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Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jan 16 2015 17:22 GMT
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  • Server IP:
  • Server Password: tippi
  • Mumble Server (it was free so why the hell not) IP:

It took a little longer than expected, but I finally got this thing up and running. I don't plan on renewing unless you guys keep playing, so it's currently set up to run over the next month. Though I don't think I can enforce it, everyone starting fresh so we're all at the same point would probably add to the effect.

I'll check it out once the stable update goes live
Gold Prognosticus
The subscription for the current game has expired, but it's easy enough for me to re-purchase if/when people are interested.

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Feb 25 2014 11:00 GMT
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There are already lots of things in Starbound. Even in beta, the game is a vast sandbox of possibility and weird cave-dwelling gum creatures that shriek and bounce at you like a pogo stick possessed by the soul of a deathrow inmate. It’s a big place, but this is only just the beginning. Previously, developer Chucklefish wriggly giggled out word of directors, mods, and a PVP endgame, but those lofty goals are in the far flung future. On the horizon, meanwhile, is a complete overhaul of the infinite voxel universe’s progression system, which is currently just a series of intergalactic gates. The plan, however, is to make it more like a Metroidvania that will ultimately split off into three main paths: adventuring, building, and farming. I can’t wait to have my own corral of horrifying night terror space sheep.

… [visit site to read more]

Posted by Kotaku Feb 11 2014 01:00 GMT
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The developers of indie PC hit Starbound have had to call the authorities after it was discovered a sexaul predator was using the game to "target children".Read more...

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Feb 05 2014 15:00 GMT
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Starbound is absurdly popular, which leaves people dying to know where the space exploration/crafting/fighting game, currently in alpha, is going to go next. Rather than drip that information out over a period of months with incrementally more revealing trailers, developers Chucklefish have just done big ol’ blog post full of information. Future features include: sweeping changes to the progression system; a PvP endgame set in ‘Sector X’; Director Mode, which lets you act as a kind of dungeon master; support for sharing user-made missions; and mods.

Oh, also Chucklefish themselves are opening an office, making a new game, and publishing a bunch of other people’s games. Geez. … [visit site to read more]

Posted by Kotaku Feb 05 2014 10:30 GMT
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On Starbound's official site, Tiy, Chucklefish Games head honcho and lead developer for the side-scrolling sandbox RPG, shared the team's plans for Starbound, Chucklefish themselves, and their upcoming second game. Yes, there's gonna be a second game. No, it won't affect Starbound's beta at all.Read more...

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jan 28 2014 10:00 GMT
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I had a Starbound character once. His name was Sir Face (named after the Microsoft Surface I was playing on at the time; it’s a long story), and he was a mohawk-sporting robot who punched bird people, stole their super cool altar beds, and did not give one single, solitary *crag*. But he’s gone now. Forever. Beta tests are harsh, uncaring things, and I knew that Sir Face and I wouldn’t be able to dance among the stars (and also mine them hollow) forever. I still miss him, though – at least insofar as one can miss a walking trophy case for their videogame accomplishments. Fortunately, as of now I’ll never have to grieve for another Starbound character again, and neither will you. The game’s latest update should be the last one heralded by a character, ship, and planet wipe. Also, it adds crazy new enemy attacks, a permadeath option, new items, new biomes, and tons more. But oh man, characters don’t eat bandages anymore! I liked eating bandages.


Posted by Joystiq Jan 28 2014 02:00 GMT
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Those brave souls building a pixelated life for themselves in the Early Access version of Starbound have less reason to worry that the game's servers might periodically delete their favorite explorer. This past weekend's update took care of that glaring issue.

Adorably titled "Furious Koala," the update brings a host of changes to Starbound. Most are the typical attempts at polishing the 2D sandbox exploration game, but the highlight of the list is word that developer Chucklefish Ltd. has instituted "[a]bsolutely massive changes to disk serialization." As a result, the development team claims it will no longer need to delete characters or ships, and that it's now much less likely that they will need to delete planets. Helpfully, this change also brings with it a "proper versioning system" for save games - a huge boon for anyone who's ever attempted to find a particular game in Starbound's previously labyrinthine save file structure.

Additionally, Furious Koala brings difficulty levels to Starbound, and introduces permadeath for those players who feel that futuristic regeneration pods are just a tad too unrealistic for a game that includes force fields, laser swords and industrious bird people. Full details on Furious Koala can be found on the update's changelog.

Posted by Kotaku Jan 24 2014 12:00 GMT
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Starbound is actually barely discussed in this one. Not that it matters. It's utterly brilliant either way.Read more...

Posted by Joystiq Jan 22 2014 00:00 GMT
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An interesting mod for the Starbound beta incorporating several elements from BioWare's lauded Mass Effect series has been published online by a group known as Team SMEE. It's called Starbound: Mass Effect Edition and we're certain it's Shepard's favorite beta mod on the Citadel.

The most interesting inclusion is Mass Effect's Biotics, the special abilities unlocked in certain lifeforms through the integration of technology. Both Lift and Slow have been added to Starbound, though players need to track down and learn these techniques before they can employ them.

The mod also converts your personal ship into the Normandy - the original SR-1, to be exact, from the first Mass Effect. On top of the AI-controlled ship, the Asari, Turians and Human Alliance races are all represented here, as well as a slew of appropriate armor and weapon sets pulled directly from BioWare's series. Future updates are planned, and will add the Mako (why?) and Element-0 - a rare element that, when electricity is applied to it, allows for the creation of mass effect fields.

In order to install the mod, users must grab Kawa's Xbawks Mode Character Creator and the Simple Extended Character Creation Mod. Then head over to the Starbound forums and follow the installation instructions to get Starbound: Mass Effect Edition up and running. Good hunting, Commander.

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jan 16 2014 19:00 GMT
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Starbound was always going to be a game that players would want to re-build in their own image. A procedurally generated sandbox means systems. Lots and lots of systems. It means the community can change whatever they want, and the players have responded at a phenomenal rate of moddery. I’ve done ridiculous things to my game that I’d never recommend you do. I’ve added a Dubstep gun and a Vuvuzela*. But there are broader changes I’d happily recommend: tweaks to ship shapes, planet generation, better farming. There’s as much to explore in the modding scene as there is on Alpha Diadem 028 III C, and I’ve beamed down to have a look.(more…)

Posted by Joystiq Jan 15 2014 01:00 GMT
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A new update being planned for the ongoing Starbound beta will wipe all player data, forcing everyone to start from scratch once again. The update addresses a save file issue with the game, and the developer assures this is the last time it has to wipe player progress.

Those looking for some added difficulty should find it in a new permadeath mode, also coming in this update. Developer Chucklefish will add more weapons, decorative hats and up the rate at which players encounter NPCs on the game's various worlds.

Starbound is a 2D sci-fi exploration game full of randomized worlds. Players traverse the galaxy in their own personalized ships, beaming down onto worlds to explore and scavenge for crafting supplies. Earlier this month, Chucklefish announced over one million players had signed on for the beta, which is open to anyone who pre-orders the game.

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jan 14 2014 17:00 GMT
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In a post on the Starbound blog, the game’s development team have outlined coming fixes and additions to the next version of the game. Good news: they’re adding a permadeath mode, for those who want to add a little more risk to their galaxy exploration. Bad news: they’re kickstarting this new permadeath mode by wiping the entire universe, including player’s ships and characters.

It’s like playing alpha games is already a kind of permadeath mode.(more…)

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Jan 07 2014 12:00 GMT
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So it turns out a lot of you like games about exploration and building things. Who knew? Starbound, the game that let’s you do that while travelling a universe of alien planets, has sold a million copies. That’s not bad for a game that only came out on December 4th.(more…)

Posted by Joystiq Jan 07 2014 04:00 GMT
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Over one million players have committed cash to Starbound, Chucklefish's pixel-based sci-fi sandbox game. The official Twitter account for the game broke the news earlier today.

An ongoing beta is available to anyone who pre-orders the game. Over Starbound's pre-order period, Chucklefish secured over $1 million in revenue prior to the beta's launch in December.

In Starbound, players maintain a ship and are beamed down to randomized worlds in order to scavenge for supplies, hunt local wildlife and interact with the indigenous peoples of each land. Starbound also supports multiplayer and gives players access to a variety of different races and genders for their character.

Posted by MM Dec 04 2013 22:54 GMT
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MM here's our song pack as of 12/10/2013

not anymore meow died

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dec 19 2013 16:00 GMT
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Starbound is finally playable by the unwashed masses, and it’s already so magnificent that even the washed masses became unwashed masses after sitting transfixed by its exploratory glow for days. But this is just a beta test, and even then it’s only on phase one of three. There’s much more to come. Space combat! Planet-sized dungeons! A not-quite-so-mean difficulty curve! Why, someday I imagine we’ll even be able to build Starbound inside Starbound. Actually, who’s to say we haven’t done it already, that everything you see in front of you is nothing but a hyper-elaborate Starbound simulation? You’ll never escape from voxel games. You are a voxel game.


Posted by Kotaku Dec 09 2013 13:30 GMT
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It hasn't been a week and someone's already put the TARDIS from Doctor Who in Starbound. The game's also got other great mods since its December 4 launch, including a new Toxic planet type and a whole new family of gathering tools, all hosted on their own dedicated modding site—and this is just the first five days.Read more...

Posted by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dec 09 2013 13:00 GMT
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Starbound is a procedurally-generated universe, where you have a ship, a star-map, and an infinite number of planets to visit and plunder. It is a game that makes almost no definition between single and multiplayer, allowing you to bring your character across the void and back again, visiting the same places online and offline, and sharing those worlds with friends. Its first beta just welcomed weary travelers, and though it is missing a framework that would make it an easier game to follow, the foundation is strong. I’ve spent the weekend exploring the stars. (more…)

Posted by Kotaku Dec 05 2013 23:30 GMT
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Is Terraria is too terrestrial for you? Does FTL not have enough tedious mining? Do you play Minecraft and just wish you could be a robot instead of Steve? Well Starbound can solve all your problems. Read more...

Posted by Joystiq Dec 05 2013 03:00 GMT
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Starbound developer Chucklefish began sending out beta keys for the PC, Mac and Linux game today. Those who backed the space-faring exploration game should see a Steam key in their inboxes momentarily, and the developer says a direct download version of the game will be available "as soon as we are able to efficiently provide it."

The Terraria-like game's official site reveals that over $2.6 million was raised by 124,176 backers in the developer's ongoing crowdfunding efforts. Starbound features procedurally-generated worlds in which players must gather supplies to take on quests. The "story in a sandbox" game received a new trailer to commemorate the launch of its beta version, which features some of its side-scrolling action.

"Terraria-like" is a bit of an understatement
a spiritual successor to end all succeeded spirits