villain—he's probably standing in the rafters at Club L'Excellence. Home Turf, however, a DLC expansion SOE announced yesterday with this video, might get me to return. And the good news is that, despite what that trailer says at the end, it has a release date: next Tuesday. More »
Watch Nastasia Pump Herself Up For DC Universe Online: Hand of Fate
posted by MM Sep 25 2012 00:44 GMT
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aw hell yea HOOK ME UP NIGGA
Super! DC Universe Online Adds Hand Of Fate
dcuniverseonline.com posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sep 19 2012 11:00 GMT
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Are you playing DC Universe Online? The F2P MMO is trundling along, just adding its new DLC pack Hand Of Fate, but you don’t hear too much about it. I always feel a bit sorry for DC. Marvel has, well, all the cool superheros, and DC have that utter dick Batman, and Mr Boring Cape, Superman. (That’s an uncontroversial statement on which there’s unanimity, right?) This is the fifth DLC for the free-if-you-want-it-to-be world, only a year and a half into its lifetime. You can see the somewhat uninformative trailer below.


Hand of Fate: New DC Universe Online DLC Adds Heroic and Villainous Episodes
dcuniverseonline.com posted by PlayStation Blog Sep 17 2012 18:01 GMT
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Tomorrow, DC Universe Online‘s latest DLC pack, Hand of Fate, will go live. Hand of Fate is our fifth DLC pack, and it will be unlike anything we’ve offered to date. We’re incredibly excited for you to check it out.

We have designed this DLC to get you and your friends fighting again in DCUO’s open world. We want you back out there, battling in the DC Universe’s most storied locations – Gotham City and Metropolis. With the massive open world areas in the game, we felt it was time that we enriched these areas in unexpected ways to give you a deeper gameplay experience as you encounter the world and other players.

The content is high-fidelity, but serial in nature – our high-end players will definitely enjoy this. We have new group missions we call Operations, as well as more than 60 unique side missions. Additionally, we have added the Utility Belt Attachments feature. This is a fun upgrade that will give you more flexibility in combat by allowing you to use more than just a single trinket or consumable item in your loadout, and will also give you more freedom to use some of those fun toys you’ve had stashed away in your inventory. The producer’s letter I posted when we announced the DLC pack goes into detail about Operations, Side Missions, and the Utility Belt.

What I didn’t dive into in my letter is some of the DLC’s back story. Hand of Fate focuses on two of the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe, Doctor Fate and Felix Faust. The storylines that weave through the DLC are classic tales of magic and mystery, and as we all know, when there is magic involved, anything can happen. In this particular case, at the bidding of Doctor Fate (heroes) or Felix Faust (villains), you will undertake three new Heroic and three new Villainous episodes. Each episode will start in the inner sanctum of these legendary characters, where the story begins with an intense encounter against the episode’s adversaries. After you defeat them, Doctor Fate or Felix Faust will instruct you on the next step of your mission, which will take place in the open world.


For the first time in DCUO, Heroes and Villains will have unique content, with three new missions for each group. If you’re a hero, you’ll align with Doctor Fate, and help the Lords of Order protect innocent souls from the forces of darkness. In the Operation “A Black Dawn” – Tala, the mistress of Hell, uses her demonic powers to unleash an apocalyptic army upon Gotham City and Metropolis. It’s up to you and seven of your heroic allies to stop her. In “With a Vengeance” – Eclipso’s rage flows through the streets of Metropolis, and only those brave enough to stand against him will save the city from his wrath. This is also an 8-Man Operation. In the 4-player Operation “Wayward Souls” – Felix Faust is raising spirits and stealing souls to bargain for more power; but he foolishly stored them inside the behemoth Solomon Grundy and created an even bigger threat to Gotham City.

If you’re of the Villainous persuasion, you’ll join forces with Felix Faust and reap the rewards of his contracts. In “Unpaid Dues” – Faust has drawn the ire of the League of Assassins for defiling the Lazarus waters in Kahndaq. Now Ra’s al Ghul himself seeks revenge for this offense. This is an 8-man Operation. Another 8-man mission, “Seeds of Rot” – sees Faust attempting to create a sapling from the Tree of Rot. But Swamp Thing, defender of the Green, tries to oppose him before the tree’s influence falls into Faust’s hands. Finally, “Soulful Alchemy” is a 4-man Operation that starts with Faust making a bargain that has gone awry, now he must pay a debt — or the ultimate price. Countless lives hang in the balance as Faust tries to sacrifice innocent souls to save his own.

In addition, there will be 60 Side Missions – 30 for each side – for players to uncover while they tackle the six new episodes in the DLC. These missions will drop as rewards, and will be added to the mission journal when used. These missions will take players all over Metropolis and Gotham City as they attempt to accomplish the goals set before them. Players will feel the power of their characters as they return to some of their early adventures in the city streets – only now the old foes before them wither under their might. But new dangers have arisen, and they should not be taken lightly.

As you can see, there is tons of new content in Hand of Fate that will keep you entertained for hours, so dive in and check it out. See you in game!

Updates Overwhelming: ME3′s Earth, Aquaman In DCUO
masseffect.com posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jul 18 2012 13:00 GMT
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We live in a terrifying world of constant change. You might, for instance, neatly tuck each of your games into bed a night and gingerly kiss them on the cheek, safe in the knowledge that – when you awake – they’ll be there waiting, same as always. But honestly, who knows? They could just suddenly update and transform into strange, multi-tendriled monstrosities. You could awake from your dreams right into a living nightmare. Or, you know, you could just get some Earth-bound levels in Mass Effect and – oh gosh – Aquaman in DC Universe Online. OK, yeah, I’m sticking with the nightmare thing.


DC Universe Online Marketplace Sale Starts Today
Facebook.com posted by PlayStation Blog Jul 03 2012 14:16 GMT
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Did somebody say SALE? Starting later today and lasting until July 10, 2012 in North America, the SOE Summer Sizzle is coming to the DC Universe Online PS3 in-game marketplace. In our first-ever sale for PS3 players, we’re discounting all items in the in-game marketplace by 50%. This sale has been in the works for several months, and we believe the effort will pay off for our players. We have long wanted to offer a sale like this to our loyal PS3 players, and we really hope to do more of these in the future.


So maybe you need to stock up on Replay Badges, re-spec your Power Type, or finally get some Prometheum Keys to open up those Lock Boxes that have been cluttering your inventory – now is the time! From Style Items to Vault Tickets, everything in the in-game marketplace is half off starting with today’s PlayStation Store update.

So tell us what you think in the comments below, or track us down and Like us at Facebook. We love to hear what you guys have to say because it’s the community that helps make DCUO better. Have a great summer, and we hope you enjoy the sale. We’ll see you in-game!

Developer Diary: Voice Cast
posted by GameTrailers Jun 18 2012 17:50 GMT
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Mark Hamill takes you through life as the Joker, plus Adam Baldwin voices Superman, in this developer diary for DC Universe Online.
DC Universe Online Brings the PvP With “The Last Laugh” Tomorrow
blog.us.playstation.com posted by PlayStation Blog Jun 18 2012 13:00 GMT
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Welcome back from E3! I’m sure you all are pretty pumped for what’s to come this year in the video game world. A slew of new AAA titles, new features, and new announcements from our favorite games. Speaking of our favorite games, as the executive producer of DC Universe Online, it is no surprise that what I’m most excited about coming out of E3 is DC Universe Online’s new DLC pack! That’s right, more new content for a game that is already free-to-play! And the best part is…you don’t have to wait much longer to jump into battle.

Tomorrow, we launch DCUO’s highly anticipated fourth DLC pack: The Last Laugh. We are greatly anticipating the release of this new pack as it is the first time we have created a major update almost entirely focused on player-versus-player (PvP) combat. The Last Laugh will include hours of multiplayer gameplay in the Safe Houses and Headquarters, an all-new weapon, and new Light-Powered and Kryptonian Legends PvP characters.



The story revolves around The Joker, who decides that the Heroes and Villains has been working too closely to defeat Brainiac. His solution? Create some chaos! The Joker hacks into the security systems of the Hero and Villain Safe Houses and Headquarters, thereby allowing for invasion scenarios. With The Last Laugh, we’re introducing Safe House PvP battles, which are four-on-four battles that take place in new maps created using the in-game Safe Houses. What’s more, there are three new game modes as part of the Safe House battles, each with its own unique strategies and objectives. We’re also introducing Headquarter Battles, which are massive eight-on-eight battles that take place in either the Justice League Watchtower, or the Hall of Doom. In all of these battles, iconic DC characters and other NPCs will join the fray to add another challenging layer to the chaotic battles. Lastly, we are giving players a new brawler-style weapon, The Shield, to take down opponents!


We created The Last Laugh purely for the players that like to take the fight to each other in DCUO’s amazing PvP combat. It’s going to be a lot of fun and add so much more to the gameplay experience. I hope you take the opportunity to prove to the world whether heroes or villains will be triumphant — see you in-game!

Mark Hamill returns as The Joker in DC Universe Online expansion
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq May 20 2012 17:00 GMT
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In addition to the player-versus-player goodies the latest DC Universe Online downloadable content pack provides, Mark Hamill will be returning to voice The Joker, and he won't be alone.

"The Last Laugh" DLC pack also features Arleen Sorkin, who returns as Harley Quinn, a role she played in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Adam Baldwin joins the two as Superman, his first video game voiceover role since, well, DC Universe Online. The content is free for Legendary subscribers and can be purchased by free and Premium users via PSN and the game's website.
'The Last Laugh' DLC coming to DC Universe Online in June, adds new PvP content
prnewswire.com posted by Joystiq May 09 2012 07:00 GMT
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The Last Laugh, a new DLC pack that expands player-versus-player options in DC Universe Online, is set to arrive on PC and PlayStation 3 this June. In addition to introducing three different four-on-four battle scenarios (all conjured up by the actions of Batman's nemesis, The Joker), The Last Laugh adds a two-phase, 16-vs-16 scenario in which both sides try to take over the other's Headquarters. And there's a new weapon called The Shield, which can either be used to bash enemies, or hurled for a ranged attack, Captain America-style! (Wait ...)

Finally, there are two new Legends PvP characters to play as: Kilowog the Green Lantern, and Amon Sur from the Sinestro Corps. The pack is a free download for Legendary subscribers, and available for purchase by Free and Premium players. You can see what it all looks like in the gallery below.
New DC Universe Online DLC Tomorrow: The Battle for Earth
dcuniverseonline.com posted by PlayStation Blog Mar 12 2012 17:34 GMT
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This is my first blog post as a member of the DCUO team and I could not be more excited. As a life-long comic book fan and game developer it’s a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to work on a game that includes my two all-time favorite characters: Swamp Thing and Batman.

Today we are launching our largest, most impressive DLC pack yet with The Battle for Earth. There’s a lot to like in this new pack: three Duos, an Alert, two Raids, new gear and rewards and an incredible new power set – Earth Powers – that lets you deal damage or play the Tank role in an exciting new way. My personal favorite new Raid is set in Themyscira, the ancestral home of Wonder Woman. Our team of talented artists did an amazing job crafting this beautiful new zone, and the design team went above and beyond in creating a cooperative combat experience that is fun, challenging and rewarding. You and your friends will need to use all of your skill and a lot of strategy in order to conquer this Raid and take down Brainiac’s Avatar of Magic. The Battle for Earth culminates with a major showdown against Braniac, and sets the stage for a new chapter in the game’s ongoing narrative. I can give you one hint: Future Lex Luthor and Future Batman will be key players in the future of DCUO.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our players, and welcome all of the new folks. We continue to grow and attract thousands of new players every day. That’s good news for everyone as far as I’m concerned. The more people that play the game the richer the experience we can offer. The team is working hard to address feedback from the community and will continue to issue regular game updates, along with quarterly DLC pack releases. It is an incredibly exciting time for DCUO as we’re going to be introducing some great new features this year and I can’t wait to share the details with you. See you in-game!

DC Universe Online's Battle for Earth Begins March 13
kotaku.com posted by Kotaku Mar 02 2012 13:30 GMT
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#dcuniverseonline Brainiac is going down, but he's not going down without a fight. Players looking to help serve the metal menace his final comeuppance should hit up DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3 or PC March 13, when The Battle for Earth expansion goes live. More »
When Amazons Attack: DCUO Expansion
dcuniverseonline.com posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mar 02 2012 12:35 GMT
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The third major expansion for DC Universe Online is due to launch on March 13th, adding Earth-based powers as a ninth set of abilities. With powers such as construct creation and quaking of the earth, this lot are most suitable for players in damage and tank roles. The expansion goes by the name The Battle For Earth and a new raid takes the spandex society to Themyscira, home of the Amazons, so expect plenty of Wonder Woman’s chums and rogues to crop up. Overarching plot elements will move along as well, with preparations for the battle against Brainiac underway and a new quest-line that involves scrapping with Proto-Avatars.


Oceans Apart: Planetside 2 Region Locked?
pcgamer.com posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Feb 24 2012 11:27 GMT
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This is big news for all SOE games, actually, including EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, and Free Realms. PCG points out that SOE are signing a European publishing deal with Germany company ProSiebenStat. According to SOE’s proposals this could mean that SOE customers will no longer be able to play on both American and EU servers, and in fact existing European players are going to be asked to create an account with the new company to transfer characters and continue playing. Of course, people aren’t too happy about that, what with them having relationships with real people outside international boundaries and so forth. The inevitable internet shouting resulted in this response from SOE, indicating that they are “listening”. The upshot of the current proposal would be that Europeans would not be (easily) able to play Planetside 2 with American chums. The RPS Planetside 2 outfit would be divided! Those are tears running down my cheeks.

Brainiac Falls and a Shocking New Threat Rises in DC Universe Online's Battle for Earth
kotaku.com posted by Kotaku Feb 16 2012 02:30 GMT
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#dcuniverseonline Heroes and villains alike have been dealing with the vile machinations of that vile machine Brainiac since the launch of DC Universe Online. With the game's third major downloadable content pack his chapter finally ends and a new evil rises. More »
Happy Birthday, DC Universe Online!
pc.ign.com posted by IGN Jan 11 2012 23:30 GMT
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DC Universe Online turns one today! The game launched on January 11, 2011, and Sony Online Entertainment has released a series of interesting stats in order to celebrate...