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Posted by ©na Apr 17 2010 05:59 GMT
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Special thanks to Bobz for adding the dongs which makes them literal *crag*in' magnets

*crag*in dongs how do they work

Posted by ©na Jan 13 2013 08:03 GMT
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Posted by ©na Jan 13 2013 07:43 GMT
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Fallen Shade

well that was a neat 11 minutes

Posted by ©na Dec 16 2012 04:34 GMT
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Fallen Shade

I liked the part with the guy wearing the eyepatch

Posted by ©na Nov 20 2012 01:34 GMT
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I'm MeowMixer and I approve of this message.

I prefer the 17 year old I have tied up in my garage

Posted by ©na Nov 20 2012 02:37 GMT
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Fallen Shade
oh its one of these

Posted by ©na Nov 01 2012 03:20 GMT
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Fallen Shade

Her mouth positioning is horrendous

There was a version of that picture with not-shitty mouth placement but I don't know where it is

Posted by ©na Oct 31 2012 20:42 GMT
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spooked mah guts off
there needs to be more remixes with spooky scary skeletons. it's just so catchy

Posted by ©na Jun 19 2012 06:23 GMT
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What's that? We've tried this before? It didn't work out? What do you mean I said I don't like being the Dungeon Master? I don't know what you're talking about, shut up.

I said I don't know what you're talking about, SHUT UP.

It's 4th Edition D&D. Yes, really, 4e. Shit is cool. Read up. I'll permit most anything, although if I see too many niggas try to make striker or controller y'all are going to have to thunderdome or challenge each other to a shadow game or some shit.

Setting is nothing special and there probably won't be much of an over-arching plot if there is any at all. Coming up with neat shit to do, though. Don't worry, we'll be doing more than one session. No, really. Stop laughing.

Starting at level 4, 5d6 best 3 for scores.

If you've got books, great. If not, find a way.

We're going to try out Roll20 (first link). Shit seems neat. We'll go with the tried-and-true method of just going to *crag*ing Pathguy (second link) and winding up with character sheets that are way longer than they need to be but at least making them wasn't that hard. Helps if you're in the Diginet Army steam group so that I can harness the power of announcements to gather everyone.

Also put sheets in here or PM them to me. Let's not flood the board. Also we're playing on Friday or Saturday. Pretty sure it's Friday. I'll work out time and time zones later

Posted by ©na Mar 07 2012 18:06 GMT
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oh hey its that one guy
so how was the afterlife

Posted by ©na Dec 30 2011 06:36 GMT
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On 1/1/2012, if that wasn't obvious. Starts at around 4:00 PM EST.

What I'm showing:

MEGAS XLR Episode 1 - "Test Drive"

MEGAS XLR Episode 2 - "The Fat and the Furious"

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episode 1

Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episode 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: The Pyramid of Light

Suggestions are welcome.


You are already my best friend
Watch the other shit too then we can really be best friends <3

Posted by ©na Dec 05 2011 05:14 GMT
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Sign up here

Now I'll be able to host sessions regularly, so I figured we should give it another go.

Playing: 3.5e

Using: Fantasy Grounds II (v2.6.3 if it matters.)

Member of Diginet Army steam group a plus

Stick with human-like races (elves, dwarves, humans, etc.) and any monstrous humanoids (if it is humanoid and

     a monster, but not called a monstrous humanoid in whatever book you're reading play it anyway)

Avoid anything with a level modifier of more than +1. +2s MIGHT be accepted

Unearthed Arcana and everything in it is banned, with the exception of any races that may be detailed in it

Racist as *crag* setting, don't expect monstrous humanoids to use their charisma bonuses for anything other than

     intimidate rolls

At character creation of a monstrous humanoid, choose any of the races detailed in the Player's Handbook.

You can assume the form of a member of the chosen race (ALWAYS the same form) as an at-will ability (free

     action). While in this form all modifiers, with the exception of INT and WIS, are set to +0. You also can not cast

     spells while in that form.

weedlord bonerhitler

im up for it will make sheet soon

weedlord bonerhitler

Final sheet minus backstory:


  Narrclumss (Stiffening Bone): Male Catfolk Brd1||; CR 1;
Medium Humanoid;
HD 1d6+2; hp 8;
Init +4; Spd 40 ft/x4;
AC 18 (+3 armor, +4 dex, +1 natural), touch 14, flat-footed 14;
Base Atk/Grapple +0/+1;
Full Atk +1 One-handed  (1d6+1;19-20/x2) Whip-dagger;
AL CN; SV Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +3;
Str 13 (+1), Dex 19 (+4), Con 15 (+2), Int 17 (+3), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 20 (+5);;
Skills: Diplomacy¹ +9, Gather Information¹ +7, Hide¹ +5, Knowledge (arcana) +4, Knowledge (arch & eng) +4, Knowledge (geography) +7, Knowledge (history) +4, Knowledge (local) +4, Knowledge (nature) +4, Knowledge (nobility) +4, Perform (Singing) +9, Perform (Percussion) +9, Spellcraft +7, Use Magic Device +9;
Skill Tricks: ;
Traits: ;
Flaws: ;
Maneuvers and Stances: ;
Feats: Melodic Casting(CM 44);





Racial Abilities:
× Dexterity+4, Charisma+2
× Base land speed of 40 feet.
× +1 Natural Armor bonus.
× Low-Light Vision
× +2 racial bonus on Listen and Move Silently checks.
× Favored Class: Ranger

Class Abilities:
× You can cast bard spells while wearing light armor without incurring
the normal arcane spell failure chance.
× Bardic Knowledge(Ex): You possess a special Knowledge skill for stray
bits of trivia. This Knowledge check is 1d20+4
× Bardic Music: Performances can create varied magical effects 1 times
per day.
   × Fascinate(Sp): You can fascinate 1 creature(s) within 90 feet. If
you beat their Will save with a Perform check, they will listen quietly
for up to 1 round(s).
   × Inspire Courage(Su): While singing; all allies who can hear you gain
a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against charm and fear effects; and a
+1 morale bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls. The effect lasts as
long as you sing plus 5 rounds.
× SpellBreaker Song: You can interfere with spells that have a verbal
component. One use of you'r bardic music ability make ennemy spellcasters
within 30 feet to take a 20% spell failure. You can maintain this song
for 3 rounds.

Posted by ©na Oct 08 2011 21:43 GMT
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Crimz Shadeston entered chat.
Commander Boreale: I really like how Lightsworns are now though
Crimz Shadeston left chat.

Fallen Shade
Just saving myself from more shit I don't care about

Posted by ©na Sep 24 2011 04:37 GMT
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feat. Dimfish

Best part 4:15-4:38
weedlord bonerhitler
YTPMV to end them all

Posted by ©na Aug 18 2011 03:02 GMT
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and it WHY DOES THIS HAVE 1,700,000 VIEWS

hmmm whats that in my coffee...F...K
tell yo sis i said hoLLa

Posted by ©na Jul 28 2011 20:15 GMT
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This time, I'm the dungeon master. We voted, and decided to play 3.5. As far as I can tell, three players have signed up already. Use the link for character creation. I want you to stick with races, classes and spells from the following sourcebooks:

Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Divine
Complete Psionic
Complete Warrior
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Dungeon Master's Guide 3.5
Dungeon Master's Guide II
Monster Manual 3.5
Monster Manual II
Monster Manual III
Player's Handbook 3.5
Player's Handbook II

Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords

Most Forgotten Realms material

You may use any race that is outlined in those books, so long as it has stats for player characters and does not have a level adjustment of more than +0. If you don't want Psionics in the campaign, get a few people to bitch at me enough and I'll ban it.

Current Players With Approved Characters:





Tails Doll


weedlord bonerhitler
Veto: You can use a race with an LA higher than 0, but like anything higher than +2 is pretty highly not recommended.
Tails Doll
Apparently Forgotten Realms really does have a medieval orient place, named Kara-Tur.

Posted by ©na Jul 31 2011 05:49 GMT
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We're using Fantasy Grounds II. I do not know if the version number matters, but I am using 2.6.3. The program costs money, buy it, pirate it, I really don't care. There is no set time, I will notify you all by Cbox once I've gathered the Steam chat regulars that will be playing. If you can not be there, don't worry, we will likely manage with however many players we do manage to get together.

Host Address:

Password: Digi

Players: RaveRaze, Bremmy, Popple, Flavio, DarkBlueAce, Tails Doll

Tails Doll
Downloaded 2. 6. 3. , and I'm ready to roll. How are we going to import our previously generated dudes into this thing?

You have to make the character sheets yourself.

Posted by ©na Jul 29 2011 23:36 GMT
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First, download the source books we are using. I have listed the source books I am allowing in the other topic, and you can find the character generator there as well.

Read through the Player's Handbook to learn how to play. After this, read through the races and classes outlined in the different sourcebooks. Make sure the race you are looking at is playable. It will have an "as player characters" section if it is not in the playable race section of the sourcebook. Figure out which race and class you want to play, and proceed to the character generator. You may not apply any templates to your character (werewolf, half-dragon, ghost and the like), and you may not select any race with more than a +1 level adjustment. Select the "Standard" option when rolling for stats. Assign your stats based on the class you want to play. Check the box for the race you wanted to play, and the box for the class you wanted to play. Fill in any relevant information to your class, and assign your skill points. Read through the "Feats" sections of certain sourcebooks and check the boxes for the feats you want to take. Do not select any feats that are not from the sourcebooks allowed. Pick the weapons you want to use and any other gear you want your character to have (don't forget waterskins and rations, even though I probably won't pay much attention to those). If your character has skill points in Speak Language or knows other languages due to their race, check the boxes for the languages your character knows. Select an animal companion if you have one, AND DO NOT SELECT ANY TRAITS. Select a height and weight, choose their hair/eye color and other appearance options, name your character, give it a title if you'd like, make sure you give your character a decent backstory, and click "Generate Character." Post your character sheet in the other topic or in it's own topic in my board, and wait for approval.

When rolling for attacks, you roll to hit and then roll for damage. The roll to hit is 1d20+any modifiers you may have that increase or decrease it. The roll for damage depends on the weapon you are using, and whether or not you scored a critical hit

weedlord bonerhitler
Not all classes are featured on the creator, including some of my favorites. If you are planning to use a class not on the creator then you have to do class related tings by hand.

Posted by ©na Jun 30 2011 04:32 GMT
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Especially the ones that are occasionally on motorcycles. How sad.

that card only has 4 star balls on it we have nothing to talk about here
Pops, let's just agree that Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh are different games for different people and they each have their own merits

Posted by ©na Jul 06 2011 04:34 GMT in Magicka
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Where do I start here. Magicka was made by Paradox Interactive, and is exclusively for PC. On to everything else


In Magicka, you are a wizard. Your goal is to defeat numerous enemies with your wizardly magick. You use different elements for your main source of attack, eight of which are bound to QWER and ASDF while two others are made by combining water and cold or water and fire. You can put up to five different elements in a spell, and activate it using certain button combinations. There are also a little more than 20 Magicks that you can find, which are similar to spells but the order matters and Magicks are activated using the space bar. You use the left mouse button to move around. You can play multiplayer, or go it alone and try to get things done that way. The game isn't particularly entertaining and is brutally unforgiving when you are playing alone, but it really gets interesting once you get some friends together. Your buddies are capable of reviving you, which lowers the difficulty even if they do kill you about as often as they bring you back to life. The main source of fun here is seeing exactly how ridiculous everything gets. Meteor Shower and Crash to Desktop will likely kill your pals, but are absolutely hilarious when they go right or horribly wrong. The multiplayer of this game is some of the most fun I have ever had, simply because of how funny the whole thing is. Expect to die often, and in absurd ways. Amazing/10


Like most every multiplayer-oriented game, the story is a very weak point for this game. The whole thing is incredibly simple, and mostly serves as an excuse to get you to go to certain places. It kind of works though, as you are usually too busy trying to see exactly what is and isn't immune to Crash to Desktop to think about how poor the story is. Not completely terrible/10


The game is pretty stylized, but it doesn't exactly look the best. Don't expect something on the level of Crysis or really any good-looking game. One thing to note is that the graphics don't look overly dated or irritating, so at least it has that going for itThe character animations are pretty basic, but they don't do a terrible job at simplicity. Some animations are quite satisfying, oddly enough. Try giving your sword ice and then swinging it, or killing a monster while it is slowed by cold. Neat stuff. Some cool stuff/10


Of similar quality to the graphics and the story, none of the sound effects or music are anything particularly special. Likely the most important part of the whole thing is that the sound effects and music aren't really grating. Much of the music at least fits whatever is going on at the time, which is certainly good. There aren't very many satisfying sound effects, most of the satisfaction from your attacks is from the big numbers, the resulting gore, and on rare occassion the animations. Decent/10


The story is poor, but very rarely does anybody care about that in a multiplayer-oriented game. The sound effects won't make your ears bleed, but it isn't often that you will find yourself casting a spell specifically for the noise it makes. It isn't ambitious with the graphics, but it reaches the goals it has set for itself quite well. The gameplay is the main selling point here. This game is one of the best multiplayer experiences available, and the concept is interesting enough. The spell casting system is only slightly robust, but the way the elements interact with eachother and with enemies is enough to get you experimenting and quite frequently *crag*ing things up. Which is good, since *crag*ing things up is exactly what the game is about. Great for plenty of laughs and fun times, so long as you have a few friends. I would be only slightly adamant about recommending this game were the pricetag higher, but as it costs only $10 for the base game on your average day it is certainly worth the cost. Excellent game/10


Posted by ©na Jul 04 2011 07:23 GMT
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Fallen Shade
thats a cool intro

Posted by ©na Jul 03 2011 17:07 GMT
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Power Rangers

He can just transform into all of those

Posted by ©na Jun 26 2011 07:23 GMT
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This is like some kind of tournament shit right here

Fallen Shade
People being this bad at video games is terrifying
My favorite was when he killed like three people right in front of the pyro

Posted by ©na Dec 24 2010 03:37 GMT in League of Legends
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Name a champ, and you shall be taught to play

Since I'm not playing much of this game until "soon™" arrives, I will put my knowledge to good use


Get crit chance runes and masteries

Charge at people

Endless Rage when close to death

Receive kills


Start with Brawler's Gloves, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get an Avarice Blade to be built into Youmuu's later, and also get Infinity Edge in EVERY GAME

EDIT: Get either Greaves or Mercury's Treads for boots. Treads are better for everything, Greaves if the opponent has almost no stuns


Build Phantom Dancers and Bloodthirsters and harrass like *crag* for Cait.

Posted by ©na Apr 12 2011 00:42 GMT
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That is all

Posted by ©na Mar 28 2011 05:09 GMT
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It was pretty good.

Really short though.

*crag* you.

tripod still exists?

Posted by ©na Mar 18 2011 02:56 GMT
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This show (GaoGaiGar) was made in 1997

Maiq the Liar

obviously a case of fingerpaints

it's a PSP Go

Posted by ©na Mar 14 2011 20:03 GMT in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
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Fallen Shade

Posted by ©na Feb 17 2011 00:02 GMT in League of Legends
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IP earned per game has been reduced.

You get 58 IP for losing at 55 (down from 75 for any normal/ranked loss)

You get 30 IP for losing at 30 (again, down from 75)

Winning an hour-long game nets you 95 IP (down from 100 for any normal/ranked victory)

Winning a 25 minute game gets you a trifling 70 IP (again, down from 100)

Winning an eleven minute IP farm practice gets you only 31 IP (down from 75 IP for any practice victory)

New champ costs 6300.

Nothing else matters. Riot is greedy as *crag*.

As it turns out, the reason for this is because Riot still *crag*ing sucks at math
Also the Tribunal will give some amazing IP

so it's click a button for free ip?


Posted by ©na Feb 13 2011 20:13 GMT
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Twenty hours of my life I will never get back, which is good because I don't really want those hours back

Wow Boreale, no one cares.
Especially since we don't know WHAT THE *CRAG* YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.
Ph1r3 App Inventor for Android's visual block language
only sometimes