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Posted by Viddd Jan 24 2015 08:43 GMT
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Only Digibutt veterans are allowed to redeem this code, no newbies allowed

Spread the joy, first come first serve I guess

I tried it, but I think that was a serial number... not a PIN number
DK'94 is a great choice. I remember beating all 101 stages on my original Game Boy

Posted by Viddd Jan 09 2015 04:54 GMT in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
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Because goddamn it I need to catch up on the Smash tourney and a lot of you guys need to do that too


Ph1r3 vs. Slim vs. Viddd (3DS)

Grievous vs. Viddd (3DS)

Iggy vs. Viddd (3DS)

Slim vs. Viddd (3DS)

Ph1r3 & Gold vs. Viddd & Grievous (3DS)


I'm available all the time, one of you guys that I'm facing tell me a time on a universal time zone and I'll probably be able to face y'all. Let's get this shit over with. Also I don't have a Wii U to use anymore so yeah

So far this has gone a long way in organizin' stuff

1/9/2015 @ 1:00 EST (GMT-5 i think??)
Gold Prognosticus
I'm usually free most evenings UK time, and I'll be at home most of the rest of this week during the day (though I have a new game on Xbox so I might be a bit hard to reach at times). Generally if I'm online on Steam I should be available to play or able to give you a reasonable ETA.

Posted by Viddd Jun 23 2014 11:54 GMT
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what's this stuff about franis 4 now

the main topic is in there somewhere
So...what you're saying is that I get to unlock myself as a playable character?
That's cool.

Posted by Viddd May 18 2014 01:12 GMT
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so this is what nerr 1.0 was like
looks pretty cancer
I'll never forget

Posted by Viddd Jun 22 2011 05:04 GMT
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Post all your silly bullshit and I'll probably do it if it's easy enough to implement.

Oh, and I'm probably going to implement easily abusable features too, but they're probably going to be hidden so people Nas and Francis don't complain as much.

weedlord bonerhitler
no go away


Posted by Viddd Jul 17 2011 22:09 GMT in Cbox
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history of dim's desperation for attention
I miss being able to ethically cleanse our chat box

Posted by Viddd Jul 11 2012 23:46 GMT in Digibutter News
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Welcome to Digibutter.nerr!

If you're reading this, you must be one of the new users who have flooded this website lately! Welcome! Our site has been around for several years, and by now, we've got some general rules and customs that we follow around here. Take a quick look at this page and take a minute to learn about us so we don't hate you!

If you've spent any amount of time on Digibutter, we're not like other forums. We don't spoonfeed you or unconditionally love you. If you sound like a thirteen year old kid who spams HI-TECHNICAAAAAL all over the chat, you'll probably be banned pretty quickly! Seriously, guys. We don't care about Super Paper Mario anymore. You can stop spamming the other phrases you hear from SPM or Chugga or whoever. That just makes you annoying. Nas, our resident Cbox moderator, will proabably ban you on sight if you're doing something stupid, so watch out!

The best advice I can give you is to lurk before you post! Observe how we act around here and try to fit in accordingly! If you've been banned or somebody calls you a faggot, you're probably doing something wrong. Do your best to fit in and you may be accepted within our community!

Remember, Digibutter isn't for everybody, especially oversensitive kiddies. Our members work hard to get rid of the new users we hate. If you don't like us, tough shit! Go away and we won't give a second thought!

If you can manage to survive us, you'll find a warm and enriching community! Have fun!

you forgot to tell them i'm one of those scary things called "girls"
also who the hell is the faggot in the wizard hat

How to fit in: 

Step 1: use no grammar or punctuation.

Step 2: cuss alot.

Step 3: Post alot of pics about celebrities.

Posted by Viddd Mar 07 2013 15:14 GMT
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What'd I miss?

HE LIVES. the usual... drama, I added stuff to betalands, spam, drama, complaining about video games, active users joined then left/were scared away, spam, drama, the harlem shake came and went
Oh you crazy kids. I can't leave y'all alone for a moment.

Posted by Viddd Feb 21 2013 01:26 GMT
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no wait go to francis' topic maybe

Posted by Viddd Jan 30 2013 05:24 GMT
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mandatory video assignment

Posted by Viddd Jan 03 2013 05:32 GMT
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thats nice dear


Posted by Viddd Oct 01 2012 15:57 GMT in Digiblogger
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This is going to be a thing.

dear digibutter diary,
what the *crag* is a digibutter diary?

Dear Digibutter diary,

That timeshare Claus showed us looks great.

Posted by Viddd Dec 03 2012 18:14 GMT
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Like we're doing with old Digi now?

Old digi was a mass of stupidity, current digi is like our renaissance.
Gold Prognosticus
Stupid or not, I still enjoy looking back through the Old Digi archives and reminiscing. Lot of fun times back then. *inb4franisbringbackolddigisearchdammit*

Posted by Viddd Dec 02 2012 13:13 GMT in Off-Topic
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i think

How does that even manage to be the first thing you see Shadoo

Posted by Viddd Nov 19 2012 06:01 GMT
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Right alongside Nas.



heppy berthday veddd

happier birthday

Posted by Viddd Nov 19 2009 13:12 GMT
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Apparently this is Birthday Week. I know at least 10 people
happy birthday

Posted by Viddd Nov 19 2010 13:07 GMT
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i'm 17 now

where are MY presents

Maiq the Liar



...let's see...


...have Morrowind?

Really though, happy birthday NasVid. Hope you get some good stuff.


happy birthday

Posted by Viddd Nov 20 2011 04:33 GMT
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here's one of the balloons

also, out of nowhere, getting skyward sword collector's edition thanks to coolio-bro

happy birthday, i wish i got balloons with faces on them

One year later and that boy still ain't right

Posted by Viddd Oct 30 2012 23:27 GMT
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>senior writer at Riot Games
What the *crag* how did I not know about this

I have plenty of other dreams that will never come true. This is just really exciting for me, though.

Posted by Viddd Oct 22 2012 13:36 GMT
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Because every other Firefox persona on the web is ugly as sin. Unfortunately, it'll take a couple days for them to actually approve it, though, since apparently they go through EVERY SUBMISSION EVER

so yeah

is naruto real
I was planning on it, actually. Gonna see if I can spice it up more than just a plain copy of Digi's background, too.

Posted by Viddd Oct 13 2012 07:45 GMT
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they sold me at meme filter where do I sign up
Tails Doll
oh, i thought you was saying you were ditching us, sorry vid.

Posted by Viddd Sep 18 2012 17:23 GMT in Borderlands 2
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With refutable sources like IGN and Gamespot giving it great reviews, a great history with Gearbox, 87 bazillion guns, and fun multiplayer co-op madness, Borderlands 2™ sure is looking good! Who else agrees?

i dont get it
yeah i should probably not import all the IGN walkthrough posts

Posted by Viddd Sep 04 2012 20:47 GMT
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well since i've been getting back into homestuck and the video and details got me all worked up, this is pretty damn cool

oh my god hussie you *crag*ing monster
three 10k pledges...if the characters are sweet bro, hella jeff, and geoffery or whatever his name was i dont know if i should laugh or feel sad

Posted by Viddd Sep 10 2012 06:09 GMT
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here flavs

Posted by Viddd Sep 09 2012 05:45 GMT
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this is the undeniable truth

go out and get hammered

Posted by Viddd Aug 30 2012 09:26 GMT
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Bass was pretty much made for this, its about time someone actually did some form of a Bass speedrun

Posted by Viddd Aug 28 2012 21:52 GMT
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people are saying the power might be out for two or more days so yeah

i'm not totally convinced this hurricane is that big of a deal, but apparently other people are

making a topic about this because why the hell not

When is VA gonna get its annual hurricane
we party in the storms because *crag* the police.. and nature...

Posted by Viddd Jul 25 2012 04:01 GMT in Off-Topic
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Because we don't have one yet.



Posted by Viddd Jul 19 2012 22:52 GMT in Nerr 3.0
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that topic was way too big and we can't get shit agreed on so let's just keep it in one post and edit the post when we want to change something so we're all on the same page

Each new user starts with 100 HP, 10 MP, 10 coins
A user can post up to five times per day to get a coin
(Restrictions may apply: not in the same topic, not within 5 minutes of each other, not deleted post)
Item or item parts may be found with site use, browsing, posting
At least one post (Or similar must be made before finding items)
Cannot find more items until current items are claimed
Items can damage, heal, or absorb HP, MP, inflict status, affect Digi forums
Poison Mushroom: -10 HP
Green Potion: +10 MP
Dizzy Dial: Confusion status (Chance for attack to fail)
Searchlight: bring it back francis

Item Parts can be applied to a base item, which can be bought
More expensive / rare base items can hold more item parts
Different varieties (Equip, defense, attack, support)


Item slots: 2
Base damage: 5
Conditions: None

ITEM PART: Boo Fang (1 use)
Half damage returned as health
ITEM PART: Fire Spices (3 uses)
20 damage + Fire Attribute

Bomb that does 25 fire damage, 12 HP returned
Fire Spices can be applied to 2 more items


Defense items: When attacked, the item in your defense queue reacts
Fire Shield - Negates 50 points of fire damage, 25 neutral
Boo's Sheet - 50% chance of avoiding attack
Reflector - Half damage taken is dealt back to opponent
(Items may not be as overpowered as this. These will probably be rarer.)
(Items may disappear after a certain amount of uses or damage)


Equip items: Increase stats, prevent status, give abilities
Defense Plus - Decrease damage by 2
HP Up - Increase HP by 10
Life Shroom - Auto-revive when killed
Black Bean - Chance for poison to be inflicted against attacker



Somebody uses an item on you or attacks you. Your defense queue reacts. The opponent cannot attack again until you have chosen an action. You can choose to do nothing or take a turn against your opponent. You may use an item back on your opponent, in which the rounds would continue going on until one of you gives up, dies, or you reach an agreement / trade / bribe.


Water -> Fire -> Air -> Earth?
Fire <-> Ice | Thunder <-> Water
Fire = Water = Earth = Whatever
(Do we really need elemental triangles if characters aren't augmented? If anything, the character could just inherit an elemental weakness under a status or something.)a

you know I was pretty much saying exactly this the other day, so yeah I'm on board
yeah those work great