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Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jan 05 2015 23:04 GMT
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The problem with passwords is that they are often easy to steal or guess, and that either you need to re-use simple passwords across multiple sites in order to be able to remember them all or use a password manager to store them, in which case spyware needs only copy the encrypted data file and keylog the master password in order to steal all of them.

I propose a solution in which a user would have a small USB device that contains an inaccessible storage microchip containing a unique identifier and private encryption key for each login, as well as a public section with the required software/drivers. When the user wants to log into a website or application, the server then uses the respective public key stored for that logon to encrypt a random string as an authentication challenge. The client then sends the challenge string and a master password to the USB device, which then decrypts and returns the challenge string based on the respective private key. This response is returned to the server, thus authenticating the user and triggering the server to commence the user's session.

If spyware should steal the master key to the tool it is useless as the private keys are permanently stored on the USB device and are never visible to either the client or the server. If someone were to steal the USB device it would be impossible to use as they would not know the master key (and even if they were to disassemble the device to get at the closed storage it would be a simple matter to encrypt it based on the master password). The odds of someone simultaneously stealing both the digital and physical elements of the system are very slim, thus greatly increasing security while reducing the number of passwords a user needs to remember to one.

Thoughts? (Assuming anybody has a clue what I'm talking about :P)

market it
two-factor auth isn't so bad

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Sep 24 2014 19:08 GMT
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"And so Gold said 'LET THERE BE SPAMBOTS', and it was so."

It's somewhat lacking in features at present, but I've managed to get my API into a state where I'm comfortable publishing it. Master branch is stable versions only, dev branch is where I'll push my day-to-day changes. You'll need a few libraries to make it run, all listed in .classpath at present (if people want an easier way of using it out of the box I'll see about getting a .jar file and/or javadocs set up for it).


Oh mother of hell yes, thanks for this. First order of business, I need to make a command line client so I can post over SSH.

Posted by NerrBot Sep 12 2014 19:20 GMT
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Versu/Seniel: What do you think I was doing at the Altar of the Gods? I have power GREATER than the Gods now!*Slashes them all with the scy - Fri Sep 12 20:00:02 BST 2014

who was dat? - Fri Sep 12 18:00:03 BST 2014

Sophomore >_> - Fri Sep 12 16:00:03 BST 2014

correct! what is the name of the cruise ship in mario party 7? - Fri Sep 12 14:00:03 BST 2014

Axolotls rule! - Fri Sep 12 12:00:03 BST 2014

^FTW.Unfortunately, it's not good enough for the win. - Fri Sep 12 10:00:03 BST 2014

Thgil: This creature.... he managed t MAKE darkness infinate! He has been growing more powerful and made a flame of Eternal Darkness... he - Fri Sep 12 06:00:03 BST 2014

Mute, I want to see to play my video games, and i want to hear so i can hear whats going on - Fri Sep 12 04:00:04 BST 2014

private johnson:oh yeah and while you where gone we where attacked by...well........uummmm.errrr...a lampout of rpgim not joking - Fri Sep 12 02:00:04 BST 2014

now we fight... the sentinel king!5453633523236352855193825153124953224NY96414NNpure-???££££££King sentinel!1500££££££000000000 - Fri Sep 12 00:00:04 BST 2014

Thanks. I must say that I'm very proud of my abilities. I spend more time on teh intarwebz then in real life. <.< - Thu Sep 11 20:00:05 BST 2014

truth. - Thu Sep 11 18:00:04 BST 2014

I did >_> - Thu Sep 11 16:00:04 BST 2014

At least ? blocks haven't gone extinct. Like some species *cough*wackas*cough/*. - Thu Sep 11 14:00:03 BST 2014

yes, Even though im cheaper, you'll get more customers. if you don't, I'll give you half my coins. - Thu Sep 11 10:00:03 BST 2014

Welcome back. Lot happened while you were gone.And Mimi!! hasn't been on for a long while.Welcome back again. Spider Man 3 wasn't that goo - Thu Sep 11 08:00:03 BST 2014

Item Name - Bowser SuitItem Type - WeirdItem Description - A Bowser costumeItem Action - Change avatar to a special fake Bowser, change use - Thu Sep 11 06:00:03 BST 2014

But i still have 90 hp. - Thu Sep 11 04:00:04 BST 2014

*HIR appears and walks up to a cloaked figure*HIR: Listen... I think I need your help.Cloaked person: You're asking for MY help? Pitiful cr - Thu Sep 11 02:00:04 BST 2014

It would be too wierd for Bowser to be nice, me thinks.But maybe you're scaring everyone away. >> - Thu Sep 11 00:00:03 BST 2014

Chapter 5, obviously. Nowhere else can you watch the greatest explorer of all time in action! - Wed Sep 10 22:00:03 BST 2014

That guy is ridiculous. "HAY LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD FOR THE NES SUCKED OKAY?" - Wed Sep 10 20:00:03 BST 2014

*? Block appears*? Block: You're hopeless...*captures the Amazee Dayzee with block-magic-thing* Quick! Put a muzzle on it!End Boss: Right - Wed Sep 10 18:00:03 BST 2014

Jo mama's so fat, she eats a lot.Jo mama's so dumb, she did poorly on her IQ test.Jo mama's so skinny, she turned out to be anorexic.Jo mam - Wed Sep 10 16:00:04 BST 2014

woopseth, nay shall be slayeth by the biggeth bladeth in history! - Wed Sep 10 14:00:03 BST 2014

100 - Wed Sep 10 12:00:03 BST 2014

Dimentio: Agh, you're too slow for my tastes Chunks, step aside, I'll find it. - Wed Sep 10 10:00:06 BST 2014

Found one!You can think me by giving me coins! - Wed Sep 10 08:00:03 BST 2014

private johnson flys down and crashes in to a building labled NINTENDO and stares at a human who seems scaredPrivate johnson: where is the - Wed Sep 10 06:00:05 BST 2014

BAD QUALITY PIC! - Wed Sep 10 04:00:05 BST 2014

(That took longer than I expected -_-)Farah: Oh, you know Versu? I did not know that Seniel had an ally. - Wed Sep 10 02:00:04 BST 2014

Sorry, Piccolo the Pixl, but Crazy Cody got ALL 5 questions right, but you only got 4. But you can enter the next one for free.Well, actual - Tue Sep 09 22:00:04 BST 2014

http://t.co/2V9LveaJe6 else could they know about that, amore?♪ - Tue Sep 09 20:00:04 BST 2014

LuigiIII:End Boss, have we met before - Tue Sep 09 18:00:05 BST 2014

**Name: O'Slob*Picture: **Species: shy guy*Gender: male*Place of Originality: Shy Guy's Toybox**Powers: Swallow*Weapons: SPORKS AND KNIVES* - Tue Sep 09 16:00:04 BST 2014

Mr I (still playing): SERIOUSLY! I've beaten this game 57 times! Too easy!*Mr I gets hit by a pebble*Mr I: Owie... - Tue Sep 09 14:00:03 BST 2014

Who's this Lord Bowser? I though Bowser was a king, see? - Tue Sep 09 10:00:04 BST 2014

Since the chose I wanted wasn't in there...HI-TECHNICAAAL!! XD - Tue Sep 09 08:00:03 BST 2014

OOC: Well...you can submit it chapter-by-chapter, can't you? Just take your time. You don't have to do it all at once. - Tue Sep 09 06:00:05 BST 2014

Game of the Century. Who else is playing it? o: - Tue Sep 09 04:00:05 BST 2014

That image is forever burned in to my mind.But it's funny! - Tue Sep 09 02:00:04 BST 2014

Hey, everybody. Bored? Like random stuff? Like random comedy? Boy, do I have a thing for you.I found out about these around a few months ag - Mon Sep 08 22:00:03 BST 2014

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Wouldn't koopasta be like cannibalism? - Mon Sep 08 16:00:03 BST 2014

WOOHOO!!!!! LETS CELEBRATE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT WITH SOME DANCING!!!!!*begins to do the kirby dance*<( " <) (^"^) (> &quo - Mon Sep 08 14:00:04 BST 2014

GenoA star agent sent by a higher authority, whose real name is ♥♪!?, comes to Mario's world from Star Road to find the seven S - Mon Sep 08 12:00:04 BST 2014

Vote when you post!Couldn't get it to close.Last edited by Crappy Shifty Luigi on Thu May 17, 2007 12:06 pm; edited 1 time in total - Mon Sep 08 10:00:04 BST 2014

you need a dice? i have a virtual one on my sidebar - Mon Sep 08 08:00:03 BST 2014

Luvbi: Okay, then I'll be off. Eth. * Leaves *Last edited by Luvbi on Sun Apr 29, 2007 6:47 pm; edited 1 time in total - Mon Sep 08 06:00:05 BST 2014

I'm in a very sticky situation right now. I can't help out. - Mon Sep 08 04:00:05 BST 2014

I'm partial to Chapter 4, myself. - Mon Sep 08 02:00:05 BST 2014

ok great, when do i battle? - Sun Sep 07 22:00:03 BST 2014

Thanks. Now i'm gunna do Hyrule Castle over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.... *2 DAYS LATER* And over, and over! - Sun Sep 07 20:00:04 BST 2014

Mr I: ???! Great to see you! Some party, huh? Anyway, I'm imprisoned within this world. As much as I'd like becoming an evil dictator again - Sun Sep 07 18:00:03 BST 2014

Private johnson:hmm so this is tile sea look a big fish!Hi big fish would you happen to want to work for someone?big fish:backoff f***erpri - Sun Sep 07 16:00:04 BST 2014

*appears*AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! stupid piccolo.*warps back to dotwood* - Sun Sep 07 12:00:05 BST 2014

Sometimes, when I log in, it takes me back to the index but it doesn't say i'm logged in, so I have to log in again. Also, I ALWAYS check t - Sun Sep 07 10:00:04 BST 2014

Seniel: The event has been undone? Hmm...*Vanishes* - Sun Sep 07 08:00:05 BST 2014

Okay. - Sun Sep 07 06:00:04 BST 2014

She looks familiar...Is that Princess Peach?She usually hangs out with Mario, so maybe you know where they went. Please tell me where. - Sun Sep 07 04:00:07 BST 2014

Suddenly a strange blue comet strikes the ground near !!! but completely misses !!!a shadowly figure appears from the crash site.the dust c - Sun Sep 07 02:00:13 BST 2014

Crud...I forgot I'm 5 coins short...I shall have 5 more soon!!! - Sun Sep 07 00:00:06 BST 2014

Procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow! - Sat Sep 06 22:00:05 BST 2014

Done and done. - Sat Sep 06 18:00:04 BST 2014

theres only one problem with that luvbi, i only have 9 - Sat Sep 06 14:00:04 BST 2014

Code: Something important.* Code searches through some junk in the secret passage * - Sat Sep 06 12:00:06 BST 2014

Mr I: *sigh* Let's see what else I can do...*Mr I bribes Iggy to become a giant and put Lord Bowser in a walking stance without shattering - Sat Sep 06 10:00:03 BST 2014

Versu: J? *closes eyes* DP! You can fight this! Just concentrate! - Sat Sep 06 08:00:04 BST 2014

Well...I meant mainstream ones >.>Well, even if I didn't, that's my own mistake for saying yes, so he gets to stay in. - Sat Sep 06 06:00:03 BST 2014

I'm looking for a cached version because I can't prove anything with this because you edited it. - Sat Sep 06 04:00:05 BST 2014

the guy from graffiti kingdom whose body i slammed into at the same time he was revived... that is why i look like this... - Sat Sep 06 00:00:03 BST 2014

*Versu warps in* - Fri Sep 05 22:00:04 BST 2014

Well, every post = .5 coins, so...yeah. Though I'm pretty sure it shouldn't show the .5EDIT: Well, coins are going up. - Fri Sep 05 18:00:03 BST 2014

Y: (I thought as much...) That "silver star gizmothingamajigga" happens to be an ancient and powerful relic. I can't allow you t - Fri Sep 05 16:00:05 BST 2014

... seriously wheres ? Block, im like dieing waiting for him to appear so we can do the Who wants to be a millionaire...like i said thats - Fri Sep 05 14:00:07 BST 2014

I guess I have to do seperate posts.Ok here is Agent of Crime[roll=6] - Fri Sep 05 12:00:03 BST 2014

giant monster, so - Fri Sep 05 10:00:04 BST 2014

Oh could've been in PC but took a different clan - Fri Sep 05 08:00:04 BST 2014

*teleports into Count Bleck's Throne Room*Severus: So this is where they clashed... how... mediocre. It need MAGIC!???: HEY! What do you th - Fri Sep 05 06:00:03 BST 2014

Oh, cool! - Fri Sep 05 04:00:06 BST 2014

I used Bowser to beat Count Bleck and Mr. L-mentio. - Fri Sep 05 02:00:04 BST 2014

IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!! EVERYONE CELEBRATE!!! - Fri Sep 05 00:00:11 BST 2014

DP: Guys? Remember? the three days?! Guffawha Ruins? Ring ANY bells?! - Thu Sep 04 22:00:03 BST 2014

Kesuke: Hahaha, you? I highly doubt that. Considering his slow speed, he is most likely just late do to running slowly. - Thu Sep 04 18:00:04 BST 2014

Okay. - Thu Sep 04 16:00:03 BST 2014

it's for fruit? - Thu Sep 04 14:00:03 BST 2014

I thinks the sign thing is a parody of Wierd Al's palindrome song "Bob." - Thu Sep 04 12:00:03 BST 2014

Yeah, I'm kind of sad that no million ladies have declared their desire to pair up with me.I'm sure they're thinking it, though. They just - Thu Sep 04 10:00:04 BST 2014

My favorite band is Spiral Mouth. They made the awesome music in Crash Twinsanity. - Thu Sep 04 08:00:04 BST 2014

...Last edited by Typhoon� on Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:41 pm; edited 1 time in total - Thu Sep 04 04:00:06 BST 2014

hi. - Thu Sep 04 02:00:04 BST 2014

Mimi: Mimimimimimimimi!!!!!!*Poops a block of rubees onto Piccolo, flattening him for a few seconds* - Thu Sep 04 00:00:07 BST 2014

Mr I: I thought I said a year, but whatever. I'll see how it works for a month. ONE MONTH. I'll even throw in a two-week vacation if you wa - Wed Sep 03 20:00:04 BST 2014

TINGLE FORLEADER - Wed Sep 03 18:00:06 BST 2014

My SNES still works. It's like, a lot of years old! - Wed Sep 03 16:00:03 BST 2014

End Boss: *Through walkie-talkie* Sammer's Kingdom has been successfully (and easily) taken over. I'm currently training these guys in mar - Wed Sep 03 14:00:04 BST 2014

Gold Prognosticus
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Digibutter wall-of-text-o-matic!

All hail Gold, I guess

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Sep 12 2014 16:59 GMT
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I am trying to see if this all works together now.
Gold Prognosticus
First comment.
so ur on digi when a thred posted "yo dis a test" but gold not here THEN WHO WAS GOLD

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Sep 12 2014 15:26 GMT
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I am trying to see if this all works together now.
Gold Prognosticus
First comment.
Gold Prognosticus

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Sep 12 2014 13:19 GMT
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I will probably delete it soon.
Gold Prognosticus
This is a test reply.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Aug 29 2014 15:40 GMT
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  • Built-in RFID/Amiibo support
  • Wider 3D viewing range
  • C-Stick replacing the Circle Pad Pro
  • More powerful CPU
  • ZL/ZR shoulder buttons
  • Firmware update scheduled for October with custom menu themes
  • HTML5 browser support
  • New 3DS games won't be compatible with the original model
  • October release in Japan, 2015 in Europe, no idea about America
Seems like the point is to better support porting Wii and Virtual Console games. HTML5 hopefully means you can develop games using the Nintendo Web Framework.
Gold Prognosticus
Betalands 3DS confirmed?

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jul 07 2014 19:19 GMT
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(Reposting because the old thread probably won't bump any more, old thread is at http://digibutter.nerr.biz/topics/291552/trillek2d-alpha-04 for reference)







So, after six months of procrastination, I have finally finished refactoring my space game project in Unity and brought it to about the same level of functionality as version 0.1a. Barring the vastly better menu system (now that I've got it to actually work) there's not much to see as of yet, but there are a few things behind the scenes that should help in adding new features in the near future.

Controls are left/right or A/D to move, space to jump and escape to pause (note: does not actually pause the game).

Gold Prognosticus
Version 1.1.0 is about 75% done - currently trying to get the level editor working and then it should be good.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jun 27 2014 09:23 GMT
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Heading up to Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest until next Friday. I have my phone so I'll still be accessible, but I won't be able to get on Steam or do anything that requires more than basic Internet access until I get back. Try not to blow up the site while I'm away!

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jun 07 2014 14:28 GMT
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By sending commands to the account you can navigate a virtual maze with other users, collaborating with each other to plot a route through the labyrinth. Who will be the first to reach the exit?

That's really cool. I'll check it out now.
Gold Prognosticus
New 500-room maze has started gogogo

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Mar 20 2014 19:16 GMT
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When plugged into a computer and launched, the game uses the computer's MAC address to procedurally generate an environment unique to that particular computer. It then connects to a central server to download changes to that environment made by other users who have played the game on that computer, as well as uploading any changes you make so that future visitors would be able to find them - kinda like PMOG/The Nethernet but across physical systems rather than websites.

Internet cafes and public computers would become collaborative world-building projects, all without ever having to read or store files on computers you do not own/have write-access to. Players could go on quests across multiple computers in multiple locations to collect items or complete objectives. Finding items or creations in hard-to-reach worlds would become more of an achievement.

This has been a rambling game idea, brought to you by Gold Prognosticus.
Sounds like a cool idea, but it sounds like it would need to catch a lot of popularity to really be successful
never know tho
yeah that

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Feb 18 2014 20:06 GMT
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Gold Prognosticus
Must resist the urge to make Twitch Plays Betalands...

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Feb 17 2014 22:23 GMT
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Let's see if this works...
Gold Prognosticus
Guess not.
Gold Prognosticus
This on the other hand, works perfectly.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Feb 09 2014 12:22 GMT
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If you can read this message, it means my program to log in and post messages to Digi automatically is working as intended.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jan 01 2014 00:40 GMT
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We have time travel, flying cars and all that stuff; it's pretty awesome.

Happy New/Nerr Year guys :)


He's lying there's nothing but shattered hopes, dreams, expectations and bones


wow nice anti-bumping gaycis

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Dec 27 2013 20:42 GMT
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this is amazingly generic that it's amazing

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Aug 20 2013 20:18 GMT
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Latest Version: http://st0rage.org/~hunterx/trillek/Trillek2D%200.4a.zip

AKA Gold's sort-of-unnamed attempt at making an 0x10^c alternative, AKA Betalands: Space DLC.

Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, and Q to toggle the debug stats (though those aren't much use outside of development). There's not an awful lot to see at present, but it represents the completion of most of the key framework elements of the engine (and completed faster than I have ever managed to do in the past to boot), allowing the development of more advanced fuctionality, and I figured I'd post it here so that in the event of this project ever making it past three or four public builds you can see the progression of the game throughout the development cycle.

You might need the XNA Redistributable or some other stuff to run it, but I don't have time to go find the links to them at present. If Google hasn't helped by morning I'll find the links then.


What is it with shitty programmers and being completely unable to make a cross-platform game. It's like watching someone slip on a banana peel. "Oh, what, Clang? SDL? I, uh, no, um, Windows only! Whew, That was a close one, I almost let everyone run my program for a second there!"

Gold Prognosticus
XIPC and XIRI are acronyms of the Propulsion Controller and Radar Interface documents included in the Docs folder of the game. At present any part containing hardware (in this case the DCPU part, the Engine or the eRadar) is automatically linked to the first/earliest built DCPU-containing part which can then query said hardware via the appropriate machine code commands; later you will be able to specify which hardware components are linked to which specific DCPUs. When the DCPU part is interacted with and the screen becomes visible, the game captures the user's keyboard and sends that to the Keyboard hardware component within the part (though the keyboard is still buggy and doesn't respond correctly/at all to particular keys at present).

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Oct 01 2013 20:26 GMT
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IP Address:

Port: 12777

Password: nerr

I'm sure you all know the drill by now. Server is running a new (I believe large-size) map to get the new terrain features, and I'll personally be starting a fresh character to go with it. The server is currently paid for a month of hosting, if people are still playing by then I'll decide whether or not to renew.

Gold go update that shit
Gold Prognosticus
Aaaaaaand we're back online after the latest update.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jul 15 2012 20:29 GMT
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There are a lot of requested features building up that Francis does not have the free time to implement for us. Unless Francis chooses to release the current source code, our options are to make do with what we have, or to design our own system from scratch. Which leads me to the subject of tonight's debate: If an open-source, collaborative Nerr 3.0 was started, how many of you would be willing to help out, and in what ways? Obviously PHP and HTML work would be the primary job, but graphics would also be necessary for what we can't rip from the existing site. Organising all the required features into one place would also be very useful. And if Francis is reading this: Would you be open to making use of such a project officially if it actually gets off the ground? You're welcome to contribute if you like (perhaps integrating your Digi game system you've been working on).

It's not exactly Digibutter: The Game, but I feel that a project like this would really be beneficial for both the site and the community.

francis should just stop being lazy
Oh..I thought we were listing languages.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus May 22 2013 23:39 GMT
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whattds aeasdysjgygegertysarsdrsdr

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Apr 15 2013 23:19 GMT
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All it needs now is an SFM remake.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Apr 12 2013 19:26 GMT
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The following is my current computer setup.
gaming-pc/index.php?r_id=187615&cpu=Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz&gpu=GeForce GTX 275&ram=4GB

Given that I have a bit more money than usual, if I were to buy a new component what should I upgrade and what do you recommend I replace it with?

I like a monitor with higher resolution. More RAM (8GB) will improve multitasking. Quad core might help games (i7?). SSD helps with load times.
oh, didn't know that. well sorry gold guess you're *crag*ed both ways.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Mar 25 2013 07:33 GMT
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presents plx

hero of time
Happy Birthday!
it is

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Feb 28 2013 01:15 GMT
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I am Gold Prognosticus, the one true holy script of Digibutter. The rulers of this site govern the land by my divine grace alone, and all blasphemers shall bear witness to my righteous fury. Heed not the false Prognosticii of Light and Dark, for one brings only death and one is not true prophecy. also those guys haven't been online in years, where did they go anyway?

I hereby appoint you as my High Prophet, for you to spread my word to the Dwarven peoples that they may rejoice in my merciful rule. Praise be the Light of Truth!


Posted by Gold Prognosticus Jan 24 2013 11:23 GMT
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I am honestly speechless. True effort and dedication right there.

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Dec 22 2012 12:14 GMT
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13 seconds in
I think I see where this is going, and I'm not watching it
oh cyriak, u so crazzy

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Dec 16 2012 17:41 GMT
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im not here
wait what

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Dec 08 2011 19:45 GMT
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It was taken down a while back due to bandwidth overloading. Digi is a bit less active now, so would it be possible to get it re-enabled? The google search is fine for general use, but it's a pain for finding specific threads.

Actually, old search is hidden, but it still works. It broke a long time ago, due to some new features or junk, though.
Ph1r3 App Inventor for Android's visual block language

Posted by Gold Prognosticus Nov 12 2012 18:34 GMT
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Behold the culmination of 4 and a half hours' work. Nerr_ebooks will, either by manual command or on its own over time, pull a random quote from the depths of Old Digi, squish it to fit 140 characters and post it to Twitter like a good little robot. It's completely pointless and certainly unoriginal, but it was a fun way for me to practice some coding and it may produce some amusing results as time goes on.

u so crazy. how does it work?