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Posted by Francis Jan 08 2010 03:32 GMT
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(so i can stalk you)


Yay! I love the idea! =)

Posted by Francis Jan 11 2010 06:37 GMT
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Your "home page" shows a stream of posts fed by many message boards.  Now you can choose what you want to appear in that home stream.  Edit your profile and select your "home stream".

The choices are:

  • All - See all posts made anywhere by anything
  • All Gaming - See all posts in any game or gaming news board.
  • All User Posts - See all posts made by any user (and any bot-posts with replies)
  • Subscriptions - See all posts from all the boards you have subscribed to.
  • Custom List - See posts from your own collection of boards.

The default option is "All User Posts" (which is how it's always been).  If you are not logged in, you see "All".

Streams can be customized even further by hiding boards or users you don't want to see.  When you "hide" a board or a user, those posts will not appear in your stream.

The different streams are in the Streams section in the upper right, so you can view them anytime.  For example, if you want to check out the latest gaming news, click the gaming stream.

Hopefully the concept of "streams" of topics is easy to understand.  Let me know what you think.

Posted by Francis Dec 25 2009 18:42 GMT
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Oh look at that shiny thing gleaming underneath your Christmas tree!

The site now has achievements represented by a gold, silver, and bronze medals.  So a single achievment has three different levels.  The first two awards are:

Old School Digi - awarded to original members.  Edit your profile to set your "old username" to get your medal.
Tree Decorating 2009 - awarded to people who competed in the tree contest.

Right now there are only two awards but expect more to be added soon after I work out the details of the points system.  The idea is that each award gives you points (more for gold, less for silver & bronze).  The points will determine your ranking.


'Bout time, Francis! Now everyone'll have an excuse to actually do things around here!


It's because you're a big fat cheater, Carp.  Duh.

Posted by Francis Dec 25 2009 06:17 GMT
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The winner of the 3rd Annual Tree Decorating contest is...


Runner-ups are:


and Beat

Letting you submit free-form drawings resulted in some very... interesting Christmas trees.

Why didn't the futa tree win? I DEMAND A RECOUNT

I lost what do I win.

Posted by Francis Dec 10 2009 17:40 GMT
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You didn't think I would forget one of our oldest traditions did you?  Unlike previous years, we don't have any ornament items to hang... but instead now you can decorate your tree how ever you want!

Go to "Edit Profile" and click the "Edit Your Tree" button.  It will take you to a photoshop-like tool where you can draw on your tree.  When you are done drawing, click File >Save to finish!

Voting will begin this weekend,  so you have time to get your tree looking good.

You can view someone's tree on their profile page.  Yep, we now have user profiles that show your tree, stats, posts, and games you own/want/play/beat.  Expect a lot more stuff to be added soon too.

Gold Prognosticus

My tree is kinda sucky, but meh. Is voting going to start soon? It's already Sunday evening here in the UK.


Get your vote on

Posted by Francis Dec 13 2009 00:29 GMT
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Lots of new stuff on your Edit Profile page:

You can now link your old digibutter account to your account here.  This will help people know who you are and let you claim your old username.  It will also set your joined date and may be used in the future for rewards and to pull down other stats.  I will eventually remove this ability, so link it while you can!

You can also set your username (it defaults to random letters & numbers).  This will help us tell people apart even if they have the same name, since no one can have the same username.  Also the link to your user profile is now easier to remember... digibutter.nerr.biz/profile/username 

In addition to your username, you can set a password.  So you can now login using a regular username/password as an alternative to OpenID.  This is a good backup incase your OpenID provider stops working.  Click the old-school login link at the bottom of the Sign In page.

Lord Crump

Awesome :D

Posted by Francis Dec 04 2009 04:57 GMT
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I now auto-collapse the posts and load more on the page.  Click on the grey info bar to expand a post and see it fully formatted.  Clicking on the topic title opens the topic in it's own page.

You can still Quick Reply, but you can also now post fully formatted replies on the view-topic page.

I think I like this.  You can scan the list of topics like you do in regular forums, but you can still quickly view the full post in-line without loading a new page.  I also try to give hints about what the topic is about by showing if it has an IMaGe or VIDeo.  Post formatting/images are now more visible too. 





Yeah I know, and I'll probably add it eventually.  But it's not as needed now that it shows a thumbnail and replies.

Posted by Francis Dec 10 2009 06:50 GMT
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I know some of you don't like using your OpenID to login, partly because you are stuck with whatever you started with and it probably sucks (like Windows Live).  To help solve that problem you can now add a new one to your profile.  So if one stops working, you now have a backup!
Just "Edit Profile" and then click "Add another login account". 

I recommend using myOpenID.com.  That's what I have been using and I haven't had any problems.  Google seems to work well too.

(If you ever accidentally created a new user, let me know and I can merge them)

Posted by Francis Oct 31 2009 01:31 GMT
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I may give another copy away in November if you missed out.

Fallen Shade
Not all that late, he only gave those away a month ago.

Posted by Francis Nov 15 2009 05:23 GMT
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The game page shows screenshots, videos, and latest discussion posts and will soon show ratings and user reviews.

You can also say if you want, own, played, or finished a game.  So browse the games and build up your collection!  http://digibutter.nerr.biz/boards/browse/games

You can now click to see the list of users who want/own and played/beat a game.
Lord Crump
awesome sauce
oh yeah make it so that you can see this info on the individual user boards as well please :)

Posted by Francis Nov 07 2009 06:10 GMT
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I have noticed a few parts of the site are a little slower now, like when viewing "All Gaming News".  I will try to make some changes soon to speed it up.  Let me know if you find any other issues.

FYI, this is the fourth digibutter server.  Those Bandwidths can't sit still for long!

boo now we wont hear the catonakeyboardinspace sinkage theme song.

Posted by Francis Oct 25 2009 01:01 GMT
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But no one needs that, cuz you monitor this site 24/7 right? ... RIGHT!?


Posted by Francis Oct 12 2009 14:00 GMT
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Now you can post to any user's board. This is considered a "direct message". There is a checkbox to make it private, which makes it a "private message". Only the sender and receiver will be able to see the private message. Anyone can see public direct messages. There is a new link at the top of the page for you to easily see all messages sent to you.

Also, you can now set the privacy for an entire message board. Click on Manage link at the top of one of your boards to see the settings:

  • Public: Anyone can see and post to this board.
  • Protected: Anyone can see & comment, but only you can post.
  • Private: Only approved subscribers can see & post.
Lord Crump
Posted by Francis Oct 03 2009 05:02 GMT
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yay, that was annoying.
Thank goodness. That was really buggin' me.

Posted by Francis Sep 29 2009 05:07 GMT
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You can now ban people from your boards, which means they can't post anything there. Just click "ban" next to the user's post or comment. To unban someone, go to the board's page and click on the "Manage" link near the top.
Benzorisify teh newbs
Gold Prognosticus
Last time I checked, you can ban yourself from your user board.

Posted by Francis Sep 24 2009 14:17 GMT
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You can now delete your posts & comments. If you own a topic or board, you can delete posts from others too. So basically, everyone is a moderator of their own stuff. (editing will come soon).
You may need to go to the board's page to moderate all it's posts.
Also currently, the delete button is not available in classic mode. (i always forget about classic mode, lol)

Posted by Francis Sep 21 2009 04:06 GMT
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If you click on a topic title, the post links & comments will roll up. You can also click the "Collapse" style to make all collapse all topics, and the posts will flash blue if someone makes a comment. When you click on an image it will now take you to a larger view. Also links put in the post body or in comments are now clickable.
Yay, organization.
is it autorefresh

Posted by Francis Sep 19 2009 14:44 GMT
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Don't forget to get your free Monkey Island game: http://www.telltalegames.com/playlikeapirate
count cannoli
so we are forced to speak like a pirate... good
Strong Bad
my ship sails in the morning
if you don't hear from me in a month, send link

Posted by Francis Sep 16 2009 19:18 GMT
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Gold Prognosticus
Wasn't there some kind of mods-only command center? I don't see that in the list.
dammit cid made the last post

Posted by Francis Sep 16 2009 01:06 GMT
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1. You can now search for message boards! 2. There is an "All Gaming" link on the right which will show you all topics that have been made in the general Gaming board, or in any specific game board. 3. There are "official" boards that show up in a list on the right. 4. Avatars show up next to comments. 5. Other bug fixes.
Let me know if you see any more bugs/errors/glitches
Ok. I like the forum now. This forum is now good. I will now post here on a regular basis. Shoo-rah.